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By Mark Acantilado | Home Owner in USA, Mobile, AL
  • Home Improvement for High Value

    Posted Under: Home Buying in Mobile Town, Home Selling in Mobile Town, Remodel & Renovate in Mobile Town  |  December 18, 2012 6:28 AM  |  1,376 views  |  No comments

    As the housing industry begins to regain its footing, home prices are expected to rise, albeit slowly because of the huge inventory that remains. Industry observers and many veteran real-estate agents however are certainly not waiting for the industry to fully recover before they make their pitches. One pitch that will make an impact this early is home improvement.

    Here are some low-cost home-improvement projects that can have a high impact on the value of a house.

    Deck. Adding a deck is not an inexpensive home-improvement project, but it certainly is one of the least-expensive ways to extend the living space. Use low-maintenance composite decking if budget is limited, pressure-treated wood if you want great value.

    Kitchen. The kitchen is a critical selling point in any house sale, so giving it special attention is always a good idea. Renovating an old kitchen pays handsome dividends, but it costs a lot to do that. However, by simply replacing cabinets, major appliances, and countertops you can actually make a kitchen look and feel entirely new.

    Bathroom. The bathroom is another deal-breaker if it’s not up to the home shopper’s specs. In fact, because it’s a private, personal space for many homeowners, it’s more so a showstopper than the bathroom. It also degrades faster, so it deserves refurbishing in most cases. Examine closely for defects the items most used: fixtures such as faucets and shower head, hardware such as cabinets and the vanity. Replace with extreme prejudice.

    Power generator. A backup power source is a nice, practical addition to any home, especially homes in places where seasonal outages are expected because of extreme weather. A modern standby generator, unlike the noisy, smelly, and bulky generators of a generation ago, is neat, compact, less noisy, and able to energize a house within moments of an outage. It’s actually an essential home equipment in places such as Texas, Florida, and Louisiana.

  • Tips on how to Improve Home Worth

    Posted Under: Home Selling in Mobile Town, Remodel & Renovate in Mobile Town, How To... in Mobile Town  |  November 6, 2012 5:45 AM  |  1,526 views  |  No comments

    Are you currently thinking on how to improve your home value? Do you know where to start as well as know the factors that affect and determine property value with better & longer appreciation? Guess what, there’s one big solution that is certainly cheap and worth doing: regular maintenance.

    When you talk about “regular” home maintenance, it does not mean weekly household chores, but rather a quarterly or yearly redo. We are all familiar with the saying. “An ounce of prevention is worth than a pound of cure.” This simply means that regular redo and repair on your property may help you avoid costly and larger repairs, ensuring safety and enhancing home value.

    A house with no regular maintenance could lose a larger home value percentage, and might give a disadvantage when property is the selling process due to its worn condition. It’s simple – the better maintenance the better the property value gets alongside its impression to potential homebuyers.

    Just put in yourself to any home buyers – would you want to buy or invest on a property that seems to be worn out, and looks like has low value? Would you invest on a property that was not taken care of by the owner who currently sells the property?

    Regular Maintenance = Prolonging Economic Age

    It is common sense in the market that the oftentimes when a house get good maintenance, the longer it survives. A house can be compared to a person. When you get regular exercise, and check-up with your doctor, you are highly unlikely to get worn out and be able to cope with your health and age. That’s the same when it comes to your home. The healthier your home is, the better the value. Dr. John P. Harding says on one post at HouseLogic.com that 1% gain in valuation is achieved every year to homes with good maintenance and redo. So let’s say you get to remodel or refurnish every bedroom a year, you gained a percentage value that will help your home gain a good level of the market when it sells.

    Where to start?

    The most common areas where repairs and regular check would mean a lot is on sensitive areas of your home. Air ducts, plumbing and waste system, storages, and your roof. Check all possible areas where the foundation of your home is affected. Next place to look at are bedrooms, kitchens, bathrooms and your living room. Other areas where you may conduct maintenance and improvements are in your garden – landscaping.

    How much regular maintenance may cost?

    When you first think about maintenance, it seems costly. Of course, it is, but it is far cheaper than a bulk of repairs you may have, though yearly it may vary. HouseLogic.com states that the average annual maintenance cost may reach up to $3,000 or more based on the US Census data. And lastly, with home maintenance and remodeling becomes a good option to improve home worth, do not overdo it. Some may tend to overdo the process and end up losing rather than gaining. If you have remodeling plans, make sure you are dealing with the right builders – especially if you are not a DIY type of person.   

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