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By Key Yessaad | Real Estate Pro in Wilmington, NC
  • Ideas of the Day shared by Key Yessaad as of April 27th 2012

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    On a daily basis I share ideas, business thoughts, and focused Real Estate Success Tips on my website and Social Media. Those who have had the privilege to thrive in Real Estate will tell you that Success in Real Estate is a mental endeavor – it is not just the knowledge or the license that you carry that matters; it is the understanding that you have to get into the psychology of your Sellers and Buyers, but also your own as a Real Estate Professional.


    These are the seven ideas as of April 27th 2012:

    • posted April 27th, 2012

    "Ponder these questions for a few minutes and ‘Procrastination’ will become your distant pariah: What projects or actions have you chosen to ignore because you are either too ‘busy’ or those actions do not seem as important right now? What Business Opportunities would open up if some of these actions had been checked and put behind you? How would you feel about these projects and actions having been completed rather than slowly buzzing in your mind?"


    • posted April 26th, 2012

    "Your business growth is driven by Preparation not just Reaction; the nature of every endeavor requires that we confront unexpected events but it is your Preparations for your Tomorrows that will make your Reactions smoother than most… Give yourself time to prepare and your Talent will Shine!"


    • Posted April 25th, 2012

    "Passive Real Estate Websites destroy your Marketing and very few agents understand this. When you buy a website from a vendor you are essentially buying a clone; same idx; same generic, content, same generic tools… it is the work you perform in your website that will distinguish you from others, as well as start to rank you with Search Engines."


    • posted April 24th, 2012

    "Success is not always linear, ‘you do this then you get that;’ Success sometimes will appear from unexpected directions at unexpected times, for those who are diligently pursuing their dreams and working with vision."


    • posted April 23rd, 2012

    "Every business action is easy, or can be broken down into easy steps. Difficulty rears its ugly head when we choose to postpone the ‘easy’ now and let it fester into becoming the ‘difficult’ later. Lead Management and Bookkeeping are easy processes in your Real Estate Business if handled regularly (daily and weekly); if ignored and months pass these tasks become difficult, overwhelming, and costly. Are you postponing today’s ‘easy’ tasks?"


    • posted April 22nd, 2012

    "Every Step you take towards business success will bring at times challenges and difficulties that you have not envisioned; remember that your business is not the money you collect at the end of a deal; it is the way you react to the challenges you encounter. This process is supposed to make you stronger, more resilient, and savvier at negotiating your way towards lots of successes."


    • Posted April 21st, 2012

    "The power of Internet Marketing is in transcending the mere act of working with Buyers’ Leads, and in leveraging the power of your website, SEO, and blogs to generate more Listings and Sales. A Successful Internet Marketer creates influence and builds a sustained following… That’s who you are!"


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    Happy Blogging :) Key Yessaad, Real Estate SEO Trainer

  • Real Estate SEO Wrap up as of January 8th 2011

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    The first week of January saw an increased level of activity on the internet, almost a doubling of traffic nationwide. I am about to start driving and training in various parts of the country; I am very happy to announce a new Training I designed; The SEO of Listings - I will hold it for the first time in Charlotte NC this coming Wednesday.

    Happy New Year – here is the Wrap up for the past 10 Days.

    December 30th, 2010 11:28 AM

    Search has become a day to day occurrence in almost every aspect of our business and personal lives; think about shopping without the ability to search and review products – nearly impossible right?

    Most of us use the Google Search bar to type our search criteria phrases and then review our results – but wait; there is another layer of Search using Operators that can help you dig even deeper – in fact there hundreds of different ways of using Operators to perform Queries but I will focus on a few good ones that experts use all the time; of course I am going to share my favorite ones.

    1. Search for an Exact Phrase:

    I use this almost daily – if I am seeking a specific phrase from a poem, or in article I type the Search Phrase within “Quotation Marks”. Lets say I am looking for the full poem of Walt Whitman but remember one line of the poem, instead of searching for: I celebrate myself, and sing myself – I perform the same search within Quotation Marks, as in:

    “I celebrate myself, and sing myself” (Searches for the specific phrase within the quotation)

    Putting search phrases within double quotes get you directly to exact results and eliminates permutations you are not seeking. This is quite useful if performing technical searches, quotation searches, academic papers, testing the indexing of content, but best of all to find out if anyone is scrapping your content – copying your content without your permission.


    2. Searching for information within a Specific Website:

    Say you are searching for information on a specific Nikon Camera, the D80, within Amazon.com; you can do so by going to Amazon or perform the search in Google by adding the operator site:www.amazon.com as in:

    Nikon D80 site:www.amazon.com (Searches for all references of Nikon D80 only within the Amazon.com website)

    This is quite useful if you are seeking to find out how many pages within a website have been indexed for a specific keyword or phrase.

    Searching for references of books within the Library of Congress would look like this:

    Essays of Emerson site:www.loc.gov (would yield results of Emerson’s Essays only in loc.gov)


    3. Defining Word and Concepts:

    This one is a simple easy to use Operator for finding the definition of words, concepts, or ideas from multiple sources without having to go to a specific website.

