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By Lucy Puniwai | Agent in 76177
  • New homes near Texas Motor Speedway, I am your Realtor!

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    If you are looking for a new home and would like to know what the "Builder Incentives" are, you can get that information from me!
    Just go to: http://puniwai.hotonhomes.com

    As your Realtor, I will represent you by visiting homes you are interested in seeing, negotiate a contract on your behalf, remain in touch with your Lender and the Title Company and attend your Closing to ensure your transaction funds the same day you close.

    Builders pay Realtors out of their advertising budget and in no way does this affect the price you pay for your home. Realtors provide you with fiduciary representation with no cost to you. All we ask for is your loyalty. We get paid after you close and we put a lot of effort in our due diligence on your behalf.

    Thanks for reading, I look foward to working with you!

    Lucy A. Puniwai
    (214)783-6416 - Cell/TEXT
    (682-224-8050 - Fax
  • Realtor for Condos at Texas Motor Speedway

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    If you would like to own a condo at Texas Motor Speedway, I am your Realtor!
    Prices range from $265,00 to $650,000 - depending on the amount of luxury you
    want to own.

    Texas Motor Speedway - What a great oppurtunity to own the Best Seat in the House for all the major NASCAR Race Events! TMS is home to 76 luxury condos ranging in size from a 1 bedroom with 1080 square feet to a large, 3,100 square foot 3-bedroom home. These condos have everything you need as a primary residence but also make a great second home, corporate rental or holding property to incentivize employees.
    $585,000  3 BEDROOMS 3 BATHS

    One of the few 3 bedroom condos at TMS.Italian tile throughout .Faux finish on BR walls and hand painted art-work in several areas. Jucuzzi hot tub and tumble marble shower in master bedroo.Kitchen has granite counter tops and SS appliances as wwell as tile backsplash and custom cabinets and wood work.12 leather theater seats for viewing all activities at the track.


    Fort Worth, TX
    2 br, 2 ba, 2,050 ft² Residential
    (First picture on this page is the balcony)

    The picture of the race decor 1 bedroom 1 bath
    Race enthusiast's dream on sought after 5 th floor. One bedroom, race decor. Located on turn 2 of Texas motor speedway. Open balcony allows for premium viewing above the tracks and the ideal at the race experience

    Lucy A. Puniwai214-783-6416

    These condos are not available for show during race weekend.

  • Mayors:Haslet,Justin,Northlake,Westlake,Trophy Club and Roanoke speak!

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    TROPHY CLUB -- From new highways to booming residential and commercial developments, mayors of six Tarrant and Denton County cities proudly touted their communities' accomplishments and future aspirations at this month's Northwest Metroport Chamber of Commerce.

    Mayors from Haslet, Justin, Northlake, Roanoke, Trophy Club and Westlake participated in the exchange at Trophy Club Country Club.

    Haslet: growth with low taxes

    High growth and low tax rates is information Haslet Mayor Bob Golden shared with Chamber members.

    "With outstanding accessibility, Haslet is one of the 10 most notable high-growth areas," Golden said. "Best of all, we have one of the lowest tax rates in the DFW area."

    Golden talked about projects that are under way including commercial development known as the four corners project at Farm Road 156 and Avondale Haslet Road, and library and roadway improvements.

    Justin awaits road expansion

    With fewer than 3,000 residents, Justin Mayo Greg Scott said his community is a step behind the growth being experienced by neighboring cities.

    But, that didn't stop Scott from boasting about the eminent widening of Farm Road 156, a major byway in Justin, to six lanes.

    "That's the most exciting thing coming to the county," he said.

    That's not all, Scott said.

    Justin also has a new sanitary sewer plant, new ball fields and other amenities at the community park and several new businesses, he said.

    Economic development a priority for Northlake

    "If you're a business looking to expand, call us," said Northlake Mayor Peter Dewing.

    Touching nine municipalities, Northlake is a direct link to business growth and one of the fastest-growing towns in North Texas, Dewing said.

