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By Lisa Elliott | Managing Broker in Missouri

Finding Your Dream Home at Lake of the Ozarks!

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Census Data shows that more than 40 million people move to a new location each year.  People move for a variety of reasons.  There are some who are retiring and want a change of place and pace.  Others relocate because of job or school.  Some folks want to get out of the city and look at buying a home in a more rural area.  Growing families often need more space and look for a larger home.  There are also those who are looking for a second home for retreat and recreation.  Regardless of the reason for the move, each of these folks is looking for the perfect house – their dream home.


How do you go about looking for your dream home?  There are a few things to consider when you begin your quest for the perfect place.  For instance, what type of a home do you want?  Do you want a brand, new, still being constructed home where you can add upgrades and unique features as it is being built?  Do you prefer an older home that reminds you of the one where your grandmother lived?   Are you open to doing remodeling or renovations on an older home?  If you are interested in an older home, how old would be acceptable?  Do you want a 1 level or a two story home?  Are you looking for a house or would a condominium better fit your style? 


You will also want to determine how many bathrooms and bedrooms you need.  A growing family needs more space than a retiring couple.  Are there any special needs that must be considered?  Newer homes often have wide hallways which can accommodate people with wheelchairs or crutches.  Older homes have more narrow hallways and doorways.


It is also good to consider what kinds of amenities are important to have near you.  Would you like to live near the mall or close to the golf course?  Or both?  Will you need to access public transportation or do you want to live close to the schools to make getting the kids to sporting events easier? 


There might be other details that are important to you.  Do you want a pool or would you like a workshop to putter around in.  Do you want a big backyard for the swingset and sandbox or would you rather have a large front yard?  You may decide you want to spare yourself mowing and opt for no big yard at all.


It helps to write down the things that are most important to you in locating your dream home.  Prioritize them in the order of most importance.  Then acquire an experienced realtor, who really knows the area, to help you track down those homes that meet your criteria. 


Lisa Elliott and the Team at Lake Real Estate Pros have more than 20 years experience helping people find the home of their dreams.  Friendly, experienced staff is available to answer any questions you might have about moving to Lake of the Ozarks.  So, what about you?  What does your dream home look like?  It’s a pretty sure bet we have it here at Lake of the Ozarks.  Call us today at 573-365-7332 or visit our site at www.lakerealestatepros.com.  Come on down!


By Voices Member,  Mon Sep 6 2010, 12:51
Most people’s dream is to own a home near the water, whether it is near a river, bay, or lake especially those people who love water sports activities. For many people, the view of sunsets and sunrises on a calm lake brings the feelings of peacefulness, serenity, and happiness. If you are one of the people who love to own a lakefront home, then following is a guide to buy a lakefront house.

Before you buy the lakefront real estate property that you want, you must first determine the exact reason why you will buy it in the first place. What are the types of activities that you plan on doing? Are you into boating, swimming, or fishing? These common water activities cannot be done on just any type of water. So, be sure that the water on the lakefront property that you are about to purchase can accommodate your desires and needs. You may also want to decide whether you want a rural surrounding or if you like a more urbanized one. Choose the best one accordingly.

Another is be aware of laws whether state, federal, or local that may affect your ownership of lakefront property. Research about these laws before you decides to buy the lakefront property that you are eying. Keep in mind that as lakefront soon to be home owner, it will be your responsibility to well protect the lake environment for the future generations. This is called stewardship and this practice must be taken seriously. Protecting well the natural shoreline of your lakefront property will not only benefit the Mother Earth but also your investment too.

Next is to ensure that the water quality meets your standard. Water cannot be changed and with the future alterations of your land such as landscaping, etc, water is the only thing that cannot be change. This is why; you must choose the quality of water that suits your requirements. Well, ideally your shoreline requirement is sandy because the more mucky the shoreline is, the more unpleasant to walk on. This is similar to the lake bottom. Then, if you plan on fishing on the lake, be sure that you know exactly the species of fish that lives within it.

Another guide to buy a lakefront house is choosing clearer lake water. The clearer your lake water, the better it is. It commands a much higher property values and prices for sellers.

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