    Define: Keyword (will give you a list of various definitions for the concept Keyword)

    Try it you will be amazed how much you will learn

    There are more Operators you can use within your Searches, I picked these three because I like them and use them quite a bit. Remember my motto about Internet Marketing – it is storytelling; if you do not become responsible for your Market Story don’t expect your Real Estate SEO to flourish.

    Happy Blogging :) – Key Yessaad

    As a Mathematician numbers, statistics, and results matter a lot; rarely do I advance an idea or a report without supporting Statistics. I have a dear friend, George Styron, and he and I discuss Real Estate Trends, Internet Marketing Strategies, and all kind of Real Estate Industry changes; a few days back I shared with him that I saw a major spike in traffic in Real Estate Searches on the Internet. I advised him to make sure that his colleagues were aware of it and not to be complacent; as an anecdote I told him that one of my clients had seen a major surge in their traffic by a factor of nearly two.

    George is also a Mathematician and so he said:  can you give me some Statistics I can review – and so I went to work…

    Methodology: I reviewed the traffic, Unique Visitors, and actual Registration during the past week (December 24 through 30 inclusive or 7 days) and trended it versus the prior 3 weeks (December 3 through 23 inclusive or 21 days.) I compiled these data from 20 websites in various markets in the country large and small.

    Visitors Searches Leads
    Week 4 14,389 7,637 1,208
    3 Weeks Prior 31,530 15,952 2,395
    Weekly Average 10,510 5,317 798

    % Increase 36.91% 43.63% 51.38%

    Raw Traffic not being a significant measure; I focused on more important metrics: primarily Unique Visitors, the Number of Searches Performed, and the Actual number of Lead Registrations.

    Analysis: Week 4 from December 24th through yesterday the 30th saw a 51% jump in Leads. Note that Christmas was during that week but the number of Unique Visitors jumped by 37%, from 10,500 on average per week to 14,489. The number of Searches performed also increased as well as the time spent on the Site.

    This is the incubation period for consumers and it suggests the following actions on your part the Real Estate Professional:

    1. Get Listings – Yes more people will think work with Buyers when they Statistics like this one; I think the opportunity is Listings – Think about it “Buyers buy existing Inventory that someone has listed!”

    2. Blog, Blog, and Blog some more – focus your Internet marketing in your localized area and start sharing your expertise market knowledge.

    3.  Focus and never give up on your Leads – Look to offer them additional solutions. Financing is difficult for many so partner with the right people to offer meaningful solutions.

    The Statistics above are just numbers but there are real people behind them; they are looking to work with true Real Estate Professionals; Keep focusing on all aspects of your business and make sure you add Internet Marketing and Real Estate SEO Strategies to your business. I wish you all a Happy New Year filled with love, joy, and prosperity.

    Happy Blogging Smile – Key Yessaad.

    January 1st, 2011 10:52 AM

    In this first blog of the year I will state five (5) ideas that some may view as counter intuitive towards a successful Strategy with your Organic Visibility and SEO. Most Real Estate Professionals have come to embrace that the Internet is an important aspect of their business growth and success, and many keep buying product after product to seemingly try to gain an edge. We have become a gadgetry society and move from website vendor to website vendor. Yes, some vendors are terrible and you must find better solutions, but to focus on this aspect alone is not enough; it is only the beginning of a proper Internet Marketing Strategy.

    By the way, did you know that most Real Estate Agents don’t know how to define the term Marketing, let alone Internet Marketing. I place part of the blame on them, but more of it on institutional trainers who are supposedly molding the next crop of Real Estate Professionals with pseudo-classes teaching concepts they don’t understand.

    And so, In order to create discomfort and reflection I will state these five (5) ideas without commenting on them. I figure it is the first of the year and reflection and thinking can do us all good; so please ponder these ideas and feel free to comment:

    Five Counter-intuitive SEO Ideas:

    1. Your attitude and outlook matter more than your technical knowledge.

    2. Your habits are more effective than your HTML knowledge.

    3. Keywords don’t matter as much as your ability to tell stories.

    4. Your website is only a small part of your SEO strategy.

    5. Listing Syndication and IDX have hurt you more than helped you.

    PS: SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization a common concept that describes organic placement in Search Engines.

    I wish all of you a Happy New Year full of prosperity, love, and giving!

    Happy Blogging Smile – Key Yessaad

    January 2nd, 2011 11:36 AM

    When you think about it carefully “Time Management” is an oxymoron; I mean how can you manage time…??? if fact it manages us, it is like a river that flows as we float in its embrace. But many professionals suffer from this real affliction; the desire to complete all of the tasks on their agenda within an allotted time; and this desire keeps going unfulfilled daily.

    Real Estate Professionals are more prone to this than say Office Workers because, by nature, their job is talk and help clients. If they tried to box those conversations within a time frame they would fail to take care of their clients; in fact consumers expect instant communication or they will go find someone else – so what is the agent to do to bring some sanity to their lives… I will also add, at the end of this blog, a few reflections of this topic and Internet Marketing.

    Let’s Start with Simple Powerful Ideas:

    1. Sleep: Oh yeah this is rarely spoken of in Time management Books, but when you are rested your mind is clear; you are able to tackle your day with more vigor, creativity, and alertness.

