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By Matthew DeFede | Broker in Nutley, NJ
  • First Time Home Buyers Advice-Matthew DeFede

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  • The Nutley Real Estate Expert. Ask for nothing less!

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  • The Fortifying Financial Nature of Home Ownership

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    Home Ownership in Nutley New Jersey

    Home ownership in Nutley can be one of the most meaningful aspects of any person's life. With a house and plot of land to call home, a family can feel secure, safe and comfortable. After a long day at work, a man or woman can relax in the solitude and quietness of their very own home. While those are all great perks of home ownership, when it comes time to pursue a loan of any kind, home ownership can show off one of its most valuable traits.

    Matthew DeFede of Coldwell BankerApplying for a loan is much like applying for a job. After looking through the various types of positions available, you submit a resume and hope to get the call to come in for an interview. Your credit report functions much the same for a loan application as a resume does for a job application. A lender can see your financial history, current condition and forecast from there a level of risk.

    Just as a great reference can make your resume sparkle in the eyes of a potential employer, so too can home ownership make your financial history jump off the page for a potential lender. Home ownership implies a steady stream of income, financial stability, the intention to plant roots and most importantly, the ability to repay a sizable financial commitment. Naturally, missed mortgage payments can undo all of that benefit, so only a strong mortgage history will help you.

    When a home owner investigates taking out a loan, most will go straight for home equity loans that borrow against the equity built up in the home, and rightfully so. A home equity loan can be a great financial solution for those that need additional funds and provides a host of benefits, all of which are accessible because of the benefits of home ownership.

    Home equity loans, because they have the backing of a home, are available at lower interest rates and in greater amounts than unsecured loans that have no backing. Obviously, if you do not own a home, you are not eligible for a home equity loan, something that can be a vital financial tool used to keep a family afloat or pursue a new business or other dream.

    Of course, not everyone is thrilled with putting their home in jeopardy when pursuing a loan and unsecured loans fill that void. Contrary as it may seem, home ownership can be a great benefit in that circumstance as well. While you may not see the low interest rates and favorable terms possible through a home equity loan, the rates and terms for an unsecured loan can be improved greatly through home ownership.

    As a lender examines a particular person's ability to repay an unsecured loan, a variety of traits are taken into account. For someone pursuing an unsecured loan without the benefit of home ownership, rates will be higher, payments will be more expensive and the loan term may be shorter. These can be significant barriers and for many people, they can be a complete roadblock to a needed loan.

    So, as you go through the process of searching for a home in Nutley NJ, it is of course true that you will be providing security for yourself and a foundation for your future. However, you will also be gaining a significant financial advantage should the need arise to take out a personal loan of any kind. These situations are often sudden and surprising, so having the kind of safety net home ownership can provide is a significant benefit and one that should not be neglected through your pursuit of a home or even during the choice to even purchase a home or not.

    For More Information on Buying or Selling A home in Nutley NJ Call:
    Matthew DeFede
    Coldwell Banker Residential Brokerage
    ph: 973-846-0065

  • When To Call In The Inspection Professional

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    When To Call In The Inspection Professional

    Though home inspections are often part of the home buying process that is not the only time you may look to the abilities of a professional inspector for your needs. When making large additions to your home or trying to put your home on the market with accurate information about the state of things like your roof or furnace, professional inspectors can also offer their services.

    Foundations, roofs, major appliances and other aspects of your home can be subjected to professional inspection to ensure that they are in the proper working order. While the professional is usually the best decision in most cases where legal issues come into play such as a home sale or purchase and permitting for new structures on your land, simply doing a first inspection yourself can sometimes save you the hassle of having multiple inspections.

    Things To Take A First Look At
    Your roof is something that you can usually take a look at and pinpoint areas that need to be improved. Do you have shingles that are damaged or out of place? Is there anywhere on the roof where you can see through the outside shell? These may seem like common sense issues to address, but they are the kind of common sense issues that a professional inspector would point out as well.

    You don't need to wait for a professional inspector to tell you to fix a broken roof. Take the initiative and make an effort to get your home in good shape before the professional inspector is called. During a home selling process, this can leave you with fewer issues to discuss later as part of a contract negotiation.

    In addition to the roof, there is certainly something to be said for simply eyeing the exterior of your piece of real estate. If there are cracks in any of the outside walls, especially near the base, those will need to be looked at and probably repaired. Again, these are common sense tips but steps that can often be overlooked during the frenzy of buying or selling a home.

    The Professional Inspector's Role
    When legal agreements start to come into play, such as during a home-buying process, a professional inspector is usually required to come out to the home and look over the property in its entirety. During any deal when you purchase a home that is already built, there will inevitably be some issues that come up during inspection and it is then up to your realtor to work out a deal to remedy those situations.

