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Good Morning Lakewood/What to do with an Older Home

Tips for Matching Modern Decor to an Older HomeBrought to you by ComFree Blog 

5 Tips for Matching Modern Decor to an Older Home  

We are surrounded by beautiful images of clean-cut furniture in modern environments. The solid colors and bold shapes of modern décor are quite beautiful on their own. But what if you fall in love with a more classical home, or an apartment constructed in bygone decades? There’s still hope – you don’t have to throw out or replace all your trendy furniture with contemporary pieces just yet! Read on for 5 tips for matching your modern décor to an older home.

1. Find the Floor

If you have older carpeted rooms, it may be worth a look to see what they’re covering up – you may love what you find! Because of changing tastes over the decades, many beautiful hardwood floors in older homes were carpeted over. But wooden floors are once again in vogue, and they’ll look great both with simple furniture and your elegant architecture.

2. Refresh Your Paint Job

As long as you’re not painting over original wooden trim or ripping down vintage wallpaper, throwing a fresh coat of paint on your walls can do wonders for bringing furniture and home into a happy union.

Update old yellowed whites, or opt for the other end of the spectrum and burst out a bright color! Bright colors can be a great unifier for your modern décor and your beautiful older home.

Paint can work for you in other ways. Paint your furniture a warm white to match your surroundings, or a bright yellow for extra pop! Cabinets and window frames can also be great places to bring out a surprise spot of color.

3. Add Color When You Can’t Paint

Can’t or don’t want to paint your walls? It’s possible to match your modern décor to an older home by bringing out big blocks of color in other ways.

Try swapping out your curtains for a bold pattern, and add bright paintings, throws, pillows, and even flowers in complementing shades. Adding in color this way is a great way to freshen up if painting over the original wood would bring the value of your house down.

It also keeps it changeable – if you get sick of reds you can more easily change it up with some cool teals for spring.

4. Accent Modern Pieces With Classical Decorations

If you want to match your modern furniture more with your older home, you can use some vintage accents to disguise it.

If you have a crisp leather couch, throw a delicate woven blanket over it to give it a more classic vibe. Fill your cube shelves with thrift store knickknacks, and dress up your walls with older paintings or prints.

Since this mix is atypical, keep an open and eclectic mind in your decorating. This approach will give a more blended feel to your home, and visitors will be delighted to discover its multidimensionality.

5. Keep It Minimal

On the other end of the spectrum, you can embrace your anachronism. If you have lots of space and just a few pieces of furniture, leave lots of openness. Decorate sparsely, with a few larger prints on the walls, and not much else.

If your older home is open plan, break it up with two or three area rugs to define different “rooms” – a nook for eating, one around the couch for entertaining, and one in a corner with your desk for concentrating. This will only work if you try hard to stay clutter-free, but the results can be breathtaking.

Author Bio:

Adrienne Erin is a writer and design student at an online college who is renting an apartment constructed in 1900 and is slowly populating it with modern shapes and colors


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