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By Mark Michael Ferrer | Real Estate Pro in Outside U.S.

Things to Keep in Mind When Attending Miami Homes Open Houses

Open houses are never going out of style even in this age of the internet. Buyers still want to look at the properties they're interested at buying in person; and they should. And if you're visiting Miami homes open houses for the first time, see to it that you know these three important things to help you keep your eye on the real prize.

Ask questions 

Even if you're are going to be guided by a real estate agent when attending Miami homes open houses, don’t give them the control. They are just there to guide you through the home and let you look at the definite features of the property. Being a good host is one of the most important tasks of an agent, but yours should be inquisitiveness. 

Once you're done with the walkthrough, go at it again the second time and ask all the questions that are relevant with the purchase. It’s easy to get your attention carried away with a narrated walk through, so another one can help you concentrate on the features the agent was talking about. 

Confirm the description 

Many real estate agents are adept in embellishing the description of probably all the Miami homes you're interested in checking. They sometimes even exaggerate the square footage of each room as well the entire house. Be a wise buyer and carry your own measuring tape, if possible. You cannot be too sure if your future plans will actually fit your new home. And before you end up getting disappointed, always get the numbers correct during your visit. 

Try to compare the property you're visiting with your current one. What are its advantages over your current residence? What features does it have that your present home is missing? Always see to it that you see every nook and cranny of the prospective home and ask questions about them later. 

Always look at the bigger picture 

Sellers are famous for staging lively and extravagant open houses. While this is to ensure that their properties are going to get notice from buyers, this shouldn’t keep you from looking at the bigger picture. 

Don’t let the fancy charade or the fragrant aroma wafting from the kitchen fool you into buying the property outright. As much as possible, see yourself and your family living in every Miami homes you visit. Try every light switch to make sure that everything works, and draw the curtains to see if the view works for you. You owe to yourself and your family to make sure that the new property you're about to purchase will be a step-up from your current one. 

Mark Michael Ferrer 
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