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By Tony and Holly Galarza | Agent in Orlando, FL

Foreign Cash Buyer Scam Alert... Found me on Trulia!

Foreign Cash Buyer Scam Alert! We got scammed as well!!! Watch out fellow Realtors!! 


Man did I get scammed!!!


Make sure you read this and keep an eye out for similar scams. This guy actually signed and executed an offer and all required documents, sent proof of funds, mailed a "Certified Check" that was found to be a fictitious transaction,  he called me and we spoke many of times, we communicated via Skype, he friend requested my on Facebook, etc... The bad news is he ended up scamming me and a few others already!

Below are also some other links to blogs explaining how others have also been scammed by the same type of person.


Blog #1

Blog #2

Here is the email I received from this guy, Alasoo Mati, via Trulia:

Alasoo Mati scam email

After communication with him he sent me this...


Dear Tony,
Thanks a million for your prompt response to my inquiry. I appreciate your effort in sending the listings, they are all beautiful. You are indeed a REALTOR. I am hoping the price will be reduced after negotiation before closing.
I prefer the one with MLS #:O4995014, Property No.2 (10313 LAKE SHEEN RESERVE BLVD ORLANDO, FL 32836-6573) in the list with a price of $550,000.00 because I love the curb appeal of this property, please send me the contract for me to sign and return immediately this will be my retirement home and it will be a cash buy. I would appreciate more pics from different views.
1. I will want to close on 27th Sep, 2010
2. I want to put down $5,000.000 Earnest money + $210,000.00 down payment towards home.
3. I want to put contingency on inspection on the contract.
I will not be in the States before the closing date to wire the funds to an attorney so I will advice you to send me an attorney information for a check to be drawn to give enough time for check clearance since I won't be around to wire funds for closing.
Please forward me a purchase contract agreement in docusign format, docusign format is an electronic way of signing document.As I am presently in East London on official duties.
My representative will Issue a total payment in US Funds $215,000.00USD for the earnest money and that of the down payment for the property payable to your attorney, the check will be delivered to your attorney.
I strongly advice that I need an attorney to represent my interest in this transaction, my lawyer can't pay to seller or title company so therefore I would like to deposit all payment with the lawyer.
Please I need the following information for your attorney immediately at my own expense
Law Firm Name.....................................................
Law Firm Address..................................................
Law Firm Telephone................................................
Lawyer's Name.....................................................
Lawyer's Email....................................................
Truly Yours,
Alasoo Mati


I complied and sent him this info. He had his Representative send me a certified check to hold as escrow.


Alasoo Mati Certified Check



Also, here was the letter that came with it...


Alasoo Mati, Letter with Certified Check


His Proof of Funds look like this...


Alasoo Mati Proof of Funds

Alasoo Mati Proof of funds page 2



  • Marcy Jacobs (REP IN THE STATES THAT HOLDS HIS MONEY) 614-887-8333 - marcyjacob@gmail.com
  • Alasoo Mati info:

    Phone 1:
    Phone 2:

    Skype Name:

    Facebook link:

    Email Address:
    Home Address:
    31 Greenwich South Street
    London, SE10 8Nt,England

  • Mark Andrews (Rep holding his money as well) , phone: 740-931-9999 , email: mark_andrews@ymail.com

  • ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 

    ALL I HAVE TO SAY IS "WATCH OUT"!!!!!!!!!!!!

    I can't believe someone is out there actually doing this to people but they are and it is not fun to waste your time along with others!!

    I hope this finds you before someone like ALASOO MATI does!!

    Tony Galarza

    KG Realtor Group of Keller Williams Advantage II Realty


    Here is another good blog about this stuff... let's get this to stop!!
     (Is this a scam? Has anyone received an email from Takeuchi Keigo looking for homes to buy priced from $450k-$850k? He emailed me through Trulia.com)

    real estate scam update


    11-01-2010 update...