    2. Go to bed early and Wake up early: The heavy lifting of conversations with your clients hits around 10am and drags to about 4pm for the most part. if you time shift your day towards your tasks very early in the morning when you mind is fresh you will perform most of these tasks in half the time. Remember: what keeps you from finishing your to-do list are the necessary conversations with your clients. Try to start your workday at 7:30 or 8am – your business will be transformed.

    3. Eat Healthy and drink Water: You are probably dehydrated most of the day… Carry water and do your best to eat healthy.

    4. Take 10 minutes to Be: Before your day start “Do Nothing!” – Yes this sound contradictory but these 10 minutes of reflection will focus your mind on the most important Tasks you must accomplish today. (Remember: your daily tasks are driven by your Weekly Goals, which fit with your Monthly Goals, which fit within your Annual Business Plan.)

    5. Delegate:  Pay another person a fair wage to do repeatable tasks if you start noticing that you cannot get to them on time; or do them yourself – but for God Sake stop complaining that you don’t have enough time to do everything.

    6. Read: Yes this one also sound counter intuitive as well but if you do not nourish your mind it will turn to mush… Educate yourself on Business Concepts, Success Stories, etc.… You can do this; you can find 15 minutes a day to read.

    7. Weekly Review: You need to wrap up your week, every week, or they will all get jumbled up and months will pass without clarity. This means Goal Assessment, Successes and Failures, Inventory Review, Client Review, and then adjusting for the weeks to come. This is when you find out if it is time to start delegating more tasks. (You may seek the advise of your Broker or of a paid Coach to get your habits aligned with your vision.)

    8. Accept that you Have Bad habits: We all have them and that is that. Time Management will not help you stay away from Facebook, or watch 2 hours of TV instead of 6 daily. Acceptance means Serenity; which will hopefully will lead to Moderation.

    Let’s Talk Time Management, SEO, and Internet Marketing:

    1. Internet Marketing is your job: Most Real Estate Professionals see it a chore; It’s your job. When you take a listing it is your fiduciary duty to create the largest visibility in the marketplace for it. Stop thinking you get paid to place it in the MLS.

    2. Internet Marketing has benefits: Those who offer the best marketing of properties get more listings; more Sales, and More Buyers.

    3. Review your MLS Stats Weekly: You are in Charge of your Story – Internet Marketing is about Inbound Marketing; this is fundamental to all your Google Visibility.

    4. Landing Pages: Create Landing Pages Weekly focusing on your Niche Markets – you must know everything there is to know about your local communities.

    5. Blog, Blog, and Blog Some More: I am baffled when I hear agents tell me: “What should I blog about?” – Really, are you kidding me? The New Breed of Internet Marketers understand that it is their job to claim their territory one parcel at the time, one blog at the time, one neighborhood story at the time, one Internet Solution at the time.

    Time Management is NOT a Powerful Concept: those who complaint a lot about Time Management are under the illusion that it is their job is to complete everything, which is a fallacy… Passion and Drive trump everything – wouldn’t be fun to end your day with more energy than you started; it is not Time that you must conquer, it is you that you must come to know.

    Happy Blogging Smile - Key Yessaad

    January 3rd, 2011 10:58 AM

    What? Are you Serious?

    I sure am… Queen Latifah gave an in interview in Parade Magazine and her ideas and Spirit truly live up to the spirit of succeeding on the Internet. I will attempt to translate that spirit into your Search Engine Visibility and Real Estate SEO. As I read the article I saw so many parallels with her bullet ideas and felt inspired to share them with all of you (translated of course).

    . Pre-Resolutions to forward your Vision: Start early and be yourself; by the time everyone agrees with the changes on the internet they are behind… Lead by truly exploring yourself.

    . Your Eggs may break: “ My mom raised me not to put all my eggs in one basket.” says Latifah… Internet Marketing is about channel management – are all your blogs in one venue or are you smart enough to Blog Roll?

    . Your Success Needs your Hustle: Some call it hard work, some call it Determination… In order to succeed organically with your Real Estate Strategy you must focus on your Niche market and work hard to share the stories of your communities.

    . Skepticism in proper doses is healthy: in Other words Ask Questions and learn the fundamentals of Internet Marketing. Some Questions are: Is the person training you on such topics a person with experience? Have they build websites that are organically on Page 1 of Google? are they teaching you substance of Marketing Mirage? Are you Learning SEO, Blogging, Internet Marketing from those in the field or those who read books? Are you mirroring your success from other successful Colleagues? etc…

    . Know when you are over your head: If something isn’t working and you have tried it for years you may need to review it. Many latch on to a Web Solutions and try to force it to work for them when deep down they know it’s time to move on… Find an expert and pay for their advise; Let’s call it a check up; and yes get a second opinion… if your website has not worked for you for years you may want to have an honest review.

    . Learn to Listen: At times listening can be very powerful; and the best kind is listening to yourself… in those quiet moments that you have to yourself you can start looking at the big picture and do your best planning.

    . Be a Pioneer: Don’t be afraid to take chances and forge a new path with your website… you don’t have to do it like everyone else; review websites outside your industry and learn from them and try some of their techniques.

