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By Maggie Griffin, REALTOR, ACRE | Agent in Wallingford, CT
  • Selling and buying a home begins with a REALTOR®. Here is why.

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    Using a licensed real estate professional assures proper pricing and fair market valueA real estate agent is a good source for finding out the status of the local housing market. So is your statewide association of REALTORS®, most of which are continuously compiling such statistics from local real estate boards.

    Understanding the difference between list price, sales price and appraised value is the list price is a seller’s advertised price, a figure that usually is only a rough estimate of what the seller wants to get. Sellers can price high, low or close to what they hope to get. To judge whether the list price is a fair one, be sure to consult comparable sales prices in the area.

    The sales price is the amount of money you as a buyer would pay for a property.

    The appraisal value is a certified appraiser’s estimate of the worth of a property, and is based on comparable sales, the condition of the property and numerous other factors.

    Knowledge is key to understanding pricing a home to market, what the stats say in regards to selling price ranges and understanding that when in a market that we are in now (demand vs. supply) is obviously a sign to price it right by understanding statistical information from a real estate professional. Keep in mind a good buyer’s agent will also provide those same stats to a potential buyer so that both receive what is called a real estate transaction that is based on fair market value.

    As of now, with the inventory cart close to empty, it is the sign of both a seller’s market and buyer’s market. That’s the market both benefit from in several ways.

    Additionally, I can’t stress enough, if you are a homeowner and facing hardship where you want to avoid foreclosure, doing short sale is the answer. It’s not a matter of “where do I go”, it’s a matter of how to make sure what you need to do to get there.

    For a free consultation, whether you are buying or selling a home in Connecticut, contact me at 203-668-9162. Visit me on the web to search all homes for sale in CT at www.MaggieGriffinHomes.com and on facebook at www.facebook.com/maggiegriffinrealtor

  • Selling or buying a home in Connecticut? Research is key to knowledge

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    It has been said "A mind is like a parachute. It works best when it's open". That same frame of thinking also applies when researching the market conditions in the areas of which any seller and buyer is looking to sell or buy.

    The Internet is filled with advice and knowledge, but the top of the knowledge base are those who hold the key to your sources. That being said, a REALTOR.

    Knowing the market in the Greater New Haven County towns in Connecticut, it is important to know market values verses listing prices. Many times we will see a property marketed for sale way above it's actual market value - this is one thing you want to avoid in this market.

    For example - when selling or buying a home, set your price and get the market value a home is worth.  That means the past time of "I will negotiate if an offer comes in" changes to "negotiating the best terms and conditions that fit the seller's/buyer's needs".  As a seller, you want to be able to stay ahead of the selling market in your area by listing your property appropriately to the market conditions in your area - resulting more buyers to view and an offer you want to see.

    This same rule applies to buyers. Know the market.  A real estate professional can and will help educate you in knowing the market values of the areas you search homes for sale in.  Don't go above your pre-appoval limit your lending institution pre-approves you for. Stay within your financing means as well.

    Part of selling and buying a home is reaching for a successful goal in your real estate decisions. Although we all may feel at times a home is worth more than what the current true market value is, keep in mind market values do change frequently - but the BEST investment anyone can and will make in a lifetime is the purchase and sale of real estate.

    Remember, whether you are a buyer or seller, the job of a real estate agent is to negotiate and get the best terms and conditions that are suitable and fit your real estate needs and goals.

    For a no obligation, consultation, feel free to call me at 203-668-9162, email mgriffin@weichertrp.com and visit www.maggiegriffinhomes.com
  • Why it is important to use a REALTOR®

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    [source: Realtor.com]

    Buying and selling real estate is a complex matter. At first it might seem that by checking local picture books or online sites you could quickly find the right home at the right price.
    But a basic rule in real estate is that all properties are unique. No two properties -- even two identical models on the same street -- are precisely and exactly alike. Homes differ and so do contract terms, financing options, inspection requirements and closing costs. Also, no two transactions are alike.
    In this maze of forms, financing, inspections, marketing, pricing and negotiating, it makes sense to work with professionals who know the community and much more. Those professionals are the local REALTORS® who serve your area.
    How do you choose?