    **I emailed Emily Erekuff (Community Moderator for Trulia)

    From:Tony Galarza, Realtor [mailto:tony@kgrhomes.com]
    Sent: Monday, November 01, 2010 8:49 AM
    To: Emily Gibson
    Subject: FW: Mati Alasoo found you on Trulia
    Importance: High


    See email below…


    Please look into this email I received and try to stop stuff like this from coming in. They are scamming people all over the place and they are using your site to do it.


    I wrote a blog about it on your site (http://www.trulia.com/blog/kgrhomes_tony/2010/10/foreign_cash_buyer_scam_alert_found_me_on_trulia) so you can see exactly what happened to me and to others as well.


    Thank you.

    and here is how she responded...

    Thank you Tony. This account has been deactivated and this message marked as spam in our database.


    Thank you for publishing this blog post as well. We’ve also published the following PSA about these scams and we encourage you to share it with your broker/agent sphere.




    Best Wishes,


    Emily Erekuff

    Community Moderator - Trulia, Inc.

    208 Utah Street, Suite 310, San Francisco, CA 94103



    Email her if you have also been hit so they can continue to work on catching these people!

    Here is a public service announcement from Trulia to help people like us not get scammed again.


    11-02-10 Update...
    Thanks to Nancy Gould, a realtor in Naples, FL we have another udpate that can help you. See Below.

    From: Nancy Gould []
    Sent: Tuesday, November 02, 2010 1:25 PM
    To: tony@kgrhomes.com
    Subject: Fwd: Trulia page forward: Tony Galarza's Blog - Agent2Agent


    My friend just sent this to me....she has a friend that lives in the UK.



    Oh Nancy,

    Please, please do not send this guy anything to upset him.  My friend in the UK just told me the Albanians have done scams in the UK to the extent of $4B. 

    This is what I understand:

    1.  They get your house information and they take the video (which I think he requested) and all the pictures and information and immediately drop them in a “FOR IMMEDIATE SALE” bucket in Europe.  They will resell this house as a European house on the coast somewhere.  They will put it for sale as a must take an offer and get the earnest money and take off. 

    2.  They get your social security number if it is on the contract and they get loans in your name.  They have all your information, home ownership info, etc.  They can actually use this info to get a very high interest loan.  This is one of their biggest scams.  They have gotten loans on copies of US drivers license…did you send a copy of your driver’s license for ID?

    3. They will try to access your accounts on line.  If they have enough of your personal information – name, address, birth date, etc.  they can get into your accounts…especially with your social security number.  This is why they like to friend the people they contact on FaceBook.  People put their total birth day on their facebook profile.  Make sure your agent did not do that! 

    Nancy, they are the Russian mafia.  They have systems that allow them to scam and run.  The company he says he works for is non-existent.  Nancy, I have done search after search on that company and it is just words from the internet.  If I search on three search engines, google will come up with the search if it is real.  AND, the name he used as the company he works for is a key word for a Somalia  region where the Al-Qaida

    Have taken over the country. 

    If this guy does not come up with the wire transfer….you should call your bank immediately, you may want to check all your credit card accounts or contact them and let them know a possible fraud has occurred. 

    With all the things these guys do with the information we send, I would hope the International Division of Naples Real Estate would be trying to protect the Naples population.  Does this attorney research these CASH buyers?  Someone needs to go to the Naples Board and take this warning for others.  

    This is such an exposure for you, Nancy.  Please call your bank today AND someone told me you should contact the SS Administration and tell them there was a possible fraud.  I certainly hope nothing has happened and I hope this guy is not a SCAM but I am very worried about you and will help you if needed. 