    . Love where you are from: Focus on your local market like a laser beam – your motto is: “If it has to do with Real Estate in my Neighborhood, City or Town, it will be in my website.”

    . There is Joy in your Backyard: Your Real Estate Sellers are your neighbors and they live in your own backyard – make them happy. Those who commit themselves to help sellers end up getting more buyers; in fact our Sellers need us now more than ever.

    . Opportunity may be found in Crisis: You will face business challenges in Real Estate and a lot of competition; but don’t dismay. Use your Internet Marketing and SEO to grow your online visibility and commit yourself to getting to Page One of Google; yes others have already claimed that mantle and you may feel behind right now; but I am here to tell you that I have coached many to find their path and they are now there. So; Educate yourself from the best; define your plan of action; implement your plan; and be patient and resilient.

    . Be Honest: Find a group of business colleagues with whom you can share your Challenges and Successes; Commit yourself to giving more than taking – you will be amazed how much you will learn.

    . Finally – Be You!!! (No comment from me on this one.)

    Yes Internet Marketing and Real Estate SEO are topics mired by many charlatans and wannabes – they have perfected the language of deception and the double speak and lingo of confusion; make sure you don’t fall for that. You can do this by putting together a Plan of Action that is methodical and precise; and stop thinking that you must do it for free – nothing worthwhile is free. Go on a journey of discovery and latch on to the best in the industry and you will start getting the results you seek.

    Happy Blogging Smile – Key Yessaad

    January 4th, 2011 12:00 PM

    Real Estate Sales are unlike any other field of Sales – the Real Estate Professional must not only manage and close the contracts he or she are working on but also generate the necessary leads to grow their business. Think about it: a Successful Real Estate Professional must focus daily on:

    1. Generating Leads

    2. Working on existing Leads to turn into potential Contracts

    3. Working on the Contracts on hand to turn into closings

    4. Managing an array of colleagues, Lawyers, Financing agencies, Regulations, etc…

    5. and only make money when all of these line up properly – ouch…

    No wonder so many are stressed and develop bad habits… The 5 points above are only a few of all the demands that Agents face day in day out.

    The article I am sharing with you has to do with your Brain and your Habits – it is illuminating and so I will share a few bullet points that will help you reduce stress and generate good habits; I would like to read the article when you get a chance – it will really help you get to know yourself a little bit better.

    Some Important takeaways:

    1. Once you latch on to a good habit Repeat, repeat, repeat the new behavior; try to set a special time for that habit and perform it at the same time.

    2. In order to feel good you must raise your dopamine – exercise does that.

    3. Don’t always punish yourself – Reward yourself once a week.

    4. The Biggest trigger of Bad habits is Stress – give yourself time to breathe…

    In all my endeavors one common theme always emerges – those who develop good habits get closer to achieving their goals; and the fields of Internet Marketing and Real Estate SEO are no different.

    Happy Blogging Smile – Key Yessaad

    Full Article By LAURAN NEERGAARD

    Uh-oh, the new year’s just begun and already you’re finding it hard to keep those resolutions to junk the junk food, get off the couch or kick smoking. There’s a biological reason a lot of our bad habits are so hard to break — they get wired into our brains.

    That’s not an excuse to give up. Understanding how unhealthy behaviors become ingrained has scientists learning some tricks that may help good habits replace the bad.

    “Why are bad habits stronger? You’re fighting against the power of an immediate reward,” says Dr. Nora Volkow, director of the National Institute on Drug Abuse and an authority on the brain’s pleasure pathway.

    It’s the fudge vs. broccoli choice: Chocolate’s yum factor tends to beat out the knowledge that sticking with veggies brings an eventual reward of lost pounds.

    “We all as creatures are hard-wired that way, to give greater value to an immediate reward as opposed to something that’s delayed,” Volkow says.

    Just how that bit of happiness turns into a habit involves a pleasure-sensing chemical named dopamine. It conditions the brain to want that reward again and again — reinforcing the connection each time — especially when it gets the right cue from your environment.

    People tend to overestimate their ability to resist temptations around them, thus undermining attempts to shed bad habits, says experimental psychologist Loran Nordgren, an assistant professor at Northwestern University’s Kellogg School of Management.

    “People have this self-control hubris, this belief they can handle more than they can,” says Nordgren, who studies the tug-of-war between willpower and temptation.

    In one experiment, he measured whether heavy smokers could watch a film that romanticizes the habit — called “Coffee and Cigarettes” — without taking a puff. Upping the ante, they’d be paid according to their level of temptation: Could they hold an unlit cigarette while watching? Keep the pack on the table? Or did they need to leave the pack in another room?

    Smokers who’d predicted they could resist a lot of temptation tended to hold the unlit cigarette — and were more likely to light up than those who knew better than to hang onto the pack, says Nordgren. He now is beginning to study how recovering drug addicts deal with real-world temptations.

    But temptation can be more insidious than how close at hand the cigarettes are.

    Always snack in front of your favorite TV show? A dopamine-rich part of the brain named the striatum memorizes rituals and routines that are linked to getting a particular reward, explains NIDA’s Volkow. Eventually, those environmental cues trigger the striatum to make some behaviors almost automatic.

