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By Margie Casey | Broker in Florida
  • Plan Your Mountain Property Search During Fun Waynesville NC Festivals

    Posted Under: General Area in Waynesville, Parks & Recreation in Waynesville, Home Buying in Waynesville  |  April 24, 2014 9:20 AM  |  488 views  |  No comments

    Happiness is blooming in every corner in the best mountain town in North Carolina. Waynesville, North Carolina is bubbling with excitement as the mountainsides become more colorful each spring day. Haywood County land for sale near the Blue Ridge Parkway is particularly appealing as relocating retirees plan their research trips to see the historic town and Michael Posey’s boutique-style real estate development of Sunset Falls at Bald Creek. Waynesville NC real estate has always been in high demand, and the combination of the gorgeous mountain terrain with the exhilarating cultural festivals are responsible for capturing everyone’s interest. Waynesville is affectionately nicknamed the "spill over town of Asheville".

    Festivals and events happen year round in this adorable mountain town and one of the main attractions is “ART after DARK.” From now until July, residents living in Waynesville can scoot to Main Street every first Friday of the month to enjoy the sounds and sights of spring. Music, artist receptions and live demonstrations are performed to paint smiles on everyone's faces and educate the masses. “ART after DARK” is old fashioned fun for locals or folks exploring Waynesville NC real estate or for anyone aching for an impromptu evening stroll near the Blue Ridge Parkway.

    Check out the list of other events that are coming up:

    • April - July 2014 - ART after DARK in downtown Waynesville
    • June 14, 2014 - Appalachian Lifestyle Celebration on Main Street
    • June 27, 2014 - Mountain Street Dance on Main Street
    • July 4, 2014 - Stars & Stripes Celebration at 2 p.m. Let spirits and flags fly on the downtown courthouse lawn.
    • July 26, 2014 - Folkmoot USA Parade of Nations on Main St. and near the downtown courthouse
    • August 29 - 30, 2014 - 43rd Annual Smoky Mountain Folk Festival at the Stuart Auditorium and the tent opens at 5:00 both nights

    For Baby Boomers who are interested in Haywood County land for sale, there are intriguing events that lead up to the dog days of summer. On June 14, 2014, the Appalachian Lifestyle Celebration will take place on Main St. from 10 a.m. – 5 p.m. This heritage themed event will please crowds with its abundance of information and entertainment about preserving the history and nature of the best mountain town in North Carolina. 

    On June 27, 2014, owners of Waynesville NC real estate can kick up their heels, because the Mountain Street Dance is inviting all cloggers and square dancers to the party. This is not the only time to celebrate and dance. The Stars & Stripes CelebrationFolkmoot USA and Smoky Mountain Folk Festival are next in line. Truly, it is a grand party all the time in the downtown area of Waynesville. However, the comfortable side of the mountain is found in the gated community of Sunset Falls at Bald Creek. Real estate developer, Michael Posey, dedicated his time and effort into creating an intimate community in the Smoky Mountain, and he did a spectacular job.

    Sunset Falls at Bald Creek is located 30 minutes from Asheville, North Carolina and close to the heart of the best mountain town in North Carolina. Retirees looking at Haywood County land for sale can find everything they are look for in this 300-acre community. Complete with miles of scenic walking trails, cascading waterfalls and long range layered mountain views and quick accessibility to downtown, buyers interested in Waynesville NC real estate will love these features of this gated mountain community, but it gets even better. 

    Baby Boomers get options at Sunset Falls at Bald Creek. Homesites can be combined to double or even triple the size of a plot of land that was in the original community design by Michael Posey. Buyers who decide to expand the size of a lot can actually get up to a 75% discount. Sunset Falls at Bald Creek has options to increase the size of the original lot by 20-25% and it is leaving more money in the buyers pocket this year. On top of this appealing discount, folks interested in relocating to this gated mountain community can receive reduced taxes when they take advantage of this offer. Ask us how.

    Take a peek at Sunset Falls at Bald Creek homes 

    These lot designs allow retirees to invite their families to visit. The larger land sizes are big enough to build homes and/or mother in law cottages to accommodate all of their guests. Sunset Falls at Bald Creek addressed these requests from current residents and folks interested in becoming members of the community. The community united for a common cause and welcomes new property owners.

    Happiness thrives on this side of the mountain. From the festive celebrations to the friendliness of the neighbors at Sunset Falls at Bald Creek, more and more retirees are finding out why Waynesville is the place to settle down. 

    To schedule a tour of Sunset Falls at Bald Creek and meet Michael Posey, call him direct at 828.545.8200 or email.

