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By Linda Grigorian | Agent in Burbank, CA

Crystal Ball Offers - Let me say it again...

Remember when I explained that as inventory stays low in a highly demanded area, prices start going up?

So great news for the sellers! …  but buyers? – time to tap into your inner courage and put on your boxing gloves.  It’s gonna be a great victory, but it ain’t gonna be pretty.

In a market such as today’s, a real estate phenomenon called “price creep” occurs.  Here’s the lowdown: A buyer begins at a price range then as the house hunting continues and negotiations begin, that price range begins to “creep” up. With the stiff competition and lack of inventory, you may find yourself on the higher end of where you had originally considered. So price creep isn’t always so bad, as long as you are aware of it, flexible in your purchasing power and choices, and in for the ride. You don’t need a crystal ball, you need an informed, proactive and aggressive agent.


You love the place I showed you.

You give me the go ahead.

You write your offer.

You plan,

you hope,

you meditate,

you pray,

compass out the stars,

talk to your therapist,

consult with a physic…  


Let’s go back.

You love the place I showed you.

You give me the go ahead.

(Here’s the important part)

Strategy!  We have to think, plan and determine bottom lines now.   NOW, I SAY!

I know it is natural to not feel the urgency.  Maybe you are already looking at homes at your max and do not have room to wiggle. Maybe your plan was to place an offer, lower than asking, wait for a counter, etc.  We’ll do a dance for a while and see where we end up.  NOPE. Reality check? Not in today’s market.  No time for games people.  And don’t think for a second that a seller HAS to counter you back.  With multiple offers becoming a norm, some low or weaker offers may not even get countered.

So you were willing to go over asking but didn’t get a chance because you didn’t receive a counter.  Sorry. I truly am.  Don’t play coy, show them your inner lion! This is a time to be aggressive and go get what you want!  Don’t believe me? Go ask your physic.

I’ll be he here waiting. (She’ll tell you that, too.)


By Spirit Messingham,  Tue Jul 9 2013, 17:24
What a great blog, thank you for the information.

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