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By Mickey Swane | Other/Just Looking in Thousand Oaks, CA

Tell-Tale Signs Of A Not-So Good Neighborhood To Reside In

For many home buyers, searching for that perfect location is their utmost priority when navigating the residential market.  Undoubtedly, the real estate mantra, “location, location, location” still stands this day – and consumers or house seekers refer to this slogan whenever making a house purchase.  It is undoubtedly wise to look at different properties, such as among Thousand Oaks homes for sale for example.  But it will be a lot smarter to consider what kind of neighborhood you’re going to live in – wherein that chosen property of yours sits.  You might have spotted your dream house while browsing online, but had found out that the community is not quite as you had perceived it to be, then, you start to wonder if it will be a valuable purchase at all.

Amazingly, the technology called the Internet is amassed with resources to help you out to know as many significant information about the city, town, suburb, or region you intend to reside in next, and maybe in Thousand Oaks real estate even.  Of course, online sources are just one of the many ways, and when doing such, you need to screen what and where you get it from.  Just the same, these are still helpful and will give you an insight about the said neighborhood.  But there’s nothing compared to going on-site, seeing (and perhaps even having a feel) of the residential location – if it’s really best for you and your family.

Below are some situations in a neighborhood which indicate that it’s not as ideal for residence.  You can never guess what you might find out upon driving around the place itself; so, you better be ready and take note of your observations when decision-making comes.

1.  Abandoned or vacant properties or houses
This situation could mean a lot of things, and two of them are:  many people had lost their homes and were declared as foreclosures; or, some residents emigrate somewhere else because of its unsettling living factors – such as high crime rate, high standard of living, low employment opportunities, among others.  If your desired property sits on this kind of neighborhood, will you change your decision about living here?  In a wink of an eye you will.  And, if you’re thinking of making a resale in the future, don’t expect to have it.

2.  Poor neighborhood and house maintenance
Don’t you just love making your daily morning walks looking at somebody else’s well-trimmed lawns, nice green and flowering gardens, as if prompting you that a happy family or accommodating neighbors live in those houses?  But if you drive around prospective neighborhoods as if it’s a ghost town or something, you might as well think twice before setting your foot again, or even permanently, into that neighborhood.

3.  Neighborhood’s “curb appeal” and general appearance
Upon entering the community, or any place or house for that matter, you would have a feel already if it’s a friendly residential neighborhood or not.  Take note of what impression you’re going to have upon entering the city or the street you are planning to buy a house at.  Observe if the streets are clean or jammed with cars parking on No-Parking Zones, unlit alleys, not enough road signs when getting nearby important establishments, vandalized buildings, among others.

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