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Give your House Some Curb Appeal

Give your House some Curb Appeal --- by Linda Goodspeed for The Patriot Ledger

Question:  I have read a couple of articles you wrote about the importance of staging your home and some good tips on how to bring out its best features.

What about the outside of the home?  Any good tips for some quick and easy landscaping staging?

Answer:  Good question.  What you are talking about is known in the industry as 'curb appeal" --- how your home looks for the curb.  If it does not look fresh and inviting, prospective buyers may not even get inside.

First impressions are critical.  You can have the best indoor staging, but if buyers to not get a good first impression, they may not even get through the front door.  Then your wonderful staging is all for naught.

My advice for improving the exterior and landscaping of your home is similar to improving its interior:  Keep it neat, simple and picked up.

Make sure your lawn and hedges are well-trimmed, and pick up outdoor clutter, kids' toys, leaves and branches.

Wash windows.  Add a fresh coat of paint to doors and trim and any areas that need it.  Keep porches, decks and patios swept clean of leaves and debris.  Repair railings, shutters and saging steps.  Keep picnic areas and grills neat.

Water plants and break off dead leaves. It has been a dry summer. Dying plants are not pleasing. Keep them well watered. They will appreciate it, and so will visitors. Speaking of plants, hearty and colorful flowers are best. Look for low-maintenance plants. Pick a color from inside your home and bring it outside with a complementary welcome mat and/or ceramic flower pots. A front porch or deck increases colorful flower pot possibilities.

Accessorize swings or porch or deck furniture with colorful pillows and mattresses.  Make sure garbage cans are neat and emptied regularly.

With fall not too far away, it's important to keep on top of the leaf situation.  I remember my neighbor trying to sell his condo a few years ago.  He had a beautiful patio, a huge selling point.  But when I went to look at it, the patio, including the furniture, was covered with leaves.  It was a huge turnoff.

Outdoor staging is no different from indoor staging.  The basic rule is:  Keep it neat, tidy and picked up.

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By Helen Oliveri,  Sun Aug 5 2012, 12:36
Great blog!

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