    On the minor side, these inspections can turn up things like small cracks in interior walls or wood working that needs to be tended to, but they can also turn up big problems such a shaky foundation or substandard furnace. Furnaces tend to be a hotspot (no pun intended) for inspection issues because most people don't have the knowledge to accurately appraise a furnace on their own.

    No matter what kinds of issues an inspector turns up, they are all then fair game for the negotiating process and often times an agreement will be hammered out as to what the seller must repair or replace before a deal can be consummated. Real estate transactions are themselves a long negotiation and the home inspection is just one step on that process.

    So, as you get ready to sell your home or perhaps undertake a smaller endeavor like periodic repairs, know that you can save some time and effort by going through and looking at the key parts of your piece of real estate yourself and remedying situations before professional inspectors ever need to get involved. The periodic upkeep of your property will yield dividends later when the professional shows up and has nothing to report. A blank inspector clipboard is the positive result of strong personal inspections and upkeep.

    For More Information about buying a home in Nutley NJ call: Matthew DeFede of Coldwell Banker Residential Brokerage at 973-846-0065
  • Insuring Your Biggest Possession

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    Insuring Your Biggest Possession

    For many home owners, real estate is the single biggest asset they have. Along with that comes a lot of extra time and care spent on the home, everything from mowing the lawn to paying property taxes. Home owners' insurance is one of those bits of upkeep that must be done to make sure that the significant investment you've made in your piece of real estate is protected.

    Choosing a home owners' insurance package can seem like a standard bit of business but not all agents and not all insurance packages are created equal. There are a few things you should keep in mind when investigating insurance agencies and the kind of home insurance packages they offer.

    Be Comprehensive
    Don't settle for one quote from the biggest insurance agency you can think of. Big insurance agencies come with a lot of prestige and a strong track record, but those traits can sometimes translate into the ability to charge more for their services. Often times, there is a middle ground to be found where the reliability of the company is still sound but maybe it's not the biggest company on the block. Those types of companies can often represent good deals in home owners' insurance.

    In addition, do not just settle for a company-specific agency. There are a vast number of independent insurance agents in every community free to offer you the best package for your situation, no matter what company may have it. Independent insurance agents only exist because of this advantage, so they are certainly worth doing homework on.

    Don't Be Afraid Of Deductibles
    Think about the kind of situation that would eventually call on you to invoke your new home owners' insurance. Is it the small repair that needs to be done after a minor accident or is it the large scale repairs needed after a tree falls on your garage? In many cases, you can get a discount on your premiums by agreeing to front more of the money yourself for any claim. By deciding to pay for small claims yourself without involving your insurance company, you can feel comfortable choosing a higher-deductible plan that saves you on your monthly premium.

    Pile On The Discounts
    Insurance of all types sees a whole slew of discounts for certain situations that make you less of an insurance risk. Just as car insurance companies will offer a discount to good drivers and students with strong grades, home owners' insurance companies sometimes offer discounts for features like security alarms and other safety-enhancing installations. Make sure you investigate those possibilities so that you can receive all of the discounts your home deserves.

    Of course, combining different types of insurance under one carrier can also be a source of discount. Do not be afraid to get quotes on what a combined car insurance, home owners' insurance and life insurance package, for example, may cost from various providers. You can always switch your coverage and sometimes the savings seen through combining types of insurance packages is significant.

    Researching home owners' insurance can sometimes seem like an arduous task and comparing packages that may have their own unique requirements can sometimes be difficult. However, by going through the process of collecting quotes from various agencies, you can get a good idea of the market for home owners' insurance on your home.

    From there, go with the policy that offers you the best coverage at the most reasonable price with acceptable conditions. Every company is different and every insurance agent is difference. As with any stage of buying a home, make sure you feel comfortable with what is going on and always feel free to consult your realtor if you want a second opinion on a particular issue. The home buying process is an exciting procedure so don't let yourself get bogged down by home owners' insurance or anything other part of the process. Do your homework and you will come away with a policy that makes you feel secure in your new investment.


    Coldwell Banker Franklin Realty
    Coldwell Banker Nutley, Belleville, Clifton
  • Can The Internet Be Your Agent?

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    Can The Internet Be Your Agent?

    The number of consumers that go online each year to research at least a portion of a new home search is steadily growing year after year. As the internet gains an even bigger foothold in the United States, its use is likely to steadily grow and accomplish much of that growth in unexpected areas. One of those areas has been the selling of property online.

    For some home sellers, selling a home online merges the excitement of the internet with the ability to control the marketing of the property from start to finish. To be clear, having a real estate agent or at the very least a real estate lawyer throughout any selling process will most certainly help you as move along the course of action. Particular if you are on your first home sale, a real estate agent can offer invaluable advice and handle your transaction in a professional manner.