    How much info does he have on you.   If he resells the house in Europe, he will not use the Naples address…he will want something quick and dirty in Europe.  That is the blessing for that part of the scam.  I wonder if that is why he picked your house…the European look…

    From: Nancy Gould [mailto:] 
    Sent: Tuesday, November 02, 2010 11:35 AM
    Subject: Fwd: Trulia page forward: Tony Galarza's Blog - Agent2Agent

    From: "Realty Counsel" <realtycounsel@earthlink.net>

    Date: November 2, 2010 11:04:14 AM EDT

    Subject: FW: Trulia page forward: Tony Galarza's Blog - Agent2Agent

    Please see the attached which I have forwarded to Mr. Mati Alasoo and requested his explanation if he chooses to provide one.


    Board Certified Real Estate Attorney

    International Civil Law Notary

    900 Sixth Avenue South, Suite 104

    Naples, Florida 34102

    Phone 239-435-1007    Fax 239-435-0021



    From: Trulia Real Estate Search on behalf of Raymond J Bowie Esq. [mailto:updates@trulia.com] 
    Sent: Tuesday, November 02, 2010 11:02 AM
    To: RealtyCounsel@earthlink.net
    Subject: Trulia page forward: Tony Galarza's Blog - Agent2Agent

    Your friend Raymond J Bowie, Esq. was searching for real estate on Trulia

     and thought you'd be interested in seeing this link.

    Here's the page Raymond J Bowie, Esq. forwarded:

    Trulia page forward: Tony Galarza's Blog - Agent2Agent

    Message from sender: "Dear Mr. Alasoo, The attached information has been brought to our attention by the seller real estate broker. Please understand the seller's concerns based upon the attached. Concerns such as this underlie our firm's policy of only accepting contract deposits in the form of wired funds to our escrow account. Checks cannot be accepted. If the attached needs to be explained, please contact Perrine with an explanation to assure the parties to this transaction. Thank you. RAYMOND J. BOWIE, ESQ."


    Update 11-09-10

    Tried to contact the company that “Marcy Jacobs” works for *Link Consults & Mgt Services and got in touch with the founder of the company. His name is Norbert Hoeckl. He said that there is no one by the name Alasoo Mati, Marcy Jacobs or Mark Andrews. He also mentioned that his company is based out of Romania.

    Called Commerce Bank (Branch in New York) to find out who this account actually belongs to. Of course they did not give me that information (tried anyways) but they did say that the account the Certified Check was representing has been frozen for a while now and Alasoo Mati is not the account holder. Feel free to contact them (Donna) at 732-429-9805 or 1-888-751-9000 or 212-431-4146 or 646-613-7043.

    Please continue to keep an eye out for this guy so he does not hurt you!

    Good luck!

    Tony Galarza


    By Mark LeMenager,  Tue Oct 5 2010, 14:37
    Tony, I get these all the time, at least 1 a week. Got one in my inbox now from Jirou Hayashi with the same message, "please contact me so we can discuss real estate purchase". Sorry you wasted your time. Remember the adage, "If it sounds too good to be true, it is." You did not indicate if the $68,000 check was valid.
    By Tony and Holly Galarza,  Tue Oct 5 2010, 14:43
    The check was in fact a fraudulent check. When I called the bank to verify they said the account number was an actual account number but has been frozen for some time now.
    By Nancy Doyle 239-209-2237,  Tue Oct 5 2010, 17:08
    I get them all the time as well. Mark I got one from Jirou Hayashi as well.
    By Botelho Team David & Sandra,  Wed Oct 13 2010, 03:51
    Its a scam Just got this today, And Thanks I knew it was a scam because i read this post earlier on Trulia

    Dear Sir

    I have viewed your listing (s) and I am interested in Listing # 20104522222 4854 Esplanade St Bonita Springs, FL 34134-3919 with list price of $498,000 because I love the curb appeal of this property but am offering $ 478,000.00 for this property.

    If satisfied, kindly send me the contract for me to sign and return immediately this will be my retirement home and it will be cash buy

    1. I will want to close on 13th of November, 2010.

    2. First payment in US Funds $155,000.00

    3. Second payment in US funds $120,000.00 will be applied towards the closing balance.

    4. $200,300.00 will be disbursed according.