  • Cataloochee Ski Area and Valley - Waynesville Outdoor Playgrounds Day & Night

    Posted Under: Quality of Life in Waynesville, Parks & Recreation in Waynesville, Home Buying in Waynesville  |  November 9, 2013 5:35 AM  |  330 views  |  No comments

    Begin a new family tradition this Thanksgiving in the mountains of Western North Carolina! Sunset Falls at Bald Creek stirs the deepest emotions with breathtaking views of its mountain backdrop. Dramatic ridge lines lead to massive summits, outlining the picturesque panorama that is the Great Smoky Mountains National Park. Only minutes from the Blue Ridge Parkway entrance, the Appalachian Trail and the famous Elk Preserve in the Cataloochie Valley is easily accessible by residents of Sunset Falls at Bald Creek through a secret nearby entrance. Voted as one of the best mountain towns in North Carolina because of its ideal location and stunning views, it is no wonder the Crabtree community of Haywood County is a destination for outdoor enthusiasts. 

    This years family fun begins on the slopes of the Cataloochee Ski Area. From 8:30am to 4:30pm on Thursday, November 28, skiers and their families can enjoy a festive Thanksgiving Day on the mountain. With five ski lifts and over 4,000 sets of rental equipment, Cataloochee Ski Area has everything you need to gear up and get out on the mountain. The mountain’s vertical drop is 740 feet, with numerous trails to accommodate beginners and even the most experienced of skiers. 

    Living in one of the best mountain towns in North Carolina means you can work up a turkey appetite on 50 acres of fresh, powdered snow. Test your skills on the 5,400 foot high Omigosh trail, or take advantage of Cataloochee Ski Area’s class lessons available throughout the day. This winter wonderland is located in the Great Smoky Mountains of Western North Carolina, near the Blue Ridge Parkway entrance. 

    The most exciting part about living in one of the best mountain towns in North Carolina is the endless mountain activities that accompany a Waynesville gated community. Sunset Falls at Bald Creek is just 18 miles from Cataloochee Ski Area where skiers and snowboarders enjoy state of the art amenities dedicated to providing pristine riding conditions.

    Take a peek at Sunset Falls at Bald Creek homes.

    Within a Waynesville gated community there is security, tranquility, and an abundance of recreational activities during the holidays, and any other day. Entertaining everyone in the family has never been more rewarding. Sunset Falls at Bald Creek allows residents and their families to explore the great outdoors from a convenient location near the Blue Ridge Parkway entrance and other natural wonders. Allow this Thanksgiving to become the beginning of a tradition skiing along the magnificent slopes in the Great Smoky Mountains of Western North Carolina!

    If you're exploring Waynesville for the first time, ask us to send you a Waynesville Relocation Package. 

  • Sunset Falls at Bald Creek 5th Home Under Construction

    Posted Under: General Area in Waynesville, Quality of Life in Waynesville, Home Buying in Waynesville  |  November 5, 2013 6:21 AM  |  342 views  |  No comments

    The thrill of adding a new addition to a family is always exciting, especially when the families are growing in the gated North Carolina mountain community of Sunset Falls at Bald Creek located near a Blue Ridge Parkway entrance. This summer, real estate developer Michael Posey recently updated their new website and digital gallery. The website displays the latest and greatest photos of all of their new “mountain-modern” residence locations. It is quite clear that this friendly gated community located in one of the best mountain towns in North Carolina is excited to announce their continued growth on Sunset Falls at Bald Creek's new website.

    One of the newest homes will be reaching completion in the early spring of 2014. This is the fifth custom home at Sunset Falls at Bald Creek. Proud Homeowners from John’s Island, South Carolina, Gary and Elena Lamberson, are in the process of building their second new four bedroom and four and half baths home with spectacular layered mountain views and a unique architectural style. The homesite rests on above 4,000 feet of elevation and the 360-degree mountain views will leave a striking impression for all of the Lamberson’s guests. This fifth custom home is the perfect addition to this already enchanting gated North Carolina mountain community. 

    Custom built homes and details about Sunset Falls at Bald Creek's amenities can be viewed on their updated website. The digital platform also includes an extensive Q&A for clients and prospective Sunset Falls residents, architectural design guidelines and  a detailed history about the community wells. The history of the wells show the dates the wells were drilled, their flow and depth specifications and other useful information. The website also features informative downloads to those interested in taking the next step to become a member of the Sunset Falls family in the future.

