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Mark's Blog

By Mark Finchem, Associate Broker | Broker in Tucson, AZ

You Want a Great Experience? Set Yourself up for Success!

1. Realize that Doubt Creates Fear, and Fear Causes Paralysis.

When people are uncertain, they become afraid to make decisions. They need counsel from someone they can trust, someone who has their best interests at heart. If you want a great experience check out the agent you think you want to use.  Check Zillow.com, Yelp.com, Angie’s List and LinkedIn.com (and Trulia of course) to see what others have said.  Ask is the agnet just an agent or A Realtor?  Or is the Realtor a Broker?  You will come to depend on the person you select so look into his/her service history.

2. Look for Knowledge Every Day.

People are so thirsty for good, current information on the housing sector. More than anything they want a resource of that information and an expert in their local market. Does the person you are choosing read every day so he/she knows what is happening? Is research just not their thing? Then how will they know what is happening real time?


3. Don't Hope the Market Gets Easier; Prepare to Move Now.

Stop cursing the headwinds. It is time to adjust your sails. Attacking this market instead of falling victim to it really isn’t that hard. Recognize that if you buy today and the market goes down next week so what?  You’re not selling net week are you?  See that in 5 to 10 years the price of property is likely to go higher.  Why do you think so many foreign investors are here buying up our properties?


4. Select a Trusted Advisor and Stay with Him.

Make sure you truly understand what is happening and why it is happening in today's market. That is his responsibility as professional. Then tell your advisor the truth even if it is difficult. And, expect the truth from him as well.

Stephen Covey says: "Trust is the one thing that changes everything."  According to Covey there are four core values that make up trust: Integrity, Intent, Capabilities and Results.


5. Volunteer to Help Those Less Fortunate.

We can no longer be motivated solely by extrinsic motivators (money, power, position). Our culture is moving toward more intrinsic motivators (meaning, growth, learning). Selecting a community servant is important.  By doing business with someone who seres the community you are empowering them to make life just a little better for everyone.


Lastly, Jeffrey Gitomer tweeted the other day, “There are no World Class Managers, only World Class Leaders”.  What a great philosophy, find a servant/leader and you will have a great experience.

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