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By Mark Acantilado | Home Owner in USA, Mobile, AL
  • "Cash-Out-Free" Real Estate Marketing

    Posted Under: Home Selling in California, Financing in California, Agent2Agent in California  |  July 11, 2013 1:32 AM  |  2,659 views  |  No comments

    Can you market your listings without taking out a proverbial penny from your pocket? Yes, you can.

    We understand that you may still need some guidance following your real estate license training so we’ve rounded up some tips on how you can ease your entrance to the industry.

    As a newbie real estate agent, it’s understandable for you not to have enough capital to market your listings. Perhaps, you’re not even done building your listing. But no need to fret as you don’t have to shell out tons of money just to be able to get the word out on the properties you’re marketing. Here are some things to consider:

    1. Scout for publicity.

    Check out the local paper or your local TV station. Chances are you’ll find a reporter who’ll be very interested in creating a feature on the local real estate scene. Call the reporter up and pitch your story—tell him or her why your story has an audience. It’s alright if they don’t fancy your idea—move on, pick up the phone and call the next reporter.

    2. Establish your authority.

    Find people who may be interested in hearing you talk about your profession. Scout for business clubs or schools who are trying to find a speaker for topics of interests for business owners and students. But don’t be nervous or anything—you’ll be fine, especially if you talk about something you’re good about.

    Speaking at conferences or small seminars help in establishing your authority and is one great way of sourcing recommendations inside the industry. Attendees of the conference are sure to take notice of your speaking prowess, honesty and real estate savvv.

    3. Email and social media updates.

    The internet is a free resource for anyone who’d like to further their business. Just think about all the YouTube marketers and social media influencers that has become instant celebrities because of their video blogs. Email marketing and social media has leveled the playing field for everyone who’d like to gain some solid traffic and customers on the internet. Use them to your advantage. Send out informational emails or business tips to your target audience to catch your attention. Make sure that you send these emails regularly (once a month would do). Consistency and valuable content are the keys to capture your audience. Now, complement that by engaging your audience online on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn or whathaveyous. Engaging with your audience helps you with the branding aspect of your so-called business. Through this, they’ll know there is a face behind the listings, and most of all, this face is someone they can trust.

    Who ever said you can’t market your listings for free clearly hasn’t tried it yet. What have you got to lose besides a few minutes of your time? Try the tips above—you’ll thank us that you did.
  • How To Make Use of Facebook For Your Real Estate Marketing

    Posted Under: Home Buying in California, Home Selling in California, How To... in California  |  May 17, 2013 2:23 AM  |  1,154 views  |  No comments
    Networking has always been a buzzword in the world of sales, and it’s no different in the world of real estate selling, where really serious money is up for grabs for the agent who can parlay his (or her) network of contacts into clients. If you’re a real estate agent, networking events are great places to grow your business.  

    Now with social media providing new—even, fun—ways of doing the old things, networking has taken on a new dimension. Katie Lance, in her article for next.inman.com, asks: Instead of attending a networking event, why not create one? Why? Because when you attend a networking event the likelihood of you actually interacting face to face with a potential client largely depends on the number of events you attend.

    Read more about this article at: http://www.agentcampus.com/blog/networking-via-a-facebook-event-page/

  • Real Market Stability Coming, Real Price Gains Ahead?

    Posted Under: Market Conditions in California  |  August 16, 2012 12:42 AM  |  724 views  |  1 comment

    Following years of abysmal prices and market instability, real estate has now achieved some measure of price stabilization and by the greater consensus, a very real possibility of seeing a sustained general increase in prices. Industry observers and many veteran real-estate agents—from Pennsylvania agents to professionals holding South Carolina real estate continuing education—however, are far from a consensus on why the real estate market is the way it presently is.

    Some experts contend that the increase is likely seasonal and not the vanguard effect of a market that’s truly on the rebound.  Sellers, buyers and homeowners are urged to continue and still give it a try even though they have some hesitations with the market price. The skepticism is due in part to economists warning of a huge volume of homes either nearing foreclosure or already in foreclosure procedures. When those foreclosed homes swamp the market, say the economists, prices are likely to drop.

    But they have not. Surprising experts, the last couple of months instead saw (and are seeing) dropping housing inventory and competitive pricing in even the markets that had suffered from heavy foreclosures. According to realtytimes.com, places such as Phoenix, Miami, and parts of Southern California are actually experiencing some speculative purchasing, stoking fears of market bubbles in some quarters.

    National Association of Realtors chief economist Lawrence Yun cautioned that some of the improvement in prices may be due to a smaller share of sales in low price ranges where inventory is tight. Still, he speculated that even more markets would report gains in the quarters ahead.

    Nationally, the median sale price ($181,500) of existing single-family homes during the second quarter was 7.3 percent higher than a year ago, a figure that represents the largest annual increase in six years.

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