    As this gated North Carolina mountain community gains more attention, the number of Sunset Falls at Bald Creek property owners continues to increase. This friendly mountain community located near a Blue Ridge Parkway entrance is the perfect place to start a first home as second home for retirement. The long range views from this gated community and its proximity to one of the best mountain towns in North Carolina is pleasing to Sunset Falls at Bald Creek property owners. The community enjoys hiking trails and beautiful waterfalls, while those who want to travel a few minutes towards Waynesville can enjoy more structured sports with nearby tennis courts, golf courses and the 54,000 sq. ft. Haywood Regional Health and Fitness Center. Residents have the choice to enjoy privacy or venture off for the day to enjoy the local amenities.  

    Adding a new member to the family is just another sweet celebration at Sunset Falls at Bald Creek!

    To find out more about custom home builders in Sunset Falls at Bald Creek or to schedule a tour, call real estate developer Michael Posey direct at 828.545.8200.

  • Smoky Mountain Folk Festival Echoes in the Mountains

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    The hills and mountains are alive with the sound of music in Waynesville. A fun filled daily life is no joke when it comes to the folks living in Sunset Falls at Bald Creek and surrounding Waynesville gated communities. Just as the summer begins to end and the leaves begin to turn, the fall festivals are the talk of the town in the Smoky Mountains. Some of the best small mountain towns in North Carolina host their own traditional events and everyone is invited. 

    One of the most popular Smoky Mountain Festivals are preparing for their 43rd year of celebration. The 43rd Annual Smoky Mountain Folk Festival at Lake Junaluska on August 30th and 31st is getting residents excited. This culturally rich event is sponsored by the Lake Junaluska Conference and Retreat Center every year in the Stuart Auditorium.

    Located near Asheville and Waynesville, the Smoky Mountain Folk Festival unites talented performers and musicians at one venue. Their website provides a list of performers and the schedule two weeks before the festival begins. For residents of the Sunset Falls at Bald Creek and other surrounding Waynesville gated communities, these artists are the local celebrities and their performances are highly anticipated at the Smoky Mountain Festivals. Artists such as, David Holt, The Stoney Creek Boys and the Ross Brothers bring their musical talents to the table, while the Fines Creek Footers and the Southern Mountain Fire-clogging groups break out in dance. 

    The festival also features...

    Read the full story: http://realestatescorecard.com/news/real-estate-news/north-carolina/smoky-mountain-folk-festival-waynesville-north-carolina

  • Award Winning Best Restaurants in Waynesville North Carolina

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    Thinking of moving to one of the best mountain towns in North Carolina? Mouth-watering best restaurants in Wayneville might surprise you. Grits and sweet tea are traditional foods of the South.  However, dining in Waynesville offers impressively more with sumptuous fare from haute to homestyle.  Residents and visitors of nearby gated North Carolina mountain communities are always impressed. Here's a list of our favorites: 

    The award winning Chef’s Table is a classically trendy, gourmet restaurant based on a strong philosophy of using fresh, seasonal ingredients from local growers to create a menu that entices the senses. The owner and executive chef works in a kitchen that is in the very center, the heart, of the restaurant so that everyone can experience the creation and presentation of the  appetizing menu items. With a menu created to pair up with certain wines, it’s no wonder that Wine Spectator has awarded The Chef’s Table the Best of Award of Excellence  five times, and Wine Enthusiast magazine has awarded The Chef’s Table their Restaurant Award of Unique Distinction three times.  With walls festooned with artwork from local artists, this is a true dining experience.  Piqued? 

    Claiming a “unique farm to fork experience,”  the Frog’s Leap Public House obtains all of its food from North Carolina farmers and ranchers. That is really saying something special.  Don’t let the pub setting fool you; this restaurant has won more local awards than can be named here. The food and atmosphere can only be described as upscale comfort with food that is Southern but has influences from around the world which will excite any palate. Even the “libations are homegrown”.  With three impressive ovens, an Argentine wood grill, a slow smoker, and a wood burning pizza oven, the food is reminiscent of the woodlands outside in one of the best mountain towns in North Carolina. 

    Located in the Frog Level Historic District, the seemingly unassuming Panacea Coffee House is waiting to delight you. Because of its historic locale, the owners strove to maintain as many of the original structural elements as possible which has created a rustic yet trendy, SoHo-like ambiance.    Their coffee is as fresh as can be; they roast the coffee on site for not only their cafe, but also for commercial customers. In addition to their artistic coffee offerings, they have a lunch menu with mouth-watering, hearty sandwiches using fresh and contemporary ingredients. If you live in one of the nearby gated North Carolina mountain communities, or are visiting the best mountain towns in North Carolina, put Panacea on your to-do list. 

