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By Mary Beth Harrison | Agent in Dallas, TX

Home Maintenance Tips

There are some simple and effective home maintenance tips to consider at this time of year. Bringing your home up to weather efficiency will save both energy and money.

  1. In warmer climates, reduce watering times on your irrigation controller and be prepared to turn the irrigation controller “off” during prolonged rainy periods. Reducing your water usage is conservation of a limited resource - and it also reduces your water bill.
  2. Check all your yard drains and swales. Make sure they are functioning properly and taking runoff away from your house. Water intrusion to the home may be caused by runoff pooling against or under your foundation. Direct runoff water away from your home and into a local storm drain. The same goes for rain gutters - make sure the gutter is clear of debris and that the drain leads the runoff away from your home.
  3. Check the weather-stripping on all exterior doors. Does it form a tight and unbroken seal? If not, replace the weather stripping. Inefficient weather stripping allows that nice warm air from your heater to escape outside - increasing your energy bill.
  4. Speaking of your furnace, when was the last time you checked the air return filter? A dirty filter makes your heater work harder and spreads dust throughout your house. A clean filter allows your heater to work more efficiently, saving you money.
  5. Check your windows. Are the tracks clean? Dirt and dust in window tracks can cause damage to your windows and/or create paths for the warm air inside to leak outside.
  6. And, while you are checking your windows, look at the caulking around the window frame. Broken or missing caulking can let water in to your home or warm air out. A tube of caulking is relatively inexpensive compared to the damage water can cause or the cost to heat your home.
  7. If you have a wood burning fireplace, make sure the damper is open before you light the fire. And, always close the glass doors to keep embers from escaping the fireplace box. Burn only manufacturer-approved materials and wood types in your fireplace. Trash, gift-wrappings and compressed logs should never be burned in your fireplace.

Tips courtesy of Steve at http://expectmoreinahome.com/blog/home-maintenance-tips/

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