    Even scientists who recognize it can fall prey.

    “I don’t like popcorn. But every time I go to the cinema, I have to eat it,” Volkow says. “It’s fascinating.”

    Much of what scientists know about dopamine’s role in habit formation comes from the study of alcohol and drug addiction, but it’s a key player in more common habits, too, especially overeating.

    In fact, for anything that links an action and a reward, “dopamine is indispensable for the formation of these habits,” Volkow says.

    A movement to pay people for behavior changes may exploit that connection, as some companies offer employees outright payments or insurance rebates for adopting better habits.

    It’s not clear yet just how well a financial incentive substitutes as a reward. In one experiment, paying smokers at General Electric up to $750 to kick the habit nearly tripled the number who did, says Dr. Kevin Volpp, who directs the Center for Health Incentives at the University of Pennsylvania.

    A similar study that dangled dollars for weight loss found no difference — and environmental temptation might help explain the differing results.

    It’s getting hard to smoke in public but “every time you walk down the street, there’s lots of sources of high-calorie, tasty, low-cost food,” Volpp says.

    However paying for behavior plays out, researchers say there are some steps that may help counter your brain’s hold on bad habits:

    _Repeat, repeat, repeat the new behavior — the same routine at the same time of day. Resolved to exercise? Doing it at the same time of the morning, rather than fitting it in haphazardly, makes the striatum recognize the habit so eventually, “if you don’t do it, you feel awful,” says Volkow the neuroscientist, who’s also a passionate runner.

    _Exercise itself raises dopamine levels, so eventually your brain will get a feel-good hit even if your muscles protest.

    _Reward yourself with something you really desire, Volkow stresses. You exercised all week? Stuck to your diet? Buy a book, a great pair of jeans, or try a fancy restaurant — safer perhaps than a box of cookies because the price inhibits the quantity.

    _Stress can reactivate the bad-habit circuitry. “You see people immediately eating in the airport when their flight is canceled,” Volkow points out.

    _And cut out the rituals linked to your bad habits. No eating in front of the TV, ever.

    “What you want to be thinking about is, `What is it in my environment that is triggering this behavior?’” says Nordgren. “You have to guard yourself against it.”

    January 5th, 2011 12:32 PM

    The blog today will be short but also useful – many who have had a website for many years and a deep Search Engine Index like to know what are their most powerful pages. Wouldn’t be also nice to know which of your indexed pages have the highest visibility for a specific keyword or search phrase?

    The Geeks of this world use tools like Google Webmaster Tools and conjure such statistics, but let’s be practical it is cumbersome for most Real Estate Agents; so why not learn a couple of tricks that can help you get some insights:

    The way you are going to view these results is by first going to Google.com and typing the Operators I will share with you into the Search Bar and pressing Enter.

    [Note: replace the word yourdomain.com with of course your own domain. (it sounds obvious but sometime people forget.]

    1. Find your Website Most Powerful Pages: www site:yourdomain.com

    Example: if Mike Grumbles wanted to see his region’s website most powerful pages he would go to Google and in the search bar type: www site:withexit.com – the index will reveal something like 430 indexed pages ordered by the currently most powerful pages do appear in the index.

    Example: if Steve Manley wanted to do the same thing he would type: www site:mysearchforhomes.com – you get the idea.

    2. Find your website Most Powerful Pages related of a specific Keyword: site:yourdomain.com keyword

    Example: Let’s take Craig Summerall and let’s say he wanted to find the post powerful pages related to the keyword “Lexington SC Real Estate” in his website; he would type in the Google Search bar: site:lexingtonscrealestateguide.com Lexington sc Real Estate

    This could be quite a useful tool if say you wish to find out if Google has indexed you for a specific concept; if Shelia Bennett was trying to find the pages that contain the concept “St Helena Island Homes” in her website she would type: site:exitbeaufort.com St Helena Island Homes

    PS: another way of finding exact phrases within your website is to add quotation marks as in: site:withexit.com “Real Estate SEO” – this will show you all the pages that contain the exact phrase “Real Estate SEO” in the website withexit.com and ordered by the most powerful pages.

    These two seemingly cryptic ideas will start revealing to you your website construct and effectiveness; of course your website on its own is not enough – it is how it fits in the Google-Sphere  that matters the most. When you are working on your Real Estate SEO remember to be deliberate and focused; blog once a week; and continue to learn the fundamentals.

    Happy Blogging :) – Key Yessaad

    It can be argued that Search Engine Optimization has been the bastion of those lured by easy money and promises or riches beyond the grasp of reality. Yet those who truly understand this field see it differently – it is an avenue that connects Marketing and Search in a holistic way. Many do chase it at the beginning to follow the Mighty Dollar (nothing wrong with that) but a new breed of Marketers are steering it towards building TRUST.

    Real Estate Transactions and TRUST are more important now than ever before – the consumer is skittish and less trusting. They are scared to talk to us and we deserve some of the blame! What is worse the Real Estate Industry has been leaning heavily on Buyers when it comes to the Internet – Sellers are for the most part forgotten; We MUST change that…

    Let’s learn to build TRUST – Not a Sale; Let’s go for TRUST!!!

