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By Margie Casey | Broker in Florida
  • Watts Bar Lake Neighborhoods - Community Updates

    Posted Under: General Area in Loudon, Market Conditions in Loudon, Home Buying in Loudon  |  April 8, 2014 1:24 PM  |  461 views  |  No comments

    At one time, Watts Bar Lake was the talk of the town, in a good way. Today, we still see remnants of things gone wrong in 2008. The 39,000 acre lake is a reservoir on the Tennessee River between Loudon and Crossville. In 2008, the Kingston Fossil Plant holding pool spilled 5.4 million cubic yards of coal ash in and around Watts Bar Lake. Once a popular sports fishing lake, the State of Tennessee advises against eating fish in certain areas of Watts Bar Lake due to PCB contamination, a joy killer.

    We still have mixed feelings about Watts Bar Lake. Several master-planned communities have been deeply impacted by the disaster through no fault of their own. Will they fully recover? It’s hard to say but a multimillion dollar real estate venture capitalist group out of Dallas Texas is betting on it.

    Here’s what we found at three Watts Bar Lake master-planned communities we’ve been monitoring since 2008:


    On February 5, 2014, Tennessee National was acquired by PNL Cumberland LLC, a Delaware entity with three members we believe to be David Porter, Scott Kocuek and Dan Levitan  Delaware is a state were officers and/or partners are not required to be revealed publicly. Tennessee National property owners were informed the new owner is affiliated with PNL Companies based out of Dallas, a real estate venture capital company who buys deeply discounted properties in hopes of reselling them down the road for a profit. 

    According to Tennessee National, there are four actively involved partners who are considering rebranding the Eastern Tennessee golf community on Watts Bar Lake along with building the marina and village as originally intended by the Medallist Group. In fact, the  new management team visited Nashville Tennessee in March to take a look a well known successful urban community with a Town Center. We believe replicating the concept could be a smart move by PNL. Building a marina village with town homes and/or condos and retail space would attract more buyers and not just golfers.

    Approximately 44 homes have been built to date of the 1,500 planned at Tennessee National. There were 2 homes under construction. Homes range from the low $400k’s to over $600k. The community is well maintained. Property owners scored Tennessee National a 71 verses our score of 54. In a few months, we will check in with Tennessee National property owners again to see how things are going. 

    LADD LANDING - Watts Bar Lake

    It broke our hearts to tour Ladd Landing this year, to us the biggest victim of the 2008 Kingston Fossil Plant disaster which spilled 5.4 million cubic yards of coal ash in and around Watts Bar Lake when the holding pond failed. The material contains arsenic, selenium, mercury, and other pollutants. It is our understanding the clean up is complete. These items in a high concentration can be harmful to people and wildlife. We wondered if Ladd Landing has sought restitution from the TVA for damages incurred through no fault of their own. We say that because we watched BP Oil quickly come to the rescue of communities and businesses along the coast of Florida and Louisiana after the 2010 oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico and rightfully so.

    For the most part, Ladd Landing is seated up on a hill and overlooks the Kingston Fossil Plant and Watts Bar Lake. The developer built a community with charming curb appeal, impressive walking trails, and its own Town Center with a grocery store. Last year, the developer built a clubhouse and swimming pool. We peeked in the windows and saw the clubhouse was unfurnished sending up another red flag. The gated section of the community seemed abandoned. The spine roads were in rough shape. On Northbridge Close, about half of the homes were for sale closest to the Town Center. About 40 homes have been built of 325 planned. Despite our thoughts, property owners last year scored Ladd Landing an 87 verses our score of 66. We’ll be requesting property owner feedback again soon.

    GRANDE VISTA  BAY - Watts Bar Lake

    We began watching Grande Vista Bay is 2008. It is located 12 miles downstream from the Kingston Fossil Plant on Watts Bar Lake. Of the 600 homes planned, approximately 80 homes have been built to date. The lakefront community looked great! We asked the clubhouse manager why all the streets were gated instead of gating the main road into the community. She explained the spine road is owned and maintained by the county. Grande Vista Bay property owners wanted the community gated therefore the only solution was to gate each road leading into the 11 neighborhoods. 

    It’s easy to assume Grande Vista Bay is an equestrian community with the red roof barns and white plantation style fencing bordering the spine road. It’s not. LexLin Gypsy Horse Ranch is an attractive non-profit facility located in the center of the community with beautiful horses grazing in the pastures. Grande Vista Bay is a gated community on Watts Bar Lake catering to boaters. Some of the lakefront homes have private boat docks. There were 8 homes under construction and 6 more in plan review or the permitting process.   

    Overall, Watts Bar Lake is a place where you can find lakefront property much less expensive than on Norris Lake and Tellico Lake, but don't go it alone. Ask us to introduce you to our trusted colleague at the lake to help you with your search.

