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By Lance King-Founder/Broker | Managing Broker in San Francisco, CA
  • Changes at Fixed Rate Properties

    Posted Under: Home Buying in San Francisco, Home Selling in San Francisco, Agent2Agent in San Francisco  |  March 19, 2013 2:59 PM  |  1,457 views  |  No comments
    Dear Colleagues, Buyers, & Sellers,

    Under the auspices of redesigning our website and our look, we have also decided to change the company name to King Realty Group.

    my new email: lance@king-realtygroup.com
    new website: www.king-realtygroup.com

    We will continue to provide the same excellent service to colleagues and clients alike.

    Best Regards,

    Lance R. King - Founder-Managing Broker

    King Realty Group

    415.722.5549 Cell

    License# 01384425


  • Missed Appts/Tours - Have some courtesty for your fellow agents/brokers

    Posted Under: Agent2Agent in San Francisco  |  August 28, 2011 9:34 AM  |  1,037 views  |  2 comments
    Dear Fellow Agents/Brokers,

    If you have posted a broker tour or open house, that means that many of your fellow agents and brokers are likely planning on visiting that particular day, and like me and my associates they don't have time to last-minute check every property.

    So if you're not going to be there to hold the open, show us all the professional courtesy of posting that on the MLS and leaving a note at the property so we don't waste any more time than we already have to.

    And if you have an appt scheduled, have contact information for those you have set appts with so you can call and let them know if you can't make it or are running late.

    While out on tour a few weeks ago, 3 of the 8 properties I went to view had no one there, no note, and no commentary on the MLS. While out on that tour I ran into two other agents with the same issue, and I have been hearing this complaint repeatedly from other agents/brokers.

    This would seem to me to be fundamental professional courtesy, but what you're really saying when you engage in this behavior is that other's people's time is worthless. This is a small community even though it's a major city, and I know of several agents who already have a reputation for doing this on a regular basis. This is not going to help your career. And not only are you doing your colleagues a disservice, but you are doing your clients a huge disservice as well.

    No one at my company has ever missed an open house or broker tour, and everyone has contact info for buyer or agent so on the very rare occasion that something comes up we can alert the other party so they know what's going on. I don't understand how you can handle this any other way.
  • Instanet Needs to Go

    Posted Under: Agent2Agent  |  May 18, 2011 8:37 AM  |  970 views  |  1 comment
    Below is a recent communcation from SFAR about the new Instanet platform. Despite SFAR's claims, the problem with Instanet is not old browsers or old versions of Acrobat. And it's not lack of training or an inherent resistance to change, either. It's because almost anyone with minor technical skills could use zip forms or winforms, because they are intuitive programs that are easily figured out by users. The result was that agents and brokers could focus on doing deals instead ot wrangling with how to use an ill-conceived, non user-friendly program that creates more problems than it solves.

    If it's a choice between being losing Instanet or bringing back access to zipforms, in my view it isn't even close. Instantet needs to go. Tell the folks at SFAR what you think.

    Here's the commentary from SFAR:

    Association's Leadership Listens to Broker Concerns Regarding Instanet Solutions

    Before it was zipForm® 6, it was WINForms—the electronic forms platform from zipLogix. But learning how to use the new software was no piece of cake for REALTORS® in San Francisco and elsewhere. Now, there is another electronic forms platform—from Instanet Solutions—that is creating frustrations for REALTORS® in the city and many REALTORS® are asking, “Why the change?”

    After Almost 10 Years of Having Local Forms on WINForms/zipForm® 6, the Arrangement Ends Abruptly

    For almost 10 years, the San Francisco Association of REALTORS®, under an agreement with the California Association of REALTORS®, paid an annual fee to the State Association for every member who accessed the San Francisco's local forms library on WINForms/zipForm® 6. And, the fee was not insubstantial, amounting to almost a fourth of the annual dues paid by each member to the Association. But when the Association, late last year, launched a competing platform, the California Association abruptly announced that it was ending its forms hosting arrangement with San Francisco, effective on December 31, 2010. The arrangement was later extended by one month but finally ended on January 31 of this year.

    The Decision to Offer Instanet Solutions' Suite of Services Was Motivated Solely by a Desire to Provide REALTORS® with Advanced Productivity Tools

    The decision by the Board of Directors to launch a new forms platform was long considered and motivated solely by a desire to provide REALTORS® with a suite of advanced productivity tools, demanded by today's sophisticated real estate marketplace. And, while most of the attention has been focused on the new forms platform, it is only one component of Instanet Solutions’ suite of advanced productivity tools which includes DocBox™ (the document storage module, added to SFARMLS), InstanetForms (the electronic forms platform), TransactionDesk™ (the transaction management program for brokers and clients) and Authentisign™ (the electronic signature program).

    But in the discussions that have been generated by the introduction of Instanet Solutions’ forms platform, little has been said about these other services that could prove critically important to the ability of REALTORS® to provide unsurpassed services to clients in the future.

    Regardless of the advantages these other services can provide, it is clear that Instanet Solutions’ forms platform is creating frustrations among a significant number of REALTORS® in San Francisco. So, to address theses frustrations, the San Francisco Association recently convened a meeting of its Managers Council, with the leadership of the Association in attendance to hear what was said.

    Certain Broker Managers Expressed a Desire, on Behalf of Their Agents, to Have the Local Forms Library Return to zipForm® 6

    At the meeting, certain broker managers expressed a desire, on behalf of their agents, to have the local forms library return to zipForm® 6. Although the leadership of the Association is committed to making every reasonable effort to arrange forthis to happen, being able to satisfy that desire may not be as easy as it seems. The reason is that the California Association is insisting on exclusivity for its zipForm® 6 platform; in other words, for the local forms library to return to zipForm® 6, the California Association is requiring the San Francisco Association to take down its competing platform first.

    In this regard, a few comments about Instanet Solutions are in order.

    The Big Problem: Using the Wrong Browser or an Older Version of Acrobat Reader Can Cause Serious Platform Performance Problems

    The San Francisco Association would be the first to admit that Instanet Solutions’ electronic forms platform at launch was less than perfect. In addition, Authentisign™, the electronic signature program, had significant problems. But both the forms platform and Authentisign™ have undergone significant improvement after launch and both are now operating reliably. So, why the complaints?

    There are several possible reasons.

    Some members who have had unsatisfactory experiences with Instanet Solutions have not undergone training or, if they have, too much time has elapsed between the training they received and when they first tried to use Instanet Solutions’ electronic forms platform.  Many more are using the wrong browser or an older version of Acrobat Reader, both of which can cause serious platform performance issues. Many just don’t like Instanet Solutions or Authentisign™, in spite of the improvements made to both services in recent months.

    The Leadership of the San Francisco Association Is Committed to Doing Everything Reasonably Possible to Arrange for Its Local Forms Library to Return to zipForm® 6

    Although it never was the intention of the Association to have the zipForm® 6 forms hosting arrangement come to an end, the leadership of the Association, in an attempt to provide all members with the tools they feel most comfortable using, is committed to continuing its efforts to have the local forms library return to zipForm® 6. In addition, efforts will continue to improve the performance of Instanet Solutions’ forms platform and Authentisign™, to make those services even more powerful productivity tools for REALTORS®.

    A users group has been formed to work directly with Instanet Solutions to give REALTORS® in San Francisco a front row seat in influencing the development of the company's productivity tools going forward. In addition, a facebook group is being formed to facilitate an ongoing dialog between members of the users group and solicit instantaneous feedback concerning the company’s product development efforts.  Once the facebook page is up and operating, any interested REALTOR® member will be able to follow the group’s progress.  Look for an announcement providing details soon.

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