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By Michelle Green | Agent in Parma, OH
  • Michelle Green Shares Tips and Tricks That Ohio City Home Buyers Need to Know

    Posted Under: Market Conditions in Ohio City, Home Buying in Ohio City, Home Selling in Ohio City  |  January 30, 2012 10:36 AM  |  456 views  |  No comments

    Michelle Green Shares Tips and Tricks That Ohio City Home Buyers Need to Know

    If you are ready to buy a home in Ohio City, then congratulations! Owning real estate can be a very satisfying feeling, and lucrative investment. Making the right decisions when you start can save you a lot of money and time before it’s over.

    According to real estate professional Michelle Green, before you begin the process the best thing to do is talk to an Ohio City mortgage professional. They are skilled in the latest guidelines and can tell you how much house to look for based on your current situation. You don't want to start looking until you know exactly how much home your budget will allow. This is not an area that you want to take lightly so make sure that you research who you go with carefully.

    The best scenario is to talk to your friends or family and see if they can refer someone in Ohio City. If not, you need to do some homework to decide who to go with. The more established the company, the better. Local is always better, if possible, since guidelines change from state to state.

    When you talk to an Ohio City mortgage specialist, make sure how much money will be required to close the loan. You don't want to get into a contract if you will not be able to close, since there may be legal consequences involved that could cost you money. Also, get a clear indication of what your payments will be. Just because someone says you qualify for a certain amount doesn't mean you have to spend that much in payments. If you are not comfortable with your quoted payment then ask to lower your price. Being cautious now may eliminate a financial strain later.

    Now that you have your price range, you should look into hiring an Ohio City real estate professional. Like the mortgage officer, they are trained to look out for your best interests. As your buyer's agent, they are paid from the seller's proceeds so, in essence, they are working for you for free. Take advantage of this and use their expertise. They will negotiate for you and work to get you the best deal possible.

    For more information about Ohio City real estate, check out MichelleWillSell.com to get the latest info and market data. You can also call Michelle Green at 440-342-0269 anytime.

  • Are You Paying a Good Price for a Home in Tremont?

    Posted Under: Market Conditions in Tremont, Home Buying in Tremont, Home Selling in Tremont  |  January 24, 2012 10:36 AM  |  411 views  |  No comments

    Knowing how much to pay for a home can be tricky business. Homes in Tremont tend to vary in prices from low to high. Even houses right next to one another can vary in price by as much as 20%. How can you tell if you’re paying a good price for a home in Tremont? In this article, we’ll cover how to determine the value of your home, strategies for making an offer and considerations with the seller that may affect your purchase price.

    How to Determine the Value of Your House
    The most popular way to determine the value of your home is through what’s called “Competitive Market Analysis.” This is where you find a ballpark value for how much houses like the one you’re considering has sold for in your area. Then you adjust your selling price based on other amenities, needs for improvements, etc that your house may need.
    If you work with a real estate agent in Tremont, they will often times do this research for you. Otherwise, you can do your research online using a variety of websites that provide data on recently sold houses.

    Another way to determine how much the house you’re worth is to hire a real estate appraiser. While this can give you a very good, professional estimate of what the house is worth, if the appraisal is significantly higher or lower than market value, often times you’ll have to adjust your offer anyway.Hiring an appraiser generally costs $150-$300.

    Strategies for Making an Offer
    There are several common strategies for making an offer on a home.One common strategy used by investors (that can be applied for residential buyers as well) is to calculate how much they want to pay monthly and work backwards to the selling price. For example, if you’re willing to pay $1,000 a month, you’ll use an online calculator to find out how much you can afford to pay for a home. This ensures investors stay cashflow positive and can help you figure out how much to pay for a home based on how much you’re willing to spend monthly.

    Another common strategy for making an offer is to use necessary improvements as bargaining chips. If you’ll need to spend money on the house before you can live in it or rent it out, make it clear to the seller.Finally, keep this in mind when making your offer: Don’t adjust your offer just because you’re in a “bidding war.” Decide how much the home is worth, what you’re willing to pay and stick to that number.

    Seller Considerations
    Although the value of a house is static, the perceived value of a house is not. If the seller is very motivated to sell for one reason or another, you may be able to get a better price by offering to close quickly. Likewise, if the house has been on the market for some time already, they’re more likely to be willing to negotiate a lower price. Motivated sellers in Tremont come up more often that you may realize. Figure out why your seller is selling the house and you may have a great bargain on your hands.