    Write info@realestatescorecard.com

  • Footloose in Tellico - Dancing Social Clubs in Eastern Tennessee

    Posted Under: Quality of Life in Loudon, Parks & Recreation in Loudon, Home Buying in Loudon  |  November 27, 2013 6:58 AM  |  312 views  |  No comments

    Kick off your Sunday shoes and let loose in one of Eastern Tennessee’s best lake towns. Footloose in Tellico Line Dance Club is one of numerous Tellico Lake social clubs that hold weekly gatherings at the Tellico Yacht Club. Next to one of the best lakes in Eastern Tennessee, residents show off their moves like jagger during the club’s monthly Footloose dance party. Members and nonmembers are all invited to kick their heels to the music and join in on the fun for only $5 ($3 for club members).

    Tellico Village is a quaint village situated within the foothills of the Great Smoky Mountains along one of the best lakes in Eastern Tennessee. The town’s top attractions are Fall Creek Falls State Park and Great Smoky Mountain National Park; located just a short drive away. Surrounded by stunning views, premium shopping, and award winning medical centers, it is no wonder Tellico Village is a popular retirement destination for Baby Boomers.

    Tellico Village homes for sale embody the true natural beauty of the 16,000 acre Tellico Lake shoreline with luxury cottage homes overlooking the crystal waters. The lake communities offer outstanding recreational facilities and entertaining Tellico Lake social clubs. The area boasts over 60 active social clubs, including the Ladies Duplicate Bridge Club, numerous men’s and women’s golf clubs, the Wallyball Club, and Footloose in Tellico Line Dance Club. 

    Tellico Lake social clubs know how to have fun around the holidays. This year the Footloose in Tellico Line Dance Club is celebrating the holiday season with a festive Christmas Dinner and Dance party. Members are invited to join in on a delicious meal followed by line dance favorites such as ‘Hit the Road Jack’ and ‘Wagon Wheel Rock.' 

    Get ahead of the rest at the Footloose in Tellico Line Dance Club’s premium dance classes. Intro classes begin January 21 at 1PM. Experienced dancers can also attend Advanced and Intermediate courses every Monday and Wednesday from 1PM and 2:15PM respectively.

    Tellico Lake is not only one of the best lakes in Eastern Tennessee, it offers a superb lifestyle. The moderate four-season climate allows residents of Tellico Village to indulge in year-round golfing, fishing, or boating. Boating Life Magazine recently named Tellico Lake as one of the Best Places in the U.S. for Boating. 

    Tellico Village homes for sale are surrounded by the tranquil scenery of Lake Tellico and the Great Smoky Mountains. Choose from eight friendly neighborhoods: Chatuga, Chota, Coyatee, Kahite, Mialaquo, Tanasi, Tommotley and Toqua. The relatively low cost of living in Eastern Tennessee is reflected through the affordable housing prices of Tellico Village homes for sale, and the village’s unique ‘pay as you play’ amenities. Treat yourself to fine dining at the Tellico Yacht Club after a relaxing swim at the 26,000 square foot Wellness Center’s indoor lap pool, or spend the day on Tellico Lake; launching from your backyard or the Tellico Village full service marina. 

    Get your dancing shoes out and join the friendly community of Tellico Village, and wiggle your way into fun Eastern Tennessee. 

  • Tellico Village - Where Satisfaction is Virtually Guaranteed

    Posted Under: Quality of Life in Loudon, Parks & Recreation in Loudon, Home Buying in Loudon  |  November 6, 2013 8:42 AM  |  293 views  |  No comments

    It is not an easy task to make everyone happy in a community, unless you are a Villager at Tellico Village in Loudon, Tennessee. One of the best Eastern Tennessee lake communities has an amazing homeowners association that manages to meet the needs of all of their residents. From resolving issues for the residents to organizing community celebrations at the exclusive Yacht Club, Tellico Village social clubs and the homeowners association are on the ball and happy to be of service.

    As more families and retirees become owners of  Loudon real estate, communities rely on their local homeowners associations to represent their residential needs. 50% of the residents are involved with the Tellico Village association and offer representation and provides efficient and organized strategies to ensure the best living situations in Tellico Village. The Tellico Villages homeowners association is comprised of a volunteer Board of Directors, several specialized committees and associate members. The homeowners association connects with the local government about relevant community issues, communicates affairs with residents and helps organize events with the Tellico Village social clubs. The homeowners association also works with the Property Owners Association which provides management of the infrastructure and amenities at Tellico Village.

