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By Liz Caplan, The Caplan Group | Agent in Pittsburgh, PA
  • Squirrel Hill PA Home Sales October 2013

    Posted Under: Market Conditions in Squirrel Hill  |  October 21, 2013 7:08 PM  |  317 views  |  No comments
    Squirrel Hill PA Home Sales October 2013

    As of 10/21/2013 there are 85 active properties for sale in Squirrel Hill PA ranging in price from $2,500.000 for 1830 Beechwood Blvd. to $98,000 for a 1 bedroom condo at 5715 Beacon. 19 single family homes sold in Sq Hill in September 2013.  Click here to search for all available homes and condos for sale in Squirrel Hill.

    The most expensive sale in September 2013 was 1401 Beechwood.  This home was initially listed at $749,900 in April of 2013, was reduced to $699,000 at the end of May 2013 and sold for $600,000 on September 3, 2013. On the lower end of the Squirrel Hill PA real estate market was 5715 Beacon #303.  This is a 1 bedroom, 1 bath condo that sold for $73,340 September 15, 2013. This building is in a great location in the heart of Sq. Hill’s business district but it’s restricted to residents 62 years of age or older.  There were 9 properties sold between $200,000 and $300,000 and 3 homes sold in Sq. Hill in the $400,000-$5,00.000 range.  11 properties in Squirrel Hill are “contingent” and 5 properties are “under agreement”.   The term “Contingent” is used once an offer is accepted.  The buyer has a specific time frame, in PA the contract reads 10 days unless the buyer request more time to do home inspection. radon, pest or any other due diligence.  Once inspections are complete the buyer can negotiate credits with the seller. Once this negotiation is complete the contract is considered under agreement and with no contingencies.
  • How to Choose the Best Pittsburgh Realtor to Sell your Home

    Posted Under: Home Selling in Pittsburgh, How To... in Pittsburgh  |  February 17, 2013 9:03 AM  |  1,296 views  |  No comments

    How to Choose the Best Pittsburgh Realtor to Sell your Home. 

    My new Pittsburgh PA home sellers guide will give you tools to find the best Pittsburgh Realtor to sell your home.

    It can be difficult deciding how to hire the best Pittsburgh Realtor to sell your home.  Sellers often chose a Realtor solely on the recommendation of a friend or an ad.   While recommendations are a good start here are some suggestions for finding the best agent to sell your home quickly for and for top dollar.

    You must choose an agent who is an experienced  Pittsburgh Realtor.

    Not all real estate agents are "Realtors" or belong to any Realtor associations. It is very important that they are, because in doing so they are sworn to uphold a very strict code of ethics. The National Association of Realtors that I'm a member of has incredibly strict rules we must abide by. Like most professions, their are a lot of unethical Realtors out there who will tell you anything to win your business. Members of the National Association of Realtors face severe penalties if we do anything outside the code of ethics, so it allows you to trust that person much more deeply.

    You must choose an agent who you trust.

    Trust is very important when it comes to selling your home and you have a short window of time to research agents.  Look at on-line profiles, see if the agent has a personal website and look for recommendations or complaints.  While searching on-line the agent should be easy to find and be using a variety of on-line resources.  When you speak with a Realtor, ask them questions about their business. Here are a few questions that will help you establish trust and rapport with a potential Realtor you’re interested in.

    • How long they’ve been in business
    • How they will market your property
    • What they do that most other Realtors won’t do, to make sure they hit your goals and get the best price for your home.
    • How well they know the market that you’re selling in
    • How many homes they’ve sold in the past 6 months

     I hope these tips are useful tools to help select the best Realtor to sell your home.

    Elizabeth Caplan, REALTOR

    Keller Williams, The Caplan Group

    5425 Baum Blvd. Pgh PA 15232

    412-302-2645- direct, 412-682-0120 -office

    Visit www.Pittsburghhomesite.com for all your Pittsburgh real estate and relocation needs

  • Thinking of moving, relocating or visiting Pittsburgh?

    Posted Under: General Area in Pittsburgh, Home Buying in Pittsburgh, Moving in Pittsburgh  |  October 15, 2012 11:57 AM  |  1,444 views  |  1 comment

    Relocating to Pittsburgh PA?  Check out the resources mentioned below to learn more about how to get around Pittsburgh.

    Welcome to the Greater Pittsburgh Relocation Council

    The Greater Pittsburgh Relocation Council (GPRC) is a non-profit professional organization comprised of relocation industry professionals from both corporations and service providers throughout the greater Pittsburgh area.  We are affiliated with the Employee Relocation Council (ERC) as a regional group.

    The goal of our council is to promote professional standards in the corporate relocation field and conduct education seminars addressing issues, concerns, best practices and trends as they relate to the complex issue of domestic and international relocation.