    Now that you’ve learned these three strategies, you know a great deal about finding a great price for a home in Tremont. A great way to further your education on how to get a great price on a great home is to speak with someone with years of experience. If you’re curious about learning more, please don’t hesitate to contact me by phone at 440-342-0269 or visit MichelleWillSell.com for more info about Tremont real estate.

  • How to Get Every Dollar You Deserve... by Getting the Full Value of Your Parma OH House!

    Posted Under: Market Conditions in Parma, Home Selling in Parma, Design & Decor in Parma  |  February 23, 2011 12:31 PM  |  602 views  |  No comments
    The ability to reap additional profits on the sale of your home in Parma OH can be accomplished easily enough if you make the right improvements. Many changes can provide the prospective buyer with enhanced feelings about your home, feelings of more space, more light, more rooms, more closet space, greater privacy, warmth and security.

    Basic, simple and inexpensive improvements can provide an improved emotional response in a potential Parma OH buyer.

    An example could be something as small as a crack in the paint on a wall. Simply by applying some plaster and touch up paint, you eliminated what may be an unstated concern that your home in Parma OH was poorly maintained.

    Though the feeling may be unconscious, it’s just as important that the potential buyer feel an overall desire for your home.

    If you are working with a small budget these simple techniques will work absolute wonders:

    The Magic of Mirrors!-Mirrors can provide a greater sense of space and elegance when properly placed. Be careful not to overdo it, but when placed properly throughout your home, each area will seem larger to the potential home buyer.

    Try looking in your attic or basement for any old mirrors, but be sure they have a nice frame or at least give the frame a new coat of paint. You may also want to visit a local flea market or garage sale; you can almost always get a great deal on an old mirror or two.

    Putting one foot square mirrors on a closet door in the master bedroom is always an attractive touch.

    Adding Additional Closet Space-One of the biggest complaints heard from potential buyers in Parma OH is that there just isn’t enough closet space! Simply purchasing an inexpensive closet organizer and installing it in any or all of your closets can make all the difference.

    You can also try putting a rod across one corner of a bedroom for hanging clothes. Also you could try hanging a screen made from a variety of materials. The screen could match the material of the bedspread, drapes etc. The idea here is to be creative so that the "fake closet" looks as though it was a part of the room.

    Make a Bare Wall Beautiful-Wallpaper is inexpensive, quick and easy to do! The right wallpaper can brighten the room or hallway and bring it back to life. Be careful to choose something with a neutral design or pattern. Remember, you’re trying to move out.

    Bring Old Floors Back to Life!-Nothing turns off a potential buyer quicker than dull, dingy, disgusting looking floors. Whether you have wax, wooden or tiled floors, do whatever you can to make them shine again! For wax floors, either rent a floor machine and do it yourself, or if it’s in your budget, hire a professional.

    Have a professional give you an estimate and explain exactly what they would do to bring your floors back to life. If you have them explain what they would do, it may be just as easy to do it yourself.

    If you have carpeted floors, you should either have the carpet steam cleaned or install new carpeting. This may sound expensive but new carpeting can add thousands of dollars to the value of your home.

    Add Attractive Plants-Having plants in the house is not only healthy for you but you create a warm feeling with them. Many indoor plants are far less expensive than you might imagine.

    Attractive pots such as ceramic, brass or even designer plastic will add a designer flair to your home. Hanging plants such as Boston ferns are inexpensive, easy to care for and would go great in your new home whenever you move.

    Adding a Room Without Calling in the Contractor!-This simple but seldom used technique, can give a buyer the feeling there are more actual rooms in your house. Floor to ceiling room dividers are inexpensive and simple to install.

    When a buyer walks through your home in Parma OH, they will generally count the rooms in a subconscious manner. Each room will present an emotional response as they walk through your home.

    By dividing and designing each side of your room, you create a "separate room" feeling in the potential buyer. It may sound crazy, but it works!

    Clean Up the Bathroom-We’ve probably all heard that phrase a hundred times growing up! Well, guess what? It’s still valid. Give your bathroom a face-lift if needed; fresh paint, decorative moldings, tile grout, new designer faucets are all attractive eye catchers.

    What is That Smell?-Though people don’t like to admit it, everyone's home has a certain smell to it. We just never notice it because we live with it day in, day out. Strategically placing fresh scent devices throughout the home will be pleasant to the nose of any potential buyer.

