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To Life, Liberty and the Pursuit of Happiness...

By Lee Taylor | Agent in 30030

My Daughter Kaylie in a Santa Suit and High Heels says Thank You Trulia!

So, back in August 2007, I heard Sami Inkinen evangelize about Trulia at the Keller Williams Conference in Austin, TX. He introduced me to Trulia, and we got Rootdown's listings online that month - free, clean, easy, and graphically superior to the other websites that offer property listings online.

My daughter Kaylie was embryonic at the time. For that matter, so was Trulia.

Yet, I knew that Trulia was a game changer.

My daughter changed my game in a big way in 2008; so did Trulia.

A couple of months before Kaylie appeared on terra firma, I answered my first Trulia Voices question. Next thing that I knew, people started to connect with me about buying and selling Intown Atlanta and Decatur properties, and shortly after Kaylie arrived on February 15, 2008, I became the #1 Trulia Voice in Atlanta.

I get to be a "know-it-all" at Trulia, and once you get to know me, you'll realize that my team and I mean what we say and we say what we mean.

You'll also realize that I don't know it all! Lifelong learning is what life is truly all about.

Nevertheless, I've answered more Trulia Voices questions about Atlanta than anyone else, and my answers about these questions are pretty useful - almost 50% get recognized as useful.

Enough about me...how cute is my daughter?

I'll end this post with a HUGE thank you to Trulia - without Trulia, my real estate practice would not have evolved in such a remarkable way in 2008.

I've connected one on one with 15 different Intown Atlanta buyers and sellers via Trulia Voices since December 12, 2007 - people who reached out to me, from Shanghai to Alpharetta, and asked for my help. We've closed 5 transactions in 2008 as a result of the relationships that we've built via Trulia Voices, and those represent about 20% of our business in 2008.

We have a sales pipeline that looks very strong for 2009, and Trulia assisted with 10 of these leads.

How cool is that?

We look forward to helping others get their real estate on in 2009, and we expect that we will leverage Trulia more and more as we grow in this ever changing world of residential real estate.

Trulia Voices, like The Rootdown Group, like Keller Williams Realty, like my blogsite The Intown Insider, will be around for the next twenty years. That doesn't mean that I'll stop being The Intown Insider in 2028, but that does mean that we are serious players and that we will continue to gain market share in Intown Atlanta and Decatur. I'm really looking forward to the future, and our relationship with Trulia is a big part of that.

I look forward to parenthood more than anything else. I'm so blessed...

Thanks Trulia!


By Frances Flynn Thorsen,  Sat Dec 27 2008, 07:47
Your daughter is gorgeous and her image brings a special magic to Trulia's corner of the Web! Thank you so much for sharing her with us here.

Thank you for the kind acknowledgment here and thank you for making a wonderful difference in your local market by sharing your voice, your knowledge, your expertise, and your savvy -- online and in person.

Your joy, your energy, and your passion about all things is palpable. 8-)

Enjoy a magical and prosperous 2009.

Frances Flynn Thorsen
Community Manager
By Lee Taylor,  Sat Dec 27 2008, 16:07
You are a groovy woman, Frances. Thanks for keeping things real here.

I just finished my mandatory ethics course today (just in the nick of 2008 time) and it made me think that I need to watch myself here on Trulia Voices! It's easy to get carried away when some people are not so cool, or not so smart.

This forum is fantastic for me and my practice, so I promise to be a good member of the community!

Thanks for doing all that you do.
By Heather Fernandez,  Mon Dec 29 2008, 14:39
Hey Lee - Can I just say that these pics of Kaylie are too awesome...and the props for Trulia are pretty great too!
By Emily Erekuff,  Tue Dec 30 2008, 11:36
Wow Lee - it's awesome to hear that Trulia is doing so much for your business. Your daughter is so darn cute in that little getup. I didn't even know they made heels so tiny. Thank you for sharing your story and the pics. I hope you had a very merry Christmas!
By Lee Taylor,  Tue Dec 30 2008, 12:12

She got the heels as a gift and rarely wears them, but they have foamy heels so she can walk in 'em.

Funniest gift for the baby girl this year!

Thanks again Trulia - keep the heat on in 2009!
By David Lelak - Atlanta home inspector,  Fri Jan 30 2009, 07:09
She is so cute, enjoy every moment, before you know it she will be wearing the real thing (heels, that is) I know exactly how you feel, my family is the reason I'm a home inspector. I don't want to miss anything. I'm just getting started on Trulia, and I'm excited to see where it leads. Many blessings to you in 2009!
By Lee Taylor,  Thu Feb 12 2009, 02:50
Thanks David. Mighty cool of you!

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