    5. I want to put contingency on inspection on the contract.

    My legal name is Jirou Hayashi of 2000 Sheppard Avenue, Toronto Ontario Canada M3N 2J1 and I am single, I will not be in Canada before the closing date to wire the funds to the attorney so I will advise you to send me an attorney information for a check to be drawn to give enough time for check clearance since I won’t be in Canada to wire funds for closing.

    Please forward to me a purchase contract agreement in docusign format; docusign format is an electronic way of signing document. If you don’t have that you can send a pdf.

    My account manager Mr. Abraham Jacob will Issue payment in US Funds $155,000.00, second deposit of $120,000.00 and the remaining $200,300.00 will be disbursed accordingly.

    My rep Mr. Abraham Jacob Esq. can be reach at: 1-647-862-1135, I strongly advice that I need an attorney to represent my interest in this transaction, my lawyer can pay to seller or title company so therefore I would like to deposit all payment with the lawyer.

    Please I need the following information for your attorney immediately for payment

    Law Firm Name...................................................

    Law Firm Address.......................................................

    Law Firm Telephone......................................................

    Lawyer's Name...........................................................


    Jirou Hayashi
    By Florida Citizen,  Wed Oct 13 2010, 04:55
    These folks are becoming much more sophisticated. Much imporved English. Actual personal contact! What is the end game? Simply to waste an agents time?
    By Tony and Holly Galarza,  Wed Oct 13 2010, 16:07
    the game is this...

    They send you an escrow check (certified) for a very high amount. Then during the inspection contingency they release and cancel, which at that point they ask for the escrow check to be wired back to their account. Well if the title company or attorney has not verified funds yet for the check that was sent then they would wire the money over to these people thinking the "CERTIFIED CHECK" is just fine. Well come to find out these checks are not actually Certified and in fact they are ficticious and fradulant.

    Many of people have fallen for this and have shut their doors because of it (with no other choice).

    You are right... they are getting more sophisticated with this which means we need to be VERY careful!!

    Spread the word as much as you can so this doesn't happen to anyone else.
    By Patty Clark,  Wed Oct 13 2010, 20:10
    I have gotten 3 of these guys. Fang Fong and Mati Alasoo. Fang Fong went so far as to send me a copy of his passport and letter from the phony bank. He sent $150,000 in a phony check and wanted $50,000 back to buy "chinese furniture".
    His mistake was signing a document from the title company and the signature didn't match the passport. He used the same line about retirement and so on. Once I figured it all out I led him on for a while letting him think he was getting some money sometime soon. At the end I wrote him a not so kind email about him scamming and told him to go get a job.
    Then Mati pops up and I stopped that one really quick by emailing him with exactly what his plan was. Never heard from him again.
    This last one is really sad: this man was in a relationship, so the finance' thought. He set me up with her to go write a contract on a $500,000 new build. We did that but the earnest money never quite made it. He went so far as to send her to the design center with her family. Made numerous excuses why the earnest money has not arrived. I actually talked to him in England many times. He scammed her as his fiance'and never bought the house.
    I just can't figure out how these people can sleep at night.
    By George Fitzpatrick,  Wed Oct 13 2010, 20:55
    Sorry to see this, Thanks for letting us know.
    By Tim Hammond,  Thu Oct 14 2010, 03:14
    Got another one from Jirou Hayashi and Abraham Jacob today. Phn: 1-647-862-1135. Same scam.
    By Nina Mayberry, ADPR, RET,  Tue Oct 19 2010, 11:49
    Thank you for posting this. Whenever I get these types of internet leads & the so-called buyer is from out of the US, especially from Africa or the UK, I know right away that they are scammers!
    By Nedy Blanchard,  Wed Oct 20 2010, 06:27
    Thank you for posting this, I just received one from a Mr. Reiko Ampo of Japanese origin as he puts it in the email. Similar story, etc. Glad I read this. I did a search on the phone # for his legal representative Mr. Abraham Jacob at 1-647-862-1135 and found this and another post. Thank you again.
    By Lindy Hamlin,  Fri Oct 29 2010, 19:27
    Got one from Reiko Ampo on 10/20 and another on 10/27 from Jiru Hayashi too. Almost identical correspondance but they have added a few more details to sound legit.
    By Maggie Hawk,  Mon Nov 1 2010, 08:33
    If you still have the original email, please forward it toTrulia so they can shut down the account:


    One of the longest current threads on the Trulia Q&A Forum (over 225 posts) involves the variations of this scam that have been received by agents:

    By Tony and Holly Galarza,  Mon Nov 1 2010, 08:50
    Maggie, I just sent Emily the email i received from Mati Alasoo months ago. Hopefully she can stop this. Thanks for the heads up.
    By Mike Luzzo,  Tue Nov 2 2010, 07:56
    Tony, you did a great job. These scams are so prevalent nowadays and there is nothing the authorities can do. I almost got scammed 4 years ago on a rental property I owned. The money orders he sent me, actually CLEARED my account. So I started learning.

    I have researched this and talked to experts over the years. Here is the very BEST website that will help us all AVOID all types scams:


    Trust me, I booked mark this years ago...it also updates itself.

    Good luck!

    Thank you for contacting us, we appreciate the opportunity to serve you.
    Mike Luzzo
    Top Value Group
    ...your HOME to the Top Values in Real Estate

    Need More Information? Please visit us @ http://www.myshortsaleorlando.com/
    By Tony and Holly Galarza,  Tue Nov 2 2010, 09:21
    thanks for the link Mike.
    By Teri Lauda,  Tue Nov 2 2010, 11:08
    Tony, Thank You So Much!!!! for sharing your experience and kudos to you for a job well done as well as looking out for fellow agents it's impressive. Thanks Again! Teri Lauda http://WWW.EVERYTHINGREALESTATEORLANDO.COM
    By Tony and Holly Galarza,  Tue Nov 2 2010, 11:19
    Not a problem. I do it hoping that others will do the same when they run into things like this. PLEASE SPREAD THIS BLOG AROUND SO EVERYONE KNOWS ABOUT IT!!! Thanks.
    By Brenda J,  Tue Nov 2 2010, 12:02
    I had a "buyer" looking at my listing just a couple of weeks ago who used a different name but the same "bank" letter! It was suspicious to me and when I asked a few questions they "decided to purchase a different home". Well I'm glad for that!! Thanks, Tony!
    By Carol Bauza,  Tue Nov 2 2010, 14:33
    Thanks Tony!!!
    I will be on the lookout for these as I am on Trulia qiute a bit!!!
    If I see one I will let everyone know too!!! We all need to look out for each other!!!
    Thanks again!!!
    By Alan May,  Tue Nov 2 2010, 18:31
    I get these all the time, and file them under the category of "if it sounds too good to be true..."
    By Tean Wong,  Tue Nov 9 2010, 12:22
    I get them om weekly basis! Every time I reply with, I am happy to help you as long as you will be here seeing the properties. Call me when you are ready to see them.
    By Tony and Holly Galarza,  Tue Nov 9 2010, 12:37
    That sounds like a good rule of thumb Tean. Thanks for the comment.
    By Chris Michaelson,  Sat Dec 18 2010, 16:58
    I received the same scam email from Bruno frederic Gillès de Pélichy

    Dear Chris,

    I want to particularly thank you for your prompt response to my real estate inquiry as well as assistance in acquiring the right property.

    Actually, I do need a 4-5 bedroom single family home to buy in your city with facilities such as a two attached garage, a gym or den or a room that can be used for that and possibly 3-4 bath with or without a swimming pool. Price range should be between $300,000 - $900,000 hoping that getting a home now is the best time considering the market the way it is.