    One of my Mentors and Inspirational Writers is John C. Maxwell and I read him often; let’s look at a few of his ideas on Trust:

    1. Real Estate is a Personal Endeavor – Customers MUST Trust you if you are to have a long career.

    2. When you are Trusted people are saying the following about you: You are Accountable, Predictable, and Reliable.

    3. You build Trust daily; One activity at the Time; One person at the Time.

    4. Trust is eroded when: Promises are broken; Gossip Flourishes; Information is Withheld; and plain Lying becomes a way of doing business.

    Let’s look how you can use TRUST within your Real Estate SEO Strategy:

    Time: Take the Time to Listen to your customers and tailor your website to their needs – do include your Sellers; in fact they are at times more important – aren’t they after all our neighbors.

    Respect: Stop the trickery of requiring users to register before they can search your IDX feed; Delayed Registration is ok but required registration to download information is passé. The SEO part of this is simple – if consumers are blocked by a registration form – so are Web Crawlers… Think about it.

    Undeterred Commitment: Your day to day approach to Trust with Customers is focused and unyielding; Offer Content regularly to your website; Blog, Blog, Blog…

    Sensitivity: Humanize your Website with Videos not for the sake of SEO but so others can know who you are and your values.

    Touch: Encourage those around you to do better; they will in turn encourage you to reach another level… Add personal touch of thoughtful 1-click Searches that help both your Buyers and Sellers to understand their communities. (SEO is about 1-Click Searches…)

    My final thought is simple – Never worry about SEO or Internet Marketing to generate leads, focus on Trust and Authenticity and your business will flourish.

    Happy Blogging Smile – Key Yessaad

    Those of you who follow this ongoing Blog Discussion know that we are focused on how to create the right habits, circumstances, and tools to create Internet Visibility that is both Organic and Leads Conversion Friendly. This important Marketing Exercise has been reduced to the term SEO or Search Engine Optimization – and is paralleled with the desire to be on Google without having to pay for it; a Silly Concept few understand. A Proper Internet Marketing Strategy is not about saving money – it is about helping your Consumers reach their Goals.

    Reducing your Internet Strategy to creating Leads is always short term, expensive, and lacking of vision… it must be driven by Passion, Solutions, and the desire to help Real Estate Sellers… Let’s look at the Biggest Mistake Real Estate Brokers and Agents commit when pursuing SEO.

    Targeting Too Many Keywords

    Let me be frank I hate the word “Keyword”; I know what it means but it has been used to confused more than help. There are underground marketers who keep tailoring their websites and SEO to attract the latest sucker by promising how to make money on the internet; You are not in that businesses so get rid of that mindset. Your business is Real Estate and if you work in Franklin Tennessee – your Top Keywords are simple: Franklin TN Real Estate; Franklin TN Homes for Sale, etc… Your Secondary Keywords are Franklin TN Land for Sale; Franklin TN Foreclosures;  Franklin TN Condos for Sale; etc… you get the picture.

    I meet lots of agents who are nowhere to be seen on the internet, they read a book on Search Engine Optimization, start understanding the ramifications of Internet Marketing and their Business; and then decide to pursue every Key word under the Sun… So, so wrong…

    The moment you use SEO to try to get Everything – you get Nothing!!!

    So what is a thoughtful Real Estate Agent to do:

    1. Focus on your Niche Markets – Neighborhoods, Communities, and Subdivisions.

    2. Eat the Elephant of SEO one bite at the time – don’t go for all the keywords at once; get to page 1 for your most localized market and then build on that.

    3. Don’t Stop prospecting thinking that the internet will do it for you; use the internet to enhance your prospecting.

    4. Know your Niche Marketing Inventory and blog about the trends in that “Niche” market.

    5. Blog and focus your Blog on only one (1) Niche Market until you become the top go-to Realtor in it; then open up other Niche Markets.

    PS: Make sure your localized Niche Markets have activity – this may sound silly but if you were to focus on “Land for Sale” in a state like North Carolina with little turnover and little financing you may end up getting 100% of Zero Transactions – which is the same as getting Nothing.

    Real Estate SEO and Internet Marketing are not hard to comprehend if you are able to set aside your ego, and your needs… Stay Focused, Offer unmatched Service, and work hard to earn your Reputation!

    Happy Blogging :) – Key Yessaad

    The idea that a Real Estate Agent will make more money with one Franchise versus another is at best misguided… In fact any agent who is seduced by it is looking at the beauty of the brand Skin Deep… You must go to the core of the Brand or Real Estate Agency and conjure its values and Business Processes.

    This blog is not about whether a particular brand is better than any other; the nature of the competitive landscape of Real Estate gets them closer to one another when it comes to compensation or so-called Split; the question I ask: “Is the bottom line for the Full Time Professional Compensation?” – I argue Not.

    New Agents make the mistake of chasing the highest split and forget the potential for access to Transactions; Expertise, and Market Presence…

    So how does an established REALTOR chase the best deal for her career? (I offer a few thoughts…)

    [If you are new agent find an established shop in your town and soak up the experience – once a real estate professional closes 40 to 50 transactions they truly start seeing the Business with new set of eyes… ]

    1. The most important investigation a Real Estate Agent must make before moving from a brand to another is to know themselves. Know your Strengths and know your Weaknesses. You want the prospective brand to enhance your Strengths through Market Visibility, Proven Tools and Training, and added Transactions.