    As a matter of fact, an old Realtor trick is to pop some cinnamon rolls in an oven 5 minutes before a showing. I bet you thought all Realtors just had a sweet-tooth!

    There is a lot of free information available to you about buying, selling or investing in Parma OHreal estate. For complete information about the Parma OH real estate market including current homes for sale, property values and more please visit the most complete website online dedicated to everything Parma OH real estate at ParmaHomeSale.com. So please feel free to contact me with any of your mortgage questions and I will me more than glad to answer your questions. Call me on my cell at 440-342-0269.
  • Top 3 Mistakes Parma OH Investors Make when Buying Foreclosures, by Investing Expert Michelle Green

    Posted Under: Market Conditions in Parma, Home Buying in Parma, Foreclosure in Parma  |  February 22, 2011 12:38 PM  |  648 views  |  No comments
    Foreclosures have the reputation of being very profitable investments for real estate investors. While that can be true, they can also be very dangerous investments where you can lose a lot of money. In this article, weíll go 3 of the most common pitfalls Parma OH ninvestors make, so you can avoid these mistakes if you decide to invest in foreclosures.

    Pitfall #1 All Foreclosures are Good Deals

    This simply isnít true. Foreclosures are often in terrible condition. For that reason, banks and the government are often willing to provide major discounts on the propertyís price. Even then, however, the property may not be a great investment.

    Itís only beginning investors that think all foreclosures are good deals. Experienced investors know that just like anything else, finding a good foreclosure property takes time, expertise and research.

    Pitfall #2 Jumping into Fixer Uppers

    Weíve all heard of people whoíve made millions buying shambled houses, fixing them and then ìflippingî them. While this can be a very profitable model, it also has its pitfalls.

    The biggest pitfall is beginning investors who jump in to the fixer market without the expertise to back it up. Unless you can predict how much your repairs will cost, how much you can sell the property for and then work your way backwards to what the selling price must be in order to be profitable, then youíre not ready for a fixer upper.

    There are many profitable deals that donít require the level of expertise that a fixer does. For a beginning investor, itís usually better to start with those deals.

    Pitfall #3 Not Performing Good Research

    Good research is a key component to being profitable in the foreclosure market. You must know how much your property can sell for in the market. You should know what the trends in the area are, including community projects, new buildings that are being built, crime rates, etc.

    You should also be sure to get a home inspection. If youíre bidding on multiple properties at an auction, it is important that you actually step foot in all the properties you plan on bidding on before you bid on them.

    These are 3 of the more common pitfalls that Parma OH investors tend to fall into. By avoiding these pitfalls, youíll set yourself ahead of most beginning foreclosure investors in Parma OH.

    There is a lot of free information available to you about buying, selling or investing in Parma OH real estate. For complete information about the Parma OH real estate market including current homes for sale, property values and more please visit the most complete website online dedicated to everything Parma OH real estate at ParmaHomeSale.com. So please feel free to contact me with any of your real estate or mortgage related questions and I will be more than glad to answer your questions. Call me on my cell at 440-342-0269.
  • Parma OH Real Estate Professional Michelle Green Offers Solid Advice for Parma OH Home Sellers

    Posted Under: Market Conditions, Home Selling  |  February 4, 2011 2:59 PM  |  374 views  |  No comments

    Parma OH Real Estate Professional Michelle Green Offers Solid Advice for Parma OH Home Sellers

    When it comes to putting your Parma OH home up for sale, it can be a very tricky experience. On the one hand, you desperately want buyers to like your home and think that you have done a good job keeping it maintained, decorating it and so forth. However, in the end you are not trying to make the buyers impressed with your decorating skills. You are attempting to get them to see that your home is the right one for their needs and wants.

    One big mistake that many Parma OH home sellers make is getting emotionally involved in the process of selling real estate. They take things personally that the buyer says about their choice of draperies, for instance. An experienced real estate agent must instruct his or her sellers that they cannot take comments and opinions that buyers make personally. Everyone has different tastes when it comes to home décor.

    It is best that home sellers try to be as objective as possible during contract negotiations. Sometimes buyers will make an initial offer that seems way low. Unfortunately, some sellers will take this personally and either not respond to the offer at all or they will come back at full price out of spite. Again, an experienced agent will stand in that gap and try to forge a pathway for all parties to be happy with the final result.