    It should be a story or 2 story house located in a serene environment and possibly a zero crime rate community, and I will appreciate it if the property has a bit of free acreage for a small garden.

    I will await your response as well as MLS or listings to enable me get the best property for purchase.


    Bruno Frederic.
    By Jennifer Beeston,  Sat Dec 18 2010, 18:38
    It is a shame. Like our escrow companies and Realtors really need more things to worry about
    By Felix Hung,  Sat Dec 18 2010, 20:18
    Tony...how did this happen to you? Ouch...
    By Santiago,  Wed Jan 19 2011, 07:50
    Here more of this SCAM
    Dear Sanchez,

    How are you doing? The name to be on the contract. You have done marvelously well and I have also attached therein copies of my proof of funds for your perusal and please ensure the seller's don't see what I have in my account it will be appreciated.

    NAME: Bruno Frederic Gillès de Pélichy
    ADDRESS:89 Blackheath Hill, London,
    Greater London se10 8tj.

    I'm putting an offer of $680k respectively, for the said property. Let me know if it will be accepted. I will like to close by 28th of Feb 2011. I will ensure funds are either wired or a certified cashier's check or certified will be sent to the attorney to avoid any problem while purchasing the property.

    I want to thank you for the attorney's information's sent and I will certainly send you a copy of the e-mail to the law firm indicating your recommendations about their firm for such transactions.

    My broker will Issue an initial payment in US Funds $70,000.00USD for the earnest money and that of the down payment for the property payable to your attorney, the check will be delivered to your attorney. That is $10K for the earnest money and the $60k for the down payment making a total of $70k. But I will instruct the attorney to make out payment for just $10k pending when the offer is accepted.

    Please feel free to ask for any further information's. Please use the information's above to send the contract agreement in docusign format if possible or otherwise you send as an attachment so I can try to download print and send back to you.


    Bruno Frederic.
    By Lisa and Goran Forss (Broker),  Wed Jan 19 2011, 07:52
    WOW. Thanks for sharing.
    By Santiago,  Wed Jan 19 2011, 07:53
    He is using Trulia , realtors but i belive he doesnt have an active account
    he ip is from london - no nigeria
    if you received an email check his ip address
    By Emily Erekuff,  Wed Jan 19 2011, 10:33
    Hi Everyone,

    We have several updates in the pipeline that should greatly help to reduce the amount of spam sent through our system.

    In the meantime please keep in mind that you can easily report any spam or phishing emails to us very easily within the My Leads section of your account: http://www.trulia.com/inbox/

    Best Wishes,

    Emily Erekuff
    Community Moderator
    By Tony and Holly Galarza,  Tue Jan 25 2011, 20:41
    Thanks for commenting Julie!
    By Judy Sharma,  Tue Jan 25 2011, 22:54
    Hi Tony,

    Thank you for sharing. I have recived two suspecious mails recently. One I deleted and another one I replied but I will not do any further communication.

    Thanks, again
    By Tni LeBlanc, JD, MA, Broker,  Wed Jan 26 2011, 04:24
    Wow it is disappointing to learn how hard people work at not having to work. I'm sorry you were scammed and it is good of you to share the information. The amount of questionable leads I get from Trulia has gone down, at one time there were so many I just ignored them all.
    By Tony and Holly Galarza,  Wed Jan 26 2011, 06:48
    Thank you for your comments Judy and Tni. Spread the word.
    By Suzanne Ogden,  Sat Jan 29 2011, 10:10
    I've have had several of these scams in past years. I had a property listed and a buyer's agent got roped in big time, she wrote up 4 contracts on 4 different homes, one of which was my listing. The escrow funds never arrived in any form. Just recently, a Realtor friend received a buyer contact thru her Facebook. The scammer had used the idenity of a prominent surgeon in the UK and was looking to purchase a high end priced home in Orlando. I knew this was too good to be true and advised her to Google the surgeons name and she was able to get an office phone number. She called the surgeons office.... you know the rest of the story!
    By Melia Indra,  Sat Jan 29 2011, 11:10
    Thanks for the head's up.
    By Allan Erps,  Sat Jan 29 2011, 12:47
    Thanks for the Post. Several of us have made lists and sent them onto Trulia as well. They are doing what they can to fix it BUT the old addage is "if it seems to good to be true".......
    By Tony and Holly Galarza,  Sat Jan 29 2011, 16:40
    Thanks again for commenting. Also, Allen... do you have a copy of that list you have put together? I would love to see it so I can also help keep everyone aware. Thanks.
    Message from: Mr Tom Shung
    I desire to get a real estate professional to buy house from and I