    Dewing said economic development is a priority in Northlake with highlights including Belmont's 1,000-acre master-planned community spanning into Argyle, Canyon Falls with 630 acres and Chadwick Farms with 600 acres of master-planned community.

    Also, Hillwood recently purchased 158 acres and Speedway Town Center at Northlake will bring high-quality retail to the area.

    Dewing said other accomplishments include recent hiring of a new public works director, more police and municipal staff.

    Roanoke sees job growth

    New business and future development were the focus of Mayor Carl "Scooter" Giersch's presentation on his growing community of nearly 8, 000.

    More than 3,000 jobs were created by new corporations, Giersch said, and the city is close to approving a 346-acre planned development on the largest portion of the legendary golfer Byron Nelson's Fairway Ranch.

    If approved by the City Council next month, the development eventually would include more than 500 homes valued at $250,000 to $600,000 plus parks, retail and office space, he said.

    Expansion of the city library is also under way, without raising the 37.5-cent tax rate the city has had for 15 years, Giersch said.

    Historic Oak Street also continues to thrive, now boasting 300-plus parking spaces to accommodate restaurant goers, he said.

    "Downtown continues to evolve," Giersch said, noting that the city has won several awards for its renovations.

    Trophy Club residents like quality of life

    Mayor Connie White was excited about a community survey unveiled the night before to the Town Council. That survey revealed that 98 percent of the residents questioned were satisfied or very satisfied with the quality of life in Trophy Club, she said.

    The consultant who conducted the survey told town officials that, "most towns would kill for these results," White said.

    Town services and the residents themselves bear that out, she said.

    Thirty percent of the homes sold in Trophy Club are to people who already live here and want to stay, White said. The community pool and splash pad drew more than 18,000 visitors through July, despite the fact that Hawaiian Falls had opened in nearby Roanoke, she said.

    Coming developments include a roundabout to manage traffic at a major intersection, a 26-acre mixed-use development at the town entrance and several new restaurants and liquor stores, White said.

    "And, we're working on a new logo and website to brand ourselves as a great place to call home," she said.

    Development updates in Westlake

    Westlake Mayor Laura Wheat shared highlights of the town's theme "Investing in Our Future" with an update on Deloitte University, one of the largest private developments located on 107 acres on the Circle T Ranch.

    Wheat shared a video showcasing the soon-to-open $300 million facility that will serve as a training center for employees of Deloitte LLP and its 45,000 affiliates.

    Westlake also is investing in the community with several road projects under way, Wheat said.

    "If it seems every road in Westlake is under construction, you are probably right," she said.

    Projects include construction on Texas 114 around the Trophy Lake Drive bridge, a $33 million Texas Department of Transportation project.

    Read more: http://www.star-telegram.com/2011/10/17/3451170/mayors-tout-citys-attractions.html#ixzz1bTvQ5ySd
  • From Tulsa to Alliance Airport/DFW Airport

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    Former AA employee offering to help AA'ers from TUL relocate to the DFW area. I live 15 minutes from Alliance and 20 minutes from DFW - Please allow me to help you relocate!

    Hundreds of jobs will be leaving Tulsa, as American Airlines announces 230 local jobs are being moved to the Dallas, Texas area. 

    "I found out this morning when I came to work," says Ted Powell who's job is being relocated. "A little unexpected, I guess I expected a little more fanfare or something."

    In about a year 230 maintenance jobs will be moved from Tulsa to Dallas. Powell has been in the aerospace business for 30 years and when we asked him about moving to Texas, he didn't know how to respond.
    "Moving, , moving, I don't know if the company is going to offer me personally as far as moving package, if anything," says Powell. 

    As of right now there are a lot of unknowns with the AA decision but the word is getting around the industry. We found this aerospace crew just down the road from American Airlines, they all work for Spirit Aerospace. 

    "I do have a lot of friends over at American Airlines and they are worried about their jobs over there," says John Corrion.

    Most of these guys have been in the business for 30-40 years. 

    "Aerospace is part of Tulsa so we don't want to see it leave here, no," says Rick Morrison.

    American Airlines released a statement:
    "American's commitment to Tulsa is as strong as ever...We realize and understand this move will be difficult...We will work closely with them during this transition."