    Buyers will often take advice from well meaning friends and family members who tell them to “come in low because you can always increase your offer.” This is bad advice as it often irritates and frustrates the seller to the point that they no longer want to negotiate with that particular buyer. It’s important that all parties treat contract negotiations in a professional and business-like manner so that everyone can be satisfied in the end.

    No matter what, selling a home will always be a stressful process for any home seller. After all, if you have lived in the home for a long time or raised kids there, your home is full of memories. You must always remember that the end goal is to find a buyer who can make new memories there too. For more information on finding that perfect buyer for your home, call Michelle Green at 440-342-0269 today.
  • Getting a Good Deal in Parma OH

    Posted Under: Market Conditions, Home Buying, Financing  |  February 2, 2011 1:22 PM  |  396 views  |  No comments
    Are you getting a Good Deal on Your Next Purchase in Parma OH?

    When buying a home inParma OH you probably have a couple of things on your mind. More than likely the at the top of the list is whether or not you are getting a good deal. After all, there is no point in buying a home if it does not suit your needs and budget. But unfortunatly, knowing if you are getting a good deal on a home is not always the easiest thing to determine. Fortunately, there are a few things that you can take into consideration when buying a house in Parma OH.

    1. The first way to determine if you are getting a good deal on a home is to use your common sense. Basically speaking, you will know if you are getting a good deal or if things are a bit out of line. After all, would you pay $1 million for a run down home in a bad neighborhood? This example may be taking things to the extreme, but all in all you should simply use your common sense when buying a home. This will always guide you in the right direction.

    2. Come see me and let me help you compare the cost of the home you are interested in buying to other recent sales in Parma OH. This will allow you to see just how good of a deal you are getting. This will  help you find out whether you are paying too much money for a home, or if you are getting the deal of all deals. You can also find out how other houses are selling in Parma OH by visiting my website ParmaHomeSale.com or by calling me a 440-342-0269 . The seller may even give you these details if they feel that they are offering a great deal.

    3. As a real estate agent I will help guide you in finding and buy a new home. This way you will have a professional on your side that can help you every step of the way. Although this may not seem like a big deal, doing this will go a long way in ensuring that you do not get taken advantage of.

    All in all, these three tips should help you to determine if you are getting a good deal on a home in Parma OH. Everybody wants to save money, and you should not be any different!

    For additional information about the Parma OH real estate market visit the most complete website online dedicated to everything Parma OH real estate. If you have any additional questions buying, selling or investing in Parma OH visit my website ParmaHomeSale.com feel free to contact me by phone at 440-342-0269 .
  • 3 Ways to Search for a Home in Parma OH

    Posted Under: Market Conditions, Home Buying, Property Q&A  |  January 26, 2011 8:36 AM  |  418 views  |  No comments

    If you’re ready to find a home, it can be a daunting task to figure out where to start. In this article, we’ll go over three different ways of searching for a home. Once you know these three different methods, you’ll be able to choose which method works best for you so that you can begin your search right away.

    Method #1 – Check The Newspapers
    One way to go about finding your future home is the old fashioned way. Pick up every newspaper in Parma OH and look in the classified sections.
    Make sure you check cheaper papers as well as the more popular ones. The cheaper ones are less costly to advertise in and sellers will often opt to advertise in those rather than more expensive, popular newspapers.
    Check your local library for newspaper archives to see if homes that were listed weeks or even a month or two ago are still on the market.

    Method #2 – The Internet
    The internet is now one of the best places to find a home if you’re working on your own.
    Realtor.com has almost every listing in the MLS. Just type in Parma OH and it will pull up all the listings that match your criteria.
    Another place to look is Craigslist.com, where real estate agents and sellers can put ads up for sale. If it’s on Craigslist, you know they’re actively marketing the house.

    Method #3 – Find a Great Real Estate Agent
    Real estate agents have spent hundreds of hours learning and training in how to find homes for buyers. They have access to the MLS system as well as a wide network of real estate agents where they may find you deals you wouldn’t otherwise find.

    As a buyer, working with a real estate agent really doesn’t cost you anything, because the seller pays all the fees. You gain a lot of experience and expertise for no cost to you at all.

    If you’d like to speak with an experienced real estate agent in Parma OH who has your best interest in mind, please give me a call at 440-342-0269 or visit ParmaHomeSale.com.

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