    In the heart of downtown, you will find The Sweet Onion. This gem is urban-casual.  With generously large windows, plenty of brick, and polished wood, the interior draws patrons in and makes them feel “cool” just for being there. The varied menu is rich in regional favorites with “a contemporary flair,”  and every mouth-watering item is presented to the table artistically. With an appealing wine and beer list and freshly prepared desserts, there’s something at The Sweet Onion for everyone.  

    A truly elegant dining experience can be found at Anthony Wayne’s at The Gateway Club. You know you are somewhere special when the  building is in the National Register of Historic Places and is home to a Grand Ballroom for special events. The exquisite dinner menu at The Gateway Club shines with “new-American” offerings along with suggestions for wines to complement the dishes. They also present an impressive  wine list and a decadent dessert menu.  Anthony Wayne’s at the Gateway Club is first class all the way. Be sure to ask about their basil infused lemonade.

    If you prefer a more upscale dining experience, the Swag Country Inn provides a very warm, mountain rustic setting. They serve a full breakfast buffet, lunch packs perfect for toting along the Appalachian Trail, and a dinner promptly at seven. Folks who don't stay at the inn may partake in their award-winning, creative, regional cuisine, but reservations are required.  

    Seafood lover? Maggie’s Galley Oyster Bar will thrill you. It is Lowcountry atmosphere and lengthy menu will not disappoint. It starts off with over 25 appetizers and goes from there. With so many fresh seafood offerings, patrons might do a double take thinking they got lost in the Florida Keys. Landlubbers, take heart, there are plenty of offerings for you, too.  

    There are so many phenomenal types restaurants in Waynesville including ethnic, barbecue, tapas, and more.  If you're searching for where to retire in North Carolina, ask us for info about gated North Carolina mountain communities in the area. We're also happy to send you a Waynesville Relocation Package. Write info @realestatescorecard.com or call us toll free at 866.384.1799.

  • Best Mountain Towns - Shopping in Waynesville North Carolina

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    There is magic nestled in the mountains of Waynesville, North Carolina! With a reputation for its endless outdoor adventures, one of the best mountain towns in North Carolina has also become popular for its Main Street. With an abundance of art galleries and specialty shops, the heart of downtown Waynesville is an intriguing mountain town for the residents of gated North Carolina communities and regional visitors.

    Nestled in the middle of the Appalachian Mountains, the adventurous outdoor life and mountain shopping experiences in Waynesville allure visitors driving the Blue Ridge Parkway and happy home owners at Sunset Falls at Bald Creek. Whether you want to decorate your mountain home or tempt yourself with a bit of window shopping, Waynesville has many types of stores and yummy restaurants to explore on Main Street. Here's what you don't want to miss...

    Read the full story:


  • Best Small Towns Western North Carolina

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    Margie Casey's Blog:

    Discover a hidden gem - The largest mountain town west of Asheville. Waynesville NC has intriguing art galleries, challenging golf courses and stunning views from the Blue Ridge Parkway. Established in the early 1800's by an American Revolutionary War soldier named Colonel Robert Love, old brick buildings in downtown Waynesville NC have been preserved as new commercial development in Waynesville Commons continues to add to the town's functionality. In the middle of town, eclectic Hazelwood Village is home to coffee shops, home decor and wellness boutiques. The Frog Level Art District runs along Richland Creek and the railroad tracks, home to more art galleries, coffee shops and antique stores. Foodies will find delight in discovering fantastic restaurants are beyond America's Happiest City with fine dining available in downtown Waynesville NC.

    Waynesville NC is considered one of the Best Mountain Towns in Western North Carolina and is where you will find some of the best mountain communities. Opening in 2008, The Gateway Club is a popular member's social club utilizing the restored Masonic Hall listed on the National Registry. Waynesville golf courses include Laurel Ridge Country Club, Waynesville Inn Golf Course, Lake Junaluska Golf Course and the Maggie Valley Golf Course. The entrance to the Blue Ridge Parkway is less than five miles from downtown Waynesville NC, at mile post #445 off of US 19-23-74. The Cataloochee Ski Area in Maggie Valley is the only ski resort in the area. Cataloochee Valley is a popular place to view bugling elk during the fall season, early in the mornings or just before sunset. Lake Junaluska is a nationally known Methodist retreat hosting musical events and performances. This scenic lake is beautiful to walk around and take photographs.

    Haywood Regional Medical Center recently...

    Learn more about Waynesville NC and discover which are the best master planned communities to consider in Waynesville NC:

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