    We provide our members with the opportunity to network with others who share the responsibility for facilitating the relocation of families transferred for business reasons. We do so on a regular basis in order to promote and enhance professional relationships within our industry.

    About VisitPittsburgh.com

    VisitPittsburgh.com is the website of the official tourist promotion agency of Allegheny County in the state of Pennsylvania. On this site, you will find up-to-date listings for Pittsburgh hotels, activities, events, festivals, transportation, sports, restaurants, cultural attractions, shops and more. Stop by one of our Welcome Centers, to pick up Pittsburgh brochures, maps, restaurant and shopping guides, walking tours, hotel information and more. Welcome Centers are located in Fifth Avenue Place downtown, at the Duquesne Incline, in the Heinz History Center or at Pittsburgh International Airport. Get Pittsburgh vacation ideas and suggestion on you way to a great time!

    Pittsburgh is a city of neighborhoods—90 of them, each with its own character and history.

    By national standards, rental housing here is affordable and plentiful. City of Pittsburgh resources help many faculty and staff members and students to purchase homes in neighborhoods close to Pitt’s campus and UPMC hospitals. Among those neighborhoods are:

    • Oakland, the heart of the city’s cultural, higher education, and medical communities.
    • Bloomfield (Pittsburgh’s Little Italy), Squirrel Hill (the city’s best-known Jewish neighborhood), and Polish Hill.
    • South Side, a hip-traditional haunt of coffee shoppers and bar hoppers, as well as families who’ve lived there for generations.
    • North Side, where Pittsburgh’s Steelers and Pirates play ball, and where Gertrude Stein and Heinz ketchup were born.
    • Lawrenceville, where traditional brick homes mingle with artists’ lofts and galleries, as well as the city’s most historically fascinating cemetery.
    For details on these and other neighborhoods near Pitt and UPMC facilities contact the Caplan Group, www.Pittsburghhomesite.com, liz@pittsburghhomesite.com, 412-302-2645.

  • WQED TV Explores Increase for Downtown Pittsburgh Living

    Posted Under: Market Conditions in Pittsburgh, Home Buying in Pittsburgh, In My Neighborhood in Pittsburgh  |  October 15, 2012 11:50 AM  |  1,510 views  |  No comments
    We have many clients currently living or interested in moving to Downtown Pittsburgh.  WQED TV in Pittsburgh recently asked me to participate with a feature story about affordable downtown Pittsburgh living. Pittsburgh has often been named the nation's most livable city, but would you ever consider living downtown?
    Downtown Pittsburgh is the midst of another major transformation and for the first time ever housing, new lofts and condos are a key part of the plans.  WQED's Tonia Caruso, explores this growing real estate trend, introduces people people who live Downtown and shows the places they call home. From the practical to the posh, you might be surprised at what's available and what it means to the future of Pittsburgh. 
    If you are considering selling or buying a downtown Pittsburgh condo or loft contact us today to explore options.  You will be surprised at how affordable downtown Piitsburgh can be and with incentives like the LERTA tax abatement with a savings of over $6,000 a year for 10 years your dollars go even farther!  LERTA Enhanced  LERTA is an acronym for Local Economic Revitalization Tax Act. Purchasing at 941 provides buyers with a unique and powerful incentive. Buyers receive a 10 year abatement of up to $250,000 on the improved assessed value of their property as applied to their city and school taxes. The county also offers an additional 3 year abatement on the first $86,750 of assessed value.

    If eligible for the maximum amount, a buyer would receive a reduction of $6,180 on their city and school taxes per year, for 10 years, plus the additional county amount. It is a savings of over $60K during the life of the tax abatement.

    Please contact us today, we would be happy to answer any questions you may have about the program, just contact us.  412-302-2645, liz@pittsburghhomesite.com, www.Pittsburghhomesite.com.

    Elizabeth Caplan, REALTOR

    Keller Williams, The Caplan Group

    5425 Baum Blvd. Pgh PA 15232

    412-302-2645- direct, 412-682-0120 -office

    Visit www.Pittsburghhomesite.com for all your Pittsburgh real estate and relocation needs

  • Some great Reasons To Relocate or Retire to Pittsburgh!

    Posted Under: Quality of Life in Pittsburgh, In My Neighborhood in Pittsburgh  |  June 4, 2012 9:25 PM  |  1,534 views  |  No comments

    Thinking of moving, relocating or visiting to Pittsburgh?  According to the recent article I read, Pittsburgh is third only to Houston and Austin Texas when it comes to employment growth.  Pittsburgh has gotten many accolates over the year.  It's been on the most livable city list, noted as a bargin real estate market, offers several top universities and vibrant Dowotnwon with many cultural and sporting events. 

