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By Margaret Hassani | Broker in 33544

What Upgrades to AVOID!

So what upgrades should you avoid? If you’re planning to put your house on the market, avoid making improvements that are personalized to your particular taste and lifestyle. 

Here are a few home improvements NOT to make:

Turn a bedroom into a permanent home office: You might not need that extra bedroom, and a sleek workspace with built-in wooden desks, shelves and cabinets does look pretty nifty. However, many house hunters have multiple family members and guests who prefer sleeping in a bed over laying across a desk, or blowing up an air mattress. So please, for your home selling sake, don’t open a permanent branch office is your third bedroom.

Replace all your bathtubs with showers: Yes, you may not be the bathing type and it might be nice to have a giant double-headed spa shower instead. But if you remove all your bathtubs, many home buyers will be sadly disappointed and cross your house off their want lists. Soaking is still a national past time and if potential buyers have little ones, a bathtub may be essential. So I’d recommend leaving at least one tub in your house… it might make all the difference to a serious buyer — and bather. 

Turn the garage into an office or bedroom: What? Didn’t you just say home buyers want extra bedrooms? Yes, they do, but not when you sacrifice the garage to do it. House hunters like to keep their cars clean and sheltered, and they need a place to store their Christmas lights, shovels and extra toasters.

Pave over your grass and yard: Who would do a thing like that, you ask? Believe me, this happens too. One such neighbor I knew, in an attempt to save time, money and resources, paved over his entire front yard in cement — giving him ample room to park. (I think he deserved pack rats.)

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