    Powell is not convinced that the workers will move with the jobs because they still don't know when or even how.

    "The only thing that I know is that they've in fact announced that they are going to move us, that's it, that's all we know," says Powell. 

    Even with these 230 jobs leaving American Airlines still does employ about 7,000 Tulsans. 

    In the press release from American Airlines the expected move date was sometime in October 2012.
  • Buying is cheaper than renting in Justin,Texas

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    Lucy A. Puniwai
    (214)783-6416 - Cell/TEXT
    (682-224-8050 - Fax

    Top buyer's markets

    Las Vegas offered the most compelling buy-side math, Trulia's survey found.

    Prices there have plunged more than 59% from their August 2006 peak, according to the S&P/Case-Shiller home price index.

    The median price of a two-bedroom, two-bath condo or townhouse is about $60,000, according to Trulia, a ratio of only six times the median annual rent of a similar rental apartment, which is $9,700.

    Monthly mortgage payments on a median-priced Vegas condo would come to only $256 on a 30-year, 5% interest loan. Even factoring in property taxes and common charges of roughly $300 a month, the monthly amount is still much lower than the $810 in monthly rent they would pay on a similar place.

    Detroit, according to Trulia, is another metro area where buying is better. The median price for a condo or townhouse is about seven times annual rent. Home prices in Mesa, Ariz. and Fresno, Calif. also clock in at seven times rent.

    Arlington, Texas, Sacramento, Calif., Phoenix and Jacksonville, Fla.all had buy-rent ratios of eight, Trulia said.

    Top renter's markets

    Even though rents average $2,980 a month in New York (the highest of any of the 50 markets), it's still the best city for renters, according to Trulia's survey.

    Paying for the same kind of two-bedroom Manhattan apartment would cost 36 times as much, nearly $1.3 million.

    Big money towns

    One surprising place where renting is cheaper is Ft. Worth, Texas; buying exceeds renting costs by 32 times. Part of the reason is there are relatively few condos in the city and they tend to be upscale and costly. That, combined with low rents of about $9,500 a year, make renting cheaper.

    Omaha, Neb., where buying is 27 times annual rents, Seattle and San Francisco, which both clock in with purchase prices that are 24 times rents, and Kansas City, at 22 times rents, are other places where renting makes financial sense.

    Should you rent or buy?

    The buy-rent calculation is just one part of the decision-making process. Other factors include:

    • How long you plan to stay. If you're not keeping the home for several years, transactional costs of buying and selling (e.g; commissions, closing costs) can wipe out any buying edge.
    • Whether you have cash for closing. It's not easy to find banks willing to lend more than 80% of the cost of a home. That means buyers have to come up with 20% down, plus closing costs. On a $200,000 home, that's $40,000.
    • Whether you can cover all the homeownership costs. It's not just the mortgage: There are property taxes, insurance, heat, utilities and regular maintenance.
    • Whether you can claim the tax advantages of homeownership. Mortgage interest is deductible and can shave a lot off tax bills but this benefit accrues mostly to high income earners with substantial mortgage payments. Many borrowers claim the standard deduction on their taxes and so derive no savings from the deduction.

    Even where it's cheaper to rent, it doesn't necessarily mean renters will come out ahead, according to Ken Johnson, a real estate professor at Florida International University and co-author of a new study on whether it's better to buy or rent.

    "Paying off a mortgage is a kind of forced savings," he said. Each check homeowners write lowers the balance they owe and increases the value of their property holdings. That, unlike cash in a bank account, is not easy to tap.

    Where the jobs are

    Homeowners have to go through a lengthy and costly process to access it by taking out a home equity loan or a cash-out refinance -- actions they tend not to take unless there's a specific need.

    Depending on where they live, renters may save on monthly expenses but, unlike the forced savings of mortgage payments, they won't have anything to show for their monthly payments in the way of savings.

    Ultimately, however, the decision whether to buy or rent depends on each person's situation and their plans for the future.

    While buying a home may be an attractively cheap option these days, many mortgage holders have found out the hard way that the joys of 

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