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Maury O'hearn's Blog

By Maury O'hearn | Broker in Placerville, CA

FSBO? Why D.I.Y. When RealEstateAuctions.com Can Do it For You!

FSBO? means For Sale By Owner!

Hey, have you seen that episode of Pawn Stars where the father buys a VW bug that needs a new engine and he and his son, Big Hoss, make a father-son project of it to try and save money? Classic show and a classic example of trying to do something to save money, too. Well, the end of the show has them sending the car to a professional.

I bet you thought I was going to correlate that with why a homeowner shouldn’t sell his or her own house and instead hire a “professional” real estate agent. Well, I think the consensus among the public is that most real estate agents are lazy and don’t do ANYTHING to market your home. And, if you’re someone who has that opinion, you’d be right. (I think my English teacher would kill me for starting a sentence with “And”).

Anyway, what if I told you that you could sell your home in a For Sale by Owner format, not paying a commission, and sell your house much faster than doing it yourself? What if I also told you that a licensed real estate agent—the right kind of real estate agent—would be working for you and that this particular agent would put more buyers in front of you then doing it yourself?

Well, I’m sure that you have figured out by the title of this blog that I’m getting at auctions with RealEstateAuctions.com. We at RealEstateAuctions.com will charge you NO COMMISION, while at the same time giving you full service and doing more for your listing than any other regular real estate agent. By way of our aggressive strategic marketing techniques which reach the masses of current buyers, you will successfully sell your home and not have to worry about doing it yourself.

I just went to a website that holds FSBO (For Sale By Owner) properties and there are more than 30 homes still sitting on the market. San Jose has a whopping 200 homes for sale by owner.  Redwood City has  18. That’s a total of more than 225 homes for sale in the Peninsula area that could easily have new home owners in them.

RealEstateAuctions.com holds quarterly LIVE event auctions. In the San Franciso Bay Area, San Francisco, San Mateo, Santa Clara, and more!  Imagine the exposure your listing would get with hundreds of buyers that came from buyers’ agent, signs, billboards, blanket marketing, television ads, radio ads, online bidding (anticipated May, 2013), a 24/7 auction channel (scheduled Summer, 2013) and even more. It would seem to me to be a no-brainer (I guess I’m biased as I am a Business Development Executive with RealEstateAuctions.com) but I, too, would want more information.

Our company has divided the country up into 342 territories. We have hired auction-focused, local, licensed real estate agents to run those territories. Each territory has at minimum a team of four licensed agents (one Team Leader and three Project Managers) who will all help with your listing. That’s right folks, FOUR for the price of NONE! Seeing that our job is to ensure you pay NO COMMISSION, you will receive professional and auctioned-trained agents to represent your listing and sell it at auction! The Northern California area is setting its initial auction date for June 1st, 2013 in San Jose CA.  Consider reaching out to us to position your property to be sold at RealEstateAuctions.com’s first  area auction. See you soon!

Maury O'Hearn is a local Business Development Executive/Team Leader for RealEstateAuctions.com. Buyers, sellers and fellow real estate agents who’d like more information about all the benefits of the auction method of marketing as well as opportunities in Maury's  multiple markets are encouraged to contact him at 650-931-0900 or

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