    went throught your profile on Trulia. Please reply to this email if you are

    in business and create a time for us to talk. Please forward your

    listing I am interested.

    Tom Shung
    Thank you.
    Contact sender:
    Name: Mr Tom Shung
    Email: tomshung2020@9.cn
    Phone: Not provided
    another one:
    Hi Catherine (Cathy) Chaudemanche Team | Edison Realtor, ALC +

    Van Der Sprins found you on Trulia Voices and wanted to drop you a line:
    Message from: Van Der Sprins
    Requesting for more information
    Thank you.
    Contact sender:
    Name: Van Der Sprins
    Email: vander.prins@gmail.com
    Phone: 44 70 2402 8559
    another one:

    Hi Catherine (Cathy) Chaudemanche Team | Edison Realtor, ALC +

    Kenzo Makoto found you on Trulia Voices and wanted to drop you a line:
    Message from: Kenzo Makoto
    Please contact me for home.
    Thank you.
    Contact sender:
    Name: Kenzo Makoto
    Email: makoto.kenzo@asia.com
    Phone: Not provided
    By Mark Weber,  Sun Feb 20 2011, 05:16
    I've gotten similar requests on Trulia and on my website. Luckily none have gone as far as this scammer was willing to go. Hopefully the Feds are on to some of these people and will catch a few to prosecute.
    By DOUG WARD,  Sun May 8 2011, 20:45
    This happen to me last week but we caught it before any damage was done!
    Doug Ward of Regency Real Estate in Orange County, Ca.
    By Mona,  Wed Jun 15 2011, 10:44
    Im so glad to found this!! Please email to me at 2petsitters@comcast.net. I went through the same thing happened to you same letter same phony check only the amount was $10,000.00. I was surprised to get a email from Marcy Jacobs (wondered if thats her real name) to tell me not to contact her at the office and wants me to stop???!!!???
    I'll be gladly to forward an email to you after I hear from you. Help!!
    By Tony and Holly Galarza,  Wed Jun 15 2011, 11:11
    i dont believe this is still going on. i am sorry to hear that. at least you are all finding this blog and stopping it before it gets out of hand. tg
    By Mona,  Thu Jun 23 2011, 06:04
    Does anyone know by the name of Carrons Smith? Heres the copied and paste from my email: Email address: carrons327@gmail.com:

    I want to use this medium to appreciate your utmost sincerity
    exhibited so far, regarding your funds with Marcy Jacobs... is company
    is afflicted to Basics Trust Financial Company of Nigeria Marcy Jacobs
    has been arrested for money laundry and theft from the company.

    Please kindly provide the payment slip in which you have made the
    $3500 sent to Marcy Jacobs

    for proper verification



    I find this very strange because I received an email directly from Marcy Jacob on June 18th...... ..
    By Nelson Lecour,  Mon Oct 24 2011, 13:41
    This scam is still going on. I received an email from a buyer in Indonesia stating they wanted to buy a house cash. They sent me their passport and a bank statement. But the bank statement is clearly forged. When something is too good to be true, it usually is!
    By Carmen Brodeur- Top 1% Realtor,  Mon Oct 24 2011, 14:48
    I just got a similar email this morning!

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