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By Miami Beach Real Estate | Agent in Sunny Isles Beach, FL
  • The Effect of Social Media on the Real Estate Market: Real or Faux

    Posted Under: Tech Tips in Miami Beach, Agent2Agent in Miami Beach, How To... in Miami Beach  |  March 14, 2014 7:43 AM  |  139 views  |  2 comments

    Social media has impacted just about everything since it became the phenomenon it is today. Among the things that have been the most affected, however, is business. Since the advent of social media, business has been done differently in many regards. Even though this is the case, social media has also made more apparent certain types of relationships that, perhaps counter intuitively, help people make connections through other connections that aren't actually all that strong.

    It's Not Always the People You Know

    The social media site LinkedIn, which caters principally to business clients, ran an article about the effect of social media on business. In recent and historic research, it is been demonstrated that people who have weak connections to one another oftentimes help each other more than one might think. In fact, a study on the matter referenced in the article revealed that, to disrupt a social network, the best way to do it isn’t necessarily to break down those connections between people who know one another the best. 

    Essentially, the strength in social media is that it allows people to make connections in a network beyond the network that they would typically think of as their own. Of course, where real estate is concerned, this has some rather powerful implications.

    Social Media in Real Estate

    There is a good deal of real estate that has to do with networking. Meeting the right people, finding the person who really wants the home or condominium property that’s on the market and so forth are all integral parts of being able to make a good deal. Social networking allows people to reach out outside of their own networks, which means that they’re more likely to be exposed to opportunities they may have otherwise never run into. As is the case with all other types of business, social networking really does play an important part in real estate these days.

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  • Real Estate Surge Powers Florida Economy

    Posted Under: Market Conditions in Miami Beach, Home Buying in Miami Beach, Investment Properties in Miami Beach  |  March 12, 2014 11:44 AM  |  116 views  |  No comments

    The economy is back in full swing in southern Florida, and it is largely being powered by real estate. According to the Miami Herald, recent numbers show that real estate has been the #1 contributor to economic growth. In fact, $.31 of every dollar added to the economy comes from real estate.

    Currently, the tri-county area has an economy of $274 billion, which grew by 3.5% over the last year. This is the biggest increase in the economy since 2006 and it is ahead of the national average, which currently sits at 2.5%.

    This is a wonderful contrast to the stark reality of only five years ago. The Florida real estate market took one of the hardest hits during the Great Recession but, as many real estate experts predicted at the time, it has come roaring back to life. The new construction is rampant, there has been an increase in both the value of homes and the sale of homes – which is good news for buyers and sellers – and the real estate market itself has done 8.4% better than it did in 2011, according to the reporting.

    Helping the Economy

    The real estate uptick in Florida has helped the entire economy. During 2012 the amount of government spending was essentially flat. The activity in the real estate market, however, has helped the economy tremendously, aiding in offsetting some of the declines in government spending and some of the significant drags on the economy, according to the Miami Herald.

    One of economist from St. Thomas University notes that real estate is one of the most fundamental areas where economic recovery needs to happen. According to the numbers, real estate is, indeed, providing a vital foundation for further economic growth and, with many new properties coming onto the market, it’s likely that new money will be added to the economy through the real estate sector at an impressive rate.

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  • The Surf Club Hotel and Residences in Miami Beach

    Posted Under: Home Buying in Miami Beach, Property Q&A in Miami Beach, Investment Properties in Miami Beach  |  March 12, 2014 11:22 AM  |  111 views  |  No comments

    The Surf Club Hotel and Residences is a very prestigious address in Miami Beach, located just to the south of another prestigious area, Bal Harbour. The property was designed by Richard Meier and is comprised of two 12-story residential towers. These towers have 150 homes located between the ocean and the Bay with plenty of amenities on site.

    The Surf Club was created in 1930, when Miami Beach was extremely popular with celebrities as a vacation spot and, of course, it has only become more popular over time. The original structure was a Mediterranean villa that was pure luxury. It even had its own ballrooms and bathing cabanas.

    The 150 residences on The Surf Club now are designed to be versatile, luxurious and, in every regard, representative of what high-end property in Miami Beach should be.

    The Properties

    All homes in The Surf Club have floor-to-(20 foot) ceiling windows and are between 1000 and 8000 sq. ft. There is an infinity swimming pool and some residences even have their own private pools. The Surf Club Hotel and Residences provides all the amenities that one would expect from one of the world’s finest resorts: pet-grooming, housekeeping, car-washing service, discreet and state-of-the-art security, multi-zone climate control systems, high-end finishes, chef’s kitchens, and more.


    There are 13 penthouses located in The Surf Club that offer incredible oceanfront views. Some of the properties also feature internal elevators, huge wall spaces for those who are truly in love with having art in their homes and en suite bathrooms in the bedrooms.

    In every regard, this is an upscale and luxury property that has a great deal of history to it and some of the most modern features available at the same time, making it the perfect place to live for many people who want to make Miami their home. Contact us today to make The Surf Club Hotel and Residences your Miami home.

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  • 1500 Ocean Drive Condo - Oceanfront Gem in SoFi

    Posted Under: Shopping & Local Amenities in Miami Beach, Home Buying in Miami Beach, Investment Properties in Miami Beach  |  February 13, 2014 11:41 AM  |  95 views  |  No comments

    Take a look at any of the condominium properties located on the east side of 1500 Ocean Drive Condo and you will see some of the most expansive, beautiful, Atlantic ocean views imaginable. To make it even better, there is a private beach right on the Atlantic where you can enjoy the tropical weather and cool off in the water.