    Here’s how that growth breaks down:

    • The city added 10,500 private-sector jobs since early 2008.
    • Broken down further, Pittsburgh had 999,300 private sector jobs in February 2008.
    • In February 2012, Pittsburgh had 1,009,800 private sector jobs.
    • That signals a 1.05 percent change during those four years.
    • Comparatively, Houston added 49,500 jobs, which is a 2.24 percent increase in that market.
    • And Austin added 29,600 jobs during that time period, which is a 4.87 percent increase in that market.

    Experts believe that there were several factors that contributed to Pittsburgh’s job growth.

    For one thing, the financial services industry in the city has held fairly strong over the last few years, especially compared to other cities of similar size.

    What’s more, its educational and health care industries have continued to thrive, as have professional and business services.

    Another two areas are also doing relatively well: energy and real estate.

    As one expert noted, part of the secret to Pittsburgh’s success is its diversified jobs base.

    And since the most recent recession was largely driven by falling real estate values, Pittsburgh was largely protected because it didn’t have the highs that other markets (such as Florida and California) had before the bubble burst.

    Living in Pittsburgh, PA

    As you can see, our lovely city really is doing remarkably well in a number of areas when compared to other communities around the country.

    No wonder so many people are proud to call Pittsburgh their permanent home.

    As an experienced Western Pennsylvania REALTOR, I’ll be more than happy to assist you in all of your home-buying needs. Contact Liz Caplan today to assist with your Pittsburgh real estate and Pittsburgh relocation needs.
  • Pittsburgh Relocation and Moving Services

    Posted Under: In My Neighborhood in Pittsburgh  |  June 4, 2012 9:16 PM  |  1,471 views  |  6 comments

    Moving or Relocating to Pittsburgh, PA?

    Are you thinking of moving or looking for investment property in Pittsburgh?  Not sure which neighborhood is right for you?  Do you need information about local Pittsburgh schools, Pittsburgh employers, Pittsburgh local taxes, and financing?  Whether you're relocating to Pittsburgh, PA for a new job, to further your education, retire or invest in real estate we can help make your move successful and stress free. 

    Contact the Caplan Group to continue the conversation and assist with your Pittsburgh relocation, moving and real estate needs.

    Elizabeth Caplan, REALTOR

    Re Max Realty Brokers

    5608 Wilkins Avenue

    Pittsburgh, PA 15217

    412-521-1000, 412-302-2645 direct

    Visit www.Pittsburghhomesite.com for all your Pittsburgh real estate and relocation need
  • HGTV House Hunters Looking For Pittsburgh Home Buyers

    Posted Under: Home Buying in Pittsburgh, In My Neighborhood in Pittsburgh, Moving in Pittsburgh  |  February 25, 2012 5:09 PM  |  1,750 views  |  No comments

    HGTV’s House Hunters Seeks Luxury Home Buyers in the

    Pittsburgh Area To Star In National TV Episode!


    Pittsburgh, PA (PRWEB) February 15. 2012 -- House Hunters,

    a weekly national TV show broadcast on The Home and Garden

    Television channel is seeking to make several new Pittsburgh home

    buyers famous.


    The show has teamed with Pittsburgh Realtor Liz Caplan to find

    buyers who want to star in a national TV show. House Hunters

    contacted agent Liz Caplan after being impressed her website,

    www.pittsburghHomeSite.com. Caplan is a Realtor® specializing in

    homes for sale in Squirrel Hill, Fox Chapel, Shadyside, Downtown

    Pittsburgh and luxury homes in greater Pittsburgh.


    HGTV’s House Hunters continues as a ratings powerhouse on the

    network lineup. House Hunters follows real buyers as they establish

    a budget, tour homes for sale, weigh pros and cons, and make an

    offer on the perfect home for their needs.


    Although the show is offering a five-hundred dollar honorarium to

    buyers for each taping day, no one should expect that starring in a

    TV show is easy. Producer Ron Spitzer of Pie Town Productions

    is contracted to produce House Hunter episodes explains, “Being

    in front of a camera and a part of television show is hard work. It

    can also be a lot of fun as long as you have a great attitude and are



    The are several hurdles to overcome before House Hunters will

    consider a prospective homebuyer as a candidate for a show in

    Pittsburgh. They must first be signed clients of a Realtor like Liz

    Caplan, and following Liz must submit the particulars for approval by

    the producers. Homebuyers must sign an “Appearance Release” to

    authorize their participation in the show. Furthermore, three days of

    taping with the homebuyers is required to get the necessary footage


    to make the show possible. But, as Spitzer explains, “this is an

    experience like no other and we are sure that [homebuyers] will find

    being part of this show to be a happy story [for them] tp tell for years

    to come.”


    Liz Caplan is an experienced multi-million dollar volume Realtor who

    specializes in Pittsburgh luxury homes, and is the leading real estate

    agent buying and selling homes for sale in downtown Pittsburgh.

     For more information regarding participating in a House Hunter

    episode in Pittsburgh, Contact Realtor® Liz Caplan at 412-302-2645.

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