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By Michael Hathman | Home Seller in Maryland Heights, MO

Give Me Hope Today: Hope for the New Year

Hope for the New Year is important.

Many people have apprehensions about what the future holds for them. We celebrate the coming New Year as a "new chapter" in our lives. The pages of life have yet to written for the upcoming year. So, we celebrate this new time with hope and expectation.

While walking into the future can be scary and uncertain, the future gives us hope for the better days yet to come. We make plans for our lives and make lists to accomplish. We march forward with expectation. In our expectation, we have and hold hope very near and dear to our hearts. That is why the New Year's celebrations are so important. We see them as a new chance and a new start to make everything in our lives "right" again. Each year, we have a chance at a "re-take" and to make the very best of that New Year that we can.

Hope is an important part of the New Year celebration. What do we really celebrate in a New Year? Is it not hope? This is the only day of the year that hope receives her celebration in the coming New Year. We cannot only say, "Give me hope today" but we can say give me hope for the future.

I challenge you to make one other resolution for the coming year: BECOME A PRISONER OF HOPE. Stay hopeful. Make plans that fill your heart with hope.

Have you been doing things in your life that have limited your hope and your dreams? Then do something, anything differently. Here is wisdom: Do you know what the difference is between the scientific method and insanity? In the scientific method, you test in repetition the same way to make sure you repeatedly have the same results. Insanity, however, is defined as doing the same thing repeatedly and expecting different results.

CHANGE YOUR METHODOLOGIES! Do something different... 

Are you tired of working at the same place all the time and having low pay? Do something different!

Are you tired of being around people who rob you of your joy and your hope? Get different friends! (www.Meetup.comis an excellent way to accomplish this).

Do you have an addiction that is ruining your life? Replace it with a healthy addiction. Such as exercise or writing or some other activity that makes you happy, healthy and whole. Do something different!

Are you sick? Check out alternative medicine and B.E.S.T. Practitioners. Again, do something different!

Is your marriage suffering? Think about this. You married someone who you thought was "kick ass" and you couldn't see yourself living your life apart from them. So, you got married. Where is the passion? You have to make your marriage fun and interesting. Go out on dates. Do fun things together. Want to get closer to a guy? DO something fun. Want to get closer to a woman. Talk about deep and interesting things. Spend time together.

Whatever is bothering you in your life, you have the power to change it for the better and permanently. Hope is your best friend! Have faith that you can and will do different things and you life will be qualitatively different and better!

I challenge you to hop aboard the bandwagon of hope!

What is hope that we should not take action to back it up? Hope, without being augmented by action, is dead. DO SOMETHING. TAKE ACTION. LIVE! HOPE!

Michael Hathman
Purveyor of Hope
Hope Hope

Check out my ministry: www.GiveMeHope.webs.com If you would like to make a donation to help the writer continue with assisting others, please write to me: mhathman@gmail.com - any donation of any size would be appreciated. 


By Akil Walker,  Sun Jan 1 2012, 19:24
Hello Miichael,

once every few months I will change my office around and doing something different for a new perspective. thanks for the post.
By Michael Hathman,  Sun Jan 1 2012, 19:57
Akil: You are welcome! Thanks for responding. Keep reading for new updates. I have some Breaking News I will be posting on my prophecy blog: http://prophecyandrevelation.blogspot.com/

Happy New Year!

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