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By Lila V Lopez | Agent in Miami, FL
  • Put your potential Realtor to the test

    Posted Under: Home Buying, Home Selling, Foreclosure  |  November 21, 2011 5:53 AM  |  196 views  |  No comments

    Whether you have made your decision to purchase your next home or sell your current one, the selection of a Realtor becomes the very first vital step to get the process started. How to decide? There are so many agents to chose from, do you select the one with the big brand name that does a lot of advertising in local and print ads? How about the agent that sends you marketing information in the mail? How about and agent with many years in the business versus an agent that has only been around a few years? Selecting a Realtor is like purchasing a good pair of shoes.

    Good marketing and presentation is meant to get the attention of the consumer, regardless of what the product may be. It packages the product and is meant to tell the consumer, if you don't purchase/use me, you are missing out. Many of us as consumers have purchased many products or services based solely on the marketing and packaging and while many times we have walked away very happy with our decision, there are times where we feel that we just didnt get what we thought we were purchasing. The same can be said when selecting your Realtor, you will look at the marketing and presentation but you will want to test this particular decision before you make your final determination.

    Whether you select your potential Realtor from adversting, such as newpapers, postcards, or signs in your neighborhood, or even the recommendation from a friend or family member,  you will want to put them to the test right away. One of the most vital attributes that a Realtor must have is the ability to realize the need to communicate and respond to a client. This starts with the simple act of answering a phone call. While this may sound simple, it actually is one of the largest frustrations for buyers and sellers, the inability to reach their Realtors. If your Realtor is not answering their phone and/or responding to your inquiries, it is a safe bet they are not answering the phone for others either. If you are a seller, you want your agent answering and/or responding to every call as that increases your chances of selling your home in the shortest amount of time. Every call can be that potential buyer. If you are a buyer, and the calls go unanswered, then appointments are not being set for homes you wish to see and eventually place under contract.

    Communication is key in ensuring that the sale of your home or purchase of your new home occurs in the smoothest and shortest amount of time possible. An agent that does not answer their phone, can not possibly move the process forward. Before deciding on an agent, you will want to "test" them out to see the level of their responsiveness. Keeping in mind that there are times when a Realtor is busy assisting another client, their response time should still be a reasonable time. A couple of hours elapsed time is is reasonable, getting a return phone call days later is not.

    Of course, with this said, your next step is to ensure that the agent you are selected also has the proper knowledge and background to assist you with your home selling or purchasing needs. But if that Realtor can not manage to answer/return a phone call, all the knowledge and experience in the world will not help you with your real estate needs.

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