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By Michael Corbett | Real Estate Pro in Los Angeles, CA

Avoid Buyer's Remorse By Identifying What You Might Not Even Notice Until You've Moved In

I was just having a chat with some friends and colleagues about the things we all wished we knew before buying a particular home. We covered the basics, and then the conversation started taking a comical turn and we started sharing "war stories" and examples of the things we didn't learn about our homes and neighborhoods until we moved in. You can safeguard yourself during the searching phase by using Trulia's local tools related to crime, amenities and commutes and by working with a great agent, but some things you'll just have to learn about a home or a rental by going into it with eyes wide open.

I thought the list we ran through would be a fun read for you - cringe when you read through them, but learn from them - and don't let them happen to you! When you're looking at property, really try and focus on those items you might not even notice are missing until you've moved in or have been in the home for a while.

  • Rush hour traffic is so bad right past the driveway that you'd have to send up a flare to get out into the street. 
  • The "custom closet" isn't fit for two people's wardrobes and has to be replaced to the tune of $600-$1000
  • The HOA won't allow for the installation of an electric car charger in the communal garage so you have to get a new car
  • The in-unit washer dryer is on its last leg and has to be repaired or replaced 
  • The walls/ceilings are thinner than you expected and you can hear all of your neighbors nocturnal activities
  • You only get one-to-two hours of sunlight through your condo's window
  • The neighbor 3 doors down has a screaming newborn baby and you can hear it in your house at all hours of the day
  • There isn't enough usable wall space for all your art/home décor
  • Doors open up to walls and block the wall space or makes it so you can only place a bed/furniture in one configuration
  • The cable cord is in a weird place, making it necessary for the home to be rewired or cords/furniture have to be creatively placed
  • There is a noisy steam heater, making it practically impossible to sleep with it on during the cold winter months 
  • After placing all necessary kitchen appliances on the counters, there is practically no space to prepare and serve food
  • There are only 2-3 outlets in the kitchen, making it hard to use all the necessary appliances or keep some plugged in
  • Your neighbor has 4 children that were away at summer camp while you were purchasing the house.  Now they are back!

You'll address all the basic fundamentals during the home inspection process if you're buying a place, but I challenge all of you to think about the one or two things that could really make a difference in whether or not you're happy living in your next home. This means you too, renters! Keep those at the forefront of your mind when you shop for a home or a rental. It could make all the difference for your happy home!

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