    The homeowners association is also responsible for maintaining a tight ship within the community. Not all Eastern Tennessee lake communities are like Tellico Village! Members of the homeowners association keep track of residential information, organize focus groups and collect resident surveys to ensure community satisfaction. The homeowners association also protects the best interests of Tellico Village. In February 2010, the Liaison Committee was created to help the Tellico Village Association during the construction of the Dam Safety Project. The association and the committee helped prevent adverse impacts against community landscapes and Loudon real estate, property values and ensure a positive working relationship with other groups, subcontractors and other organizations.  

    The homeowners association at Tellico Village support the Tellico Village social clubs. The homeowners association partners with the Tellico Village Garden Club on their recycling initiatives and environmental awareness efforts. The groups inform residents about the available Public Works Recycling Center or golf cart farm in Kahite and portions of proceeds support the maintenance of the 19 Tellico Village gardens. The homeowners association at Tellico Village does not stop there! The association works with other groups and supports nonprofit campaigns, law enforcement and medical issues concerning the Eastern Tennessee lake communities and stays connected about library and educational projects. 

    When the work is on pause, the association uses their time to organize special events for Tellico Village members. Tellico Village’s 25th Anniversary will be celebrated next month and the homeowners association is excited to show the fellow Villagers their hard work. Along with other parties and activities, the homeowners association is preparing for the Tellico Village Annual Christmas Gala at the stunning, exclusive Yacht Club this year. It is the most wonderful time of the year when residents and members of the Tellico Village homeowner’s association can celebrate together and enjoy the fruits of their labor. 

    If you'd like to experience the Tellico Village lifestyle for a weekend, ask us about their welcoming Discovery Package. Tour the lake, enjoy the amenities and meet the Villagers.

  • Tellico Villagers Know How to Quickly Make You Feel at Home

    Posted Under: Quality of Life in Loudon, Parks & Recreation in Loudon, Home Buying in Loudon  |  September 30, 2013 4:27 AM  |  462 views  |  No comments

    After the movers have left and the last item has been placed, the next step can be the most challenging for those beginning a new life in a new place. A traditional meet-and-greet of the neighbors is exciting and nerve-racking for new homeowners, but Tellico Village named Best Tennessee Community of the Year knows how to make you feel at home quickly through its New Villagers Club. Once people learn about the fun activities this club organized, most instantly know this is where to retire in Eastern Tennessee.

    The New Villagers Club was created in the early 1990’s by a handful of residents living in the community and is an important asset to the community. The Club is a nonprofit organization that encourages new members to meet and build lasting friendships with organized activities and events. More than 400 members are actively involved in The New Villagers Club, the core foundation of Tellico Village social clubs.  

    Here’s how it works. On the first Thursday of every month, the New Villagers Club meets at the Tellico Village Yacht Club for a social/happy hour. This is a casual event to introduce new members to the community and share more about themselves while having a good time. During the first meeting, new members get a chance to learn about all of the Tellico Village social clubs. New members are placed with a mentor to introduce them to the residents and culture of the community.

    Once the initial meet-and-greet is over, New Villagers can enjoy a fun filled calendar of social events and organizations at whatever pace they choose. Golf Tournaments are scheduled for individuals looking to spend a day on the golf course. Outdoor adventures are always around the corner when New Villagers join the Muddy Boots hiking group. Welcome Coffee is another introduction to the community and invites residents to learn about Tellico Village and the host, the Homeowner’s Association. 

    The New Villagers Club organizes social dining gatherings for members at restaurants outside of the Tellico Village. For those who love to play host and hostess, the Dinner For Six program rotates dinner parties at residents’ homes every 3 months. Couples or single residents have a chance to impress each other with their family recipes. 

    The fun does not stop there when deciding where to retire in Eastern Tennessee. New Villagers can participate in the Cards and Games program. The members organize 14 games to help bring together current and new residents, to build lasting friendships within the community. An exciting game of Poker or a brain-scratching game of Scrabble helps break the ice no matter what the occasion!

    Whether a new Villager is interested in making new friends or finding a new hobby, the New Villager’s Club journey begins at the initial Happy Hour at the Tellico Village Yacht Club. Through the New Villagers Club, every new resident who desires has immediate access to a treasure trove of new friends, many of whom will last for a lifetime!

    If you’re searching for where to retire in Eastern Tennessee, time your Discovery Package visit during the first Thursday of the month so you can see how Tellico Village makes you quickly feel right at home. If you’d like to receive Discovery Package or Relocation Information, write us at info@realestatescorecard.com

  • Luxury Reading at the Tellico Village Library in Eastern Tennessee

    Posted Under: Quality of Life in Loudon, Schools in Loudon, Entertainment & Nightlife in Loudon  |  August 19, 2013 5:53 AM  |  799 views  |  No comments

    A good book is a quick trip to a whole new world for those looking for an escape. One of the best places to retire in Tennessee now offers residents an even better getaway adventure with a whole variety of books to devour. Tellico Village, recently built a new library for property owners and residents in the surrounding Eastern Tennessee lake communities. The library is one of many successful achievements initiated by The Villagers adding to the quality of life living at Tellico Village.