    This is a luxury condominium development that has plenty of amenities to offer. If you want a combination of a great place to live and all of the amenities that you would expect out of the finest resorts in the world, 1500 Ocean Drive Condo is exactly what you are looking for.

    The Property

    Like many of the upscale condominium developments in South Beach, 1500 Ocean Drive Condo features great security. Security is available around-the-clock and there is a combination of staff security and computerized security that makes this a great place to call home if you’re worried about your privacy. You will also find the front desk open 24 hours per day, and there is a concierge service there to help you with whatever you need.

    On-site amenities include complimentary fitness classes, such as aerobics, yoga and Pilates. You can arrange for a massage, take advantage of the fitness center on your own or go for a swim in the heated pool. There are also saunas and steam rooms available on the premises and, if you just like an old-fashioned work out in the sun, you will find direct access to the beach. There is a beverage and food service available for when you just want to enjoy the beach and don’t particularly want a workout on a given day.

    Upscale appliances, granite countertops and an all-around gourmet design characterized the kitchens in the units. The bathrooms come with bidets, the windows have a beautiful tint that allows you to see outside and enjoy the view but that gives you complete privacy and the bathrooms are luxurious in every way.

    Buying a Property

    1500 Ocean Drive Condo is in a very desirable location that offers plenty of things to do and plenty of great people to meet. It is also an intensely private property, which makes it ideal for people who have a bit of fame and who want to keep things safe and secure at home. This makes this property desirable enough that you will want a good realtor working with you to ensure that you’re aware when a good deal comes on the market and that you get in on it with the right timing.

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  • Boutique Living in Luxurious Comfort at Marea Miami Beach

    Posted Under: Home Buying in Miami Beach, Property Q&A in Miami Beach, Investment Properties in Miami Beach  |  December 12, 2013 7:56 AM  |  121 views  |  No comments

    Miami Beach is home to the newest construction project, Marea Miami Beach. This two-tower construction offers a residence right on the waterfront from the Related Group, Sieger-Suarez and Yabu Pushelburg. The 30 residences available embody modern living and provide a location close to everything. Preconstruction prices make this new residence an easy choice for those looking to live in a modern and luxurious new building that is close to it all. Located in the highly sought after area of SoFi (South of Fifth), this is an address you will be happy to brag about,

    Residence Features

    The residences at Marea Miami Beach allow you to fully enjoy living on the waterfront. All exterior walls are made entirely of glass to provide a view of the water and city. Enjoy the view from inside, or step out onto the massive terrace to allow the feel of coastal living envelop you. The glass railings and wide terrace space provide you with enough space to have dinner or to relax on a patio chair depending on what you are in the mood for. The luxury modern appointments of Marea Miami Beach are made even more enjoyable with the high ceilings. Spacious cooking areas and modern appliances make it easy to cook like a gourmet with enough space to keep all of your small appliances and ingredients handy and ready for use.

    Building Features

    Each tower of Marea Miami Beach has an expansive roof with gardens and sitting areas. The angle of the towers allows you to enjoy a good view of the water and the city. South Beach and everything else the area has to offer means you can enjoy unparalleled shopping, dining and entertainment. Marea Miami Beach is your destination for living in luxury with everything the water has to offer. You can enjoy preconstruction prices when you purchase one of the apartments available today. Construction is set to be completed in 2015. Contact us today!

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  • Miami Beach Sales for Coastal Properties Very Strong in October

    Posted Under: General Area in Miami Beach, Home Buying in Miami Beach, Investment Properties in Miami Beach  |  November 12, 2013 11:42 AM  |  128 views  |  No comments

    Miami Beach

    Undoubtedly one of the most popular place to live, Miami’s condominium real estate has been selling at an extremely fast rate. As sales have increased, price appreciation has slowed, making this a time of interest for buyers and investors.

    Sales in Miami Beach

    With prices appreciating slower, more people will be looking into Miami Beach properties. This area has continued to be attractive to buyers and investors all over the world. In the last year, sales for condominiums went up 21% and single-family home sales increased 38%. People are definitely increasing their interest in properties in this area.

    Where Are They Coming From?

    Miami Real Estate has always been popular with affluent and foreign individuals. French and Canadian buyers are a surprising new force on the Miami market. Luxury properties in surrounding areas such as Sunny Isles Beach and Bal Harbour are also known for affluence and are moving quickly so having the perfect realtor is vital.

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  • Water Views at Icon Bay Downtown Miami

    Posted Under: Home Buying in Miami Beach, Home Selling in Miami Beach, Property Q&A in Miami Beach  |  October 21, 2013 10:14 AM  |  142 views  |  No comments
    Icon Bay Condos

    Featuring luxury amenities including an incredible infinity pool  and neighborhood park both located right on the waterfront, Icon Bay condos Miami offers something for everyone. The park features privacy and security with its fenced area showcasing beautiful pieces of art. 

    Downtown Miami Condos

    Located close to everything, Icon Bay Miami condos will only offer 8 units on each floor and 4 on each penthouse level. Icon Bay Miami brings luxury and convenience together in a magnificent way-to learn more check out the Sunny Isles Miami Real Estate Blog. 
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