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By Brent Mendelson | Mortgage Broker
or Lender in Bethesda, MD

Should I refinance using my VA streamline benefit?

If you are a veteran and own a home or know someone who is you should read this blog.

1st Mariner Mortgage has a streamlined VA loan program that in my opinion is 2nd to NONE.
Here's what we can do and also listed are the major differences.

1. Appraisals are NOT required on a VA IRRL no matter which servicer you currently have. Most banks will only refinance their own VA loans with no appraisal.

1st Mariner charges no processing fees, no origination fees to close your VA IRRL loan. TOTAL fees from us are less than $50. Most banks charge $500-$1,000 to process these loans.

Working with Brent Mendelson and 1st Mariner can also save you an estimated $750 in settlement fees than other lenders and title companies. One of our national title companies charges NO settlement fee on VA IRRL loans where allowed by law. Your state is one where we can offer no settlement fee and no lender fees. I do not believe you will find a better loan program out there with rates this low and most of the fees waived.

1st Mariner has a program to refinance VA loans with credit scores as low as 600. Most banks will not touch these loans unless you have a 640 score. The rate is not the same as if you are above 640 but it is still probably better than what you have.

It cost NOTHING to talk to me and find out if this is the right loan program for you. Don’t wait, rates have been headed up and we want to save you the most money we can.


If you have struggled in the past to find a lender willing and able to help I would be happy to take a look and offer any advice. Again this is a no cost, no obligation phone call.

I attached a Google search engine thread so you can also find out more about me.

I look forward to talking soon and seeing how we can save you money for years to come. Please let me know any questions.


Brent Mendelson

Senior Loan Officer

1ST Mariner Mortgage





Lending in all 50 states



By Connie Mitchell,  Sat Mar 9 2013, 15:39
Wow Brent good info, but to blog 6 times?????
By Brent Mendelson,  Sat Mar 9 2013, 20:24

Glad you found the info helpful. I blogged about this in three categories in each state that we can offer no settlement fee and no fees from us except credit and flood cert. Not sure what you mean by 6 times?????

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