    2. No brand can make your weaknesses disappear – if you have bad habits you will have them wherever you go; don’t be seduced by those who promise to make them go away. In fact don’t even worry about them; these chronic bad habits or weaknesses are there because you tolerate them; so in a sense you want them to stick around. Only you can make a difference in that realm…

    in Other Words: The Brand you wish to work for must enhance your Strengths NOT eliminate your Weaknesses.

    3. Look for Environment more than Split. Success is driven by those we associate with and from an inner drive that transcends all challenges. Getting a high compensation is a logical step for you – but those who focus on it exclusively miss the forest for the trees.

    4. Look for Vision and Commitment. These are in fact very easy concept to conjure – talk to other agents within the prospective company and listen to them; its not the testimonials they share that matter; it is the intangibles of day to day inner working that illuminate.

    5. This last one is controversial for most agents – instead of looking for what is best for you; look how your addition to a prospective brokerage will be a contribution to them; ask yourself: Can I help this Brokerage be more successful? What can I bring to the team that will enhance the customer experience? what is a fair split to me and to my brokerage? I recognize that many brokers will think that these questions are never asked by agents; they see them as selfish always worried and #1 (Me, Myself, and I.)

    I believe that there is a new breed of connected professionals who understand these ideas; they wish to not only make a career of Real Estate but be a contribution to Society. We must build brokerages that invite them into the fold and pay them a fair compensation- one that benefits them, but mostly benefits the communities we live in.

    Book Recommendation: “Drive: The Surprising Truth About What Motivates Us” – by Daniel Pink

    Happy Blogging :) – Key Yessaad

    Key Same Recents Posts on KeySeoBlog.com:

    "Drive your Real Estate Excellence – Don’t let SEO be the source of your confusion!" - Key Yessaad

    Real Estate Internet and SEO Trainings - Extreme Niche Marketing

    Real Estate Internet Marketing, Real Estate SEO, Google Marketing Trainings, Real Estate Websites, Real Estate Trainings, Real Estate Websites

    Key Yessaad - Real Estate Web Trainer and Internet StrategistKey Yessaad – Real Estate Trainings and Internet Strategies. My drive is to illuminate, empower, then turn over the process to my participants through Plans of Action that produce Results – Internet Marketing, when successful, transcends Websites and goes to the core habits of all Real Estate Professionals – You can no longer afford to ignore the place SEO, Social Media, and Internet Marketing play in your Day to Day business growth. Key Yessaad and SEO Blogs at (910) 367-5391 or (910) 538-6610.

  • Real Estate SEO Wrap up as of December 29th 2010

    Posted Under: Agent2Agent in Wilmington  |  December 29, 2010 6:46 PM  |  11,832 views  |  No comments

    The end of the year brings about the necessary review and planning for the year ahead - many of the blogs in this Wrap up focus on Planning and some ideas Real Estate Agents ought to consider for the growth of their business. Think of Internet Marketing and SEO as an important ingredient in your future growth - you must understand these concepts to compete effectively.

    The process of translating what you know into what other can use to help them grow their business is not as simple as you may think… Knowing does not always translate into Teaching; imparting knowledge to others does require skill and awareness.

    The majority of Trainers in Real Estate focus on Scripts – what agents and brokers must remember and then regurgitate because they assume the level of intellect brought forth by Real Estate Professionals is limited; memorizing scripts usually becomes a detrimental NOT empowering process.

    The idea of script memorizing is flawed… Our Agents are Smarter then you think!

    Scripts are a crutch for those too new to the Real Estate Industry and they do help here and there – but authentic understanding is more powerful than memorized facts.

    So what must Brokers ponder?

    1. Assume that your Real Estate Agents are Smart enough to understand the nuances of Internet Marketing, SEO, and Google Visibility.

    2. Put them in front of people who help them understand rather than confuse them with the technical side of the internet.

    3. Assume that your agents want to succeed – and continue to ask the best out them. When you do you are respecting them and elevating their vision of themselves.

    4. You must perform your own Due Diligence on potential Trainers – find out if you are offering fluff for the sake of looking good, or actual measurable solutions that will cause a win-win for you and your colleagues.

    These straightforward ideas may sound too simplistic but growing a successful Real Estate Agency comes at a price; and many brokers are not ready to bear that burden… Collaboration, Respect, and Delegation are crucial to your Agency Success…

    Happy Blogging :) – Key Yessaad

    Successful Real Estate Professionals build their business on their ability to generate deals – in other words the Art of Deal making but many of them fail to build teams and hire Administrators because of that gift…

    Think about it – why are many Sales people attracted to Real Estate…??? Let’s be honest; it is the potential of unlimited income. There are many Real Estate professionals, but a fraction is capable of making 7 figures. So what is their Achilles’ Hill?