    On April 20, 2013, Tellico Village introduced their shiny new building to a crowd of 150 people and a list of keynote speakers like Mayer Herron and Representative Matlock. The social clubs at Tellico Village were overjoyed with appreciation. Chris Miller represented the GFWC Tellico Village Women’s Club who contributed $4,075 towards this year’s Children and Adult Summer Reading Program. 

    The Children and Adult Summer Reading Program sparked plenty of interest within the Eastern Tennessee lake communities and city of Loudon Tennessee. Along with the countless choices of social clubs at Tellico Village, the community has added first class educational activities to the list. The children’s reading program continued on its second season and taught the young bookworms about the earth, plants and provided an interactive exercise to demonstrate the germination process of a plant.

    2013 is the start of the adult reading program at the Tellico Village library. The most recent programs Lincoln/Jefferson: Contributions to Emancipation was a hit in the community. Other successful programs like Photography Appreciation and the upcoming workshop, Reader’s Theatre attracted attention from the community and social clubs at Tellico Village. 

    Other events hosted by the new library this year include the 19th Annual Used Book Sale. This year, Tellico Village library has already received 35,000 books. Some special donations included books from the Mears Family collection as well as autographed editions from renowned athletes that increased profits for the community library. 

    The comradery and united interest in education and learning is one of many reasons why Tellico Village has become one of the best places to retire in Tennessee. Potential residents are taken aback with the beauty of the Great Smoky Mountains and Tellico lake views, but the additional perks of a new library are wonderful for everyone in Loudon. Tellico Village stands out from other Eastern Tennessee lake communities with its award winning golf courses, upscale Wellness Center and private Yacht Club. Villagers and their guests can enjoy their choice of four clubhouses to organize events and host special social club activities. For families and retirees looking to entertain in the great outdoors, Tellico Village offers a fantastic Family Park and Beach Pavillion. 

    If you'd like to learn more about Tellico Village, call them direct at 888.287.0676. 

  • Staying Fit and Having Fun at Tellico Village Wellness Center

    Posted Under: Quality of Life in Loudon, Parks & Recreation in Loudon, Home Buying in Loudon  |  July 23, 2013 8:00 AM  |  352 views  |  No comments

    Counting calories and training for marathons are the key to staying fit for some, but maintaining wellness and a healthy lifestyle is a life changing experience. The Villagers of Tellico Village in Eastern Tennessee know this and have united to help their own community, whether residents are older or young. This year and for the first time, Camp Tellico kids camp quickly sold out. The kids camp is a fun-filled three week program offered during the summer months centered around Tellico Lake.

    Six years ago, Tellico Village, a residential community resting on the shores of Tellico Lake, developed the Tellico Village Wellness Center to add to their extensive list of member amenities. Along with their impressive golf courses, upscale Yacht Club, art & culture clubs, the 27,000 sq. ft. Wellness Center is attracting attention from families and individuals deciding where to retire in Tennessee. This ever-evolving amenity and the associated activities are appealing to...

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  • Fraud and Misrepresentations Come Back to Bite Rarity Communities Developer Michael Ross

    Posted Under: Market Conditions in Loudon, Home Buying in Loudon  |  November 28, 2011 4:43 PM  |  1,376 views  |  No comments

    Margie Casey's Blog:

    It wouldn’t take much time on the internet to discover a slew of lawsuits and negative press about Michael Ross and Rarity Communities from upset property owners, investors, builders and vendors. During the peak of the real estate market in 2006, Rarity Communities had an impressive list of luxury waterfront and golf course master planned communities either under construction or planned. These Eastern Tennessee master planned communities at completion would have easily exceeded $1 billion dollars in value combined:

    Rarity Bay - Tellico Lake

    Rarity Pointe - Loudon County

    Rarity Ridge - Watts Bar Lake

    Rarity Club - Chattanooga

    Rarity Enclave - Venore

    Rarity Rivers - Dayton

    Rarity Mountain - Campbell County

    Rarity Meadows - Sweetwater Valley

    Rarity Oaks - Oak Ridge

    Rarity Landings - Loudon

    By 2008, the domino’s began to fall for Rarity Communities as lenders foreclosed on a number of Rarity Communities because of unpaid bank notes and property taxes. This left Rarity property owners and investors in nine Rarity Communities with no hope, no community amenities and severely deflated property values. Only the big brother of them all, Rarity Bay on Tellico Lake has been...

    Read the full story about Rarity Communities:


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