    In every community you're likely to find a number of realty brokerages. Because there is heated competition, local REALTORS® must fight hard to succeed in your community.
    The best place to find a local REALTOR® is from REALTOR.com's® extensive listing of community professionals and properties. Other sources include open houses, local advertising, Web sites, referrals from other REALTORS®, recommendations from neighbors and suggestions from lenders, attorneys, financial planners and CPAs. The experiences and recommendations of past clients can be invaluable.
    In many cases buyers will interview several REALTORS® before selecting one professional with whom to work. These interviews represent a good opportunity to consider such issues as training, experience, representation and professional certifications.
    What should you expect when you work with a REALTOR®?

    Once you select a REALTOR® you will want to establish a proper business relationship. You likely know that some REALTORS® represent sellers while others represent buyers. Each REALTOR® will explain the options available, describe how he or she typically works with individuals and provide you with complete agency disclosures (the ins and outs of your relationship with the agent) as required in your state.
    Once hired for the job, the REALTOR® will provide you with information detailing current market conditions, financing options and negotiating issues that might apply to a given situation. Remember: Because market conditions can change and the strategies that apply in one negotiation may be inappropriate in another, this information should not be set in stone. During your time in the marketplace REALTORS® will keep you updated and alert you to each step in the transaction process.

  • Relocating to Another State - Simple Tips to ease the stress of Relocation.

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    Relocating to another state can be a stressful decision. Knowing what steps to make prior to making this decision is a vital part of relocating. Once your decision is made to relocate, it is important to know the time frame to prepare your relocation and services, both local and in the area you are moving. Most important, if your relocation is based on an employment reasons, find out the details in the relocation package your company is giving you to make that move.

    If you own a home, many times your company will reach out to a relocation company who will assign a real estate professional that will determine the value of your home and market it for sale. There are also times where you can choose the real estate professional to help you locally. Through this process, a relocation department that works for you or your company will also connect with a real estate professional in the area you are moving to. This process is done to help you find a new home prior to your move.

    Once the above steps are taken, it is time to prepare to move. If you currently own a home, it is advisable to clear the clutter and stage the home for sale. Pricing is an important. Through the real estate professionalize advice, you will be provided a CMA to determine the home's current market value. Use the suggested list price rather than over price the home. Over pricing will result in fewer results which can hurt your time frame decision.

    When relocating with children, the Relocation Company and real estate professional assigned to assist you when purchasing a new home in the area you are relocating, will provide you information relating to demographics, schools, area activities and events that take place in the area you are searching for a new home and more. Although at times relocating can be difficult for people with children, introducing the new area to them by information is a step to prepare them to be excited about this move.

    Begin getting estimates from movers to assist you and guide you in a state to state move. Once you chose a professional moving company, determine what belonging will actually go with you and what belongings need to be packed.

    Once your home sold locally, and you are pending a purchase of a new home in another location, the professionals assisting you in both transactions will work as a team to make your move go smoothly as well. This includes the time frame of closing both your transactions. If you are currently renting and relocating, the same applies in leases by Rental specialist as well.

    It is time to make that move. You already decided how you will transport your belongings; however it is important to go through them again, including all the items you will not be disposing of. Once you've done that, write down a list of your belongings and call it "my inventory". How are some belongings being shipped, what you will be carrying and what items are staying?

    Your travel arrangements, including temporary accommodation in the area you are relocating to, should remain with you. If you decide to move yourself and/or your family by plane, a travel consultant will help you with this area of your travel needs.

    It is important that you begin to take care of all your required documentation as soon as your move date is official. Paper work documentations such as school and medical records for you and your children, insurance policies, all papers relating to your real estate transactions, contact numbers, change of address forms and anything else that is important.

    On the day of your move, it's advisable that you (or an authorized representative) are there for the whole duration. This will assure you count and condition of your belongings on your inventory list. Additionally, all parties involved in assisting you with your relocation move will be there answer any questions that you may have. This also includes your selected moving company.

    Never hesitate to ask questions, address concerns, request school and town tours in the area of your move amongst additional service vendors or professionals you need in any area of expertise.

    Relocating from one home to another, whether it is for job relocation, family move, retirement, starting out or starting doesn't mean it is a stressful move. Simple tips will guide you through moving to your next home.

    Here at Weichert Realtors. Regional Properties, we do assist in those who need to sell and buy a home for their relocation needs.  Feel free to call Maggie Griffin at 203-387-1000 x618 or 203-668-9162, email: mgriffin@weichertrp.com for more free and valuable information to help you make that move.

    Visit www.maggiegriffinhomes.com

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