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By Matthew Morgus | Agent in 90039

Interview with L&E Oyster Bar

So our interview for this week is with Dustin Lancaster at the brand new L&E Oyster Bar in Silverlake, the only oyster bar in the neighborhood. Here's the full link and the soundcloud is at the bottom so feel free to read, listen, check out the picture, and as always, enjoy.

L.A. Junction: We're here with our special guest from the new L&E Oyster Bar in Silver Lake, Dustin Lancaster. So, let's start with the basics, what does L&E stand for?

Dustin from L&E: Well, L and E are initials that stand for people near and dear to my heart… which I will politely decline to state. But it is also an homage to B&G Oysters, which is where this idea was born… an oyster bar in Boston. And I just thought to myself, 'I cant believe this doesn't exist anywhere in L.A.'… so I ended up doing Bar Covell, a wine bar, first, and now it's finally here.

L.A. Junction: You own Bar Covell and L&E Oyster. Why the Eastside?

Dustin: Actually when you walk in, there's a sign that says 'An Eastside Establishment'. This is where I live, this is where I play… and I will continue to support and try to grow this community.

L.A. Junction: So we have an oyster question… we see all of these daily choices, from all around the country. To you, what is the biggest taste difference, from different geographies?

Dustin: Well, generally… East coast oysters are more briny, and West coast oyster are more creamy.

L.A. Junction: If you had to recommend, from your staple menu, one dish and one bottle of wine, what would it be?

Dustin: Our clam chowder is one of the best in town but that's too obvious so I won't go there. I would go with the Cajun Crawfish Pie, it's Mississippi crawfish baked in a crispy crust, kind of like a pot pie. And for wine… I would probably go with the La Fage… $24 bucks for a bottle, you're out under 40 bucks total and it's awesome.

L.A. Junction: Final question, tell us a little bit about the chef.

Dustin: His name is Spencer Bezerie, really young ambitious guy who I worked with at Cafe Stella. He became a friend and I really respect him. I opened Covell and he went elsewhere. Then when I started doing this, I had hired another chef, but I ran into him and we started talking and his eyes lit up, and he said it was a dream of his to do something like this. A couple days later he brought be a bowl of clam chowder, the one we do now, and with that one dish he won be over.

Hmmm... fancy toast.

As always, thanks for reading and listening to us here at the L.A. Junction!


By Pat and Steve Pribisko,  Thu Mar 15 2012, 11:52
I like your review of a restaurant. It is refreshing to see a break from blogs focusing only on listings.

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