    That being said, many sellers will still look at an internet sale as a great way to personally market the property and save a bit on real estate fees in the long run. Are you really ready to sell your property online though? There are some questions you need to ask yourself before you pursue an internet sale.

    Am I Comfortable With Online-Only Advertising?
    The best way to get a person online and looking at the materials on your property is to catch them while they’re online already. Of course, online advertising is the best way to do so. Some sellers are uncomfortable pursuing only web-based advertising sources and would rather maintain a local perspective through newspaper listings. Figure out which consumer you are before embarking on an internet sale.

    Will The Home Show Well Online?
    If you are committed to an online-only sale, you will need sparkling pictures of your property in order to convince a buyer to pursue an online real estate transaction with your property. For most people that put their homes for sale online, professional photos serve this purpose well.

    A professional photographer will know how to showcase your property and get the most out of the shots taken. These photos will take the place of an initial showing for many online buyers, so ensuring that they make a great first impression is critical to the online selling process.

    Can I Transition From The Internet To Personal Contact Efficiently?
    Just as a newspaper ad or other marketing material, the internet is merely a tool to help you sell your property, not a replacement real estate agent. The internet will not negotiate for you or find you a title company automatically. It will also not be the only way you deal with a potential buyer and indeed very quickly a potential buyer will want to talk to you to put a voice with the home instead of a web address.

    For most sellers, the internet can be a great tool for the selling of a home, but probably not the entire process. With local regulations to be considered and a negotiation process to endure (possibly with a buyer’s agent on the other end), a real estate expert of some kind like a real estate agent or real estate lawyer will still need to be involved in the transaction.Coldwell Banker Nutley, Belleville, Clifton NJ

    However, if you feel that selling your home on the internet is an exciting prospect and doing so will motivate you better to put time and effort into the sale, it can be a great option. As long as you remember that it is ultimately a mechanism to put you in personal contact with a potential buyer and not the end-all solution to your real estate sale, you can create a positive, efficient, fun internet selling process for your property.

    For more information on selling your home go to

  • The Science of Market Analysis, Selling Your Home in Nutley NJ

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    The Science of Market Analysis, Selling Your Home in Nutley NJMatthew DeFede -COLDWELL BANKER

    The key question most home sellers ask at the beginning of the home selling process is simple. How much is my home worth? Determining that value takes a comparison technique that matches up your home with others in your immediate area that have recently sold with similar amenities. Any real estate agent will first develop a market analysis for your home to provide that price and the evidence behind it.

    That evidence is not just to satisfy you, the seller, that a particular price is correct, but also to prove later in the process that the price was reached in a justifiable way and no one is over- or under-paying for a particular piece of real estate. However, if you are interested in selling your home, but need to know a potential selling point for making that decision, the power to do so is at your fingertips.

    With the increasing use of the internet to track home sales, you no longer need to wait for a real estate agent to do that analysis for you. Multiple Listing Service (MLS) data has been the cornerstone of that analysis for many years and MLS information is now more available to consumers than ever before with its inclusion on many real estate web sites.

    MLS, county records and your own fact-finding can form a strong case for a particular price point that you can then use to make a decision on whether to sell or not. There is a simple set of steps you can take to determine a rough market value for your particular piece of real estate.

    First, hunt down three recent sales of similarly sized homes in your area. You can do this through any method, but what you need to know are the amenities of the three homes and the final selling prices of each home. No home will be an exact match to yours, so some adjusting will have to go on and knowing the amenities will allow that to happen.

    The difficult part comes in when you have to decide what particular amenities are worth in your area and most often, a real estate agent can give you the best idea of that value. However, to keep them out of the process, you can do research on the various real estate related web sites that target your area (believe me, there are probably plenty) and see if you can uncover the information yourself.

    With that information, take the first home sale you researched and adjust the price in relation to your house. In order to that, you add to that sale price the value of any amenities your home has that the previously sold home does not. If you have an extra bedroom, for example, add $20,000 or whatever value you determine to the sale price of that home to get an idea of what it would have sold for with your level of amenities.

    If that previously sold home has a feature that yours does not, subtract the value of that amenity from the home price. These adjustments will ultimately give you an end figure that approximates what that previously sold home would have sold for it if had the makeup and features of your own home. Do this for all three properties and average the prices together to give you a rough idea of what your home might be worth on the open market.

    Obviously, any appraisal is, at its best, an educated guess, so be prepared for a difference in the market value of the home when your real estate agent does his or her own calculations to determine a selling price. The best way to get an appraisal is to go through your real estate agent, but to get a rough idea on your own, this can be a good method to at least get an idea of the value of your home.

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