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By Leah Brown | Agent in 73099

Laundry Room Makeover - Better Design, Better Function - Oklahoma City

Its hard to believe that such a small room can make such an impact on your daily activities, but considering we all wear clothing EVERY day (I hope!), then you all know just how important a laundry room can be. Well, my laundry room had become a collection of junk, disorganization and chaos!  In fact, when I told my friends we were redoing the room, they were all like, “where is it?? I’ve never seen your laundry room!”

That is because the door is ALWAYS shut! And this is why…

Ummm, embarrassing!!

Here is an even more open view. And I promise, I didn’t junk this out for a more dramatic before shot… this is how it normally looked!

So, for Christmas, I talked Kent into giving me a laundry room makeover. I’d seen the countertops over the washer/dryer on Pinterest and almost talked Kent into buying us a new front-loading dryer JUST so I could have a countertop…

Then we decided a countertop wasn’t worth the cost of a new dryer when ours works just fine. So, he designed a solution that worked with what we had. A wood painted countertop with a shelf over the dryer buttons, which offers great functionality and is easy to remove and replace (IF/WHEN) our dryer goes out and we replace it with a front-loader.

And the end results are wonderful! Now, I am proud to leave my laundry door open for all the see! Here it is!

So clean and functional, and now so inviting I might ACTUALLY do some laundry! (Poor Kent has had to take over the majority of the laundry duties lately, so I think half the reason he wanted to do this project was in hopes that I would take back that role!)

He also took down the hanging rod and added a couple shelves (from Lowes) and baskets (Garden Ridge) for additional storage. A couple over the door hooks are sufficient to hang any clothes I need to dry on a hanger. I also have hopes of covering the humidifier boxes with cute paper to really jazz it up.

And here is a look inside the cabinets.

One of the concerns with the top loading dryer was access to the lint trap. So Kent created a trap door so we can clean out the lint trap and not burn our house down. And side note, isn’t that lamp so cute! $12 at Garden Ridge, and seriously, it makes the room for me! I leave it on all day for an inviting glow… “Come in, fold some laundry!!”

So there it is. Our laundry room reveal. A few hours of hard work, a small budget, some paint, and awesome results. I think I’d like this room if I was a buyer looking at a house, don’t you? I mean, at least compared to the before shots. Now that’s some good staging! :)

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