    1. Many of these successful Brokers and Agents think that because they earn their income based on commission everyone else’s income should be based on commission as well. This flaw makes them think that the way they can get the best out of their workers is by scaring them into more income… contingent income is flawed – it is not the same as contingent commissions.

    2. These Realtors confuse performance based on Closings for the hourly work of implementation based on activity – a very flawed thinking. The best thing a Real Estate Agency or a Team Leader can realize is that the motivation for making money is different for diverse people. The majority of us want to make a Living Wage and go home and be with our families; others, a very small percentage, don’t mind suffering waiting for the whale of a deal.

    3. Never hire employees on commission; as the leader of your agency you must have a clear understanding of the tasks you expects from your employees, a predictable number of daily hours, and an hourly wage with a fixed number of hours per week… you are not going to pay a McDonald’s employee based on the number of Happy Meals you sell… what a silly idea.

    4. When you fail to do the above task (#3) you must accept that you are hiring a partner who makes money when you make money – they are therefore entitled to know what you have been doing all day… but because you hired them as employees you resent that… You must wake up… You did not hire them… you hired them on a contingency… they make a percentage of income when you make money… the true definition of a partner NOT an employee.

    5. You MUST ask your self these 2 simple questions: “Have I given my employee a living wage? And are they living up to my expectations?” if so then you are on track but this is not enough… you must implement employee performance reviews every quarter and the potential for bonuses based on true measurable performance at the end of the year.

    6. When you get a chance watch Daniel Pink talk about “The Surprising Science of Motivation” on YouTube (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rrkrvAUbU9Y) – it may enlighten your 2011 Plan of Action.

    The Blog today in not about Real Estate SEO but rather about viewing the world from the prism of those who work to make an hourly wage from us – Not everyone is driven to make a commission from the potential that Real Estate offers.

    Happy Blogging :) – Key Yessaad

    The few traits on Character and Leadership I write about in this short blog are not new; we must always strive to remember that character and business growth are connected at a deep core; a foundation that is unshackle, a place that transcends fear and apathy.

    1. Conviction: Know what you stand for and beware of your so-called ”Status” – many define you by what you have; but your value shines through who you are.

    2. Empathy: the desire to truly put yourself in the shoes of others because you seek true understanding. To connect at this level reveals that you have much in common with your colleagues and business partners; your desire to empathize allows for “the seeking of solutions” rather than “the dividing on ideology.”

    3 Tough-mindedness: Some view this ability as contradictory to Empathy; in fact they go well together. To have clarity and then pursue one’s desire for building something larger requires Mental Toughness and a heart that goes with it. So work hard and don’t quit once you know what you are working towards. (and money is not the goal.)

    4. Demanding Thinking: Your mind is equipped to handle complex Ideas but you must demand of it to think by “thinking.” You must focus, read, travel, meet new people, engage in social activities, and reduce the noise of devices that force to be an observer. The gift of thought is wonderful if you choose to exercise it.

    5. Know what is Right: Trust your moral compass; when you allow yourself to be true you will know deep inside what your values are – trust them.

    6. Be uncomfortable: This one is may seem strange to many; isn’t after all our goal to be in pure harmony? No; struggling makes you stronger – so if you are in uncomfortable situations from time to time you will find your true voice and grow as a person. Go to new places, meet people of different faiths and rituals, have coffee with a competitor, play tennis with your left hand (if you are a righty…), you get the point.

    7. Love deeply and truthfully: Yes romantic love sometimes clouds this topic and most expect it to be filled with reciprocity; the love I am talking about does not require validation or perfection; it simply is.

    The theme of these few ideas keep returning in all my coaching sessions on Real Estate SEO and Web Strategies; strange to see that the foundations of character reverberates even through a dry subject as SEO ( Search Engine Optimization); and yet is in not strange at all if you really think about it…

    Happy Blogging :) – Key Yessaad

    Organic visibility within Search Engines is a combination of hundreds of ingredients and so to say that an element is more important than any other must be placed in it proper context… it is recognized by most SEO experts that the algorithms used by Google and Bing are driven by no less that 10 primary fundamental ideas, and include nearly 300+ parameters that define them. Most of them are esoteric but some have proven to be quite reliable in the world of Organic Visibility.

    Let’s us talk about the Title.

    Definition: The Title of a Web/Blog Page, also known as the Title Tag, is the text that is displayed in the top of your browser above the URL address bar.

    Let’s look at an example: When you visit this page about a book by Richard Feynman “Surely you are Joking Mr. Feynman” you will see, way at the Top: “Surely you’re joking, Mr. Feynman … – Google Books – Windows Internet Explorer, or the same followed by – Mozilla Firefox depending on your browser. The title of this page clearly defines the page that you are on. It is a book by the late amazing Physicist Dr. Feynman that Google Books has scanned. (PS: it is an incredible book and has nothing to do with Physics per-se… I highly recommend it.)

    The words you place in your Title are very important, the geeks say it this way: Keywords that are placed properly in the Title are essential to your visibility. I personally hate the word “Keywords” because most get confused by it and they start doing things like this: “Myrtle Beach Real Estate, Myrtle Beach Homes for Sale, Myrtle Beach Condos” – Title Tags that look like this are terrible and harm you more than help you…

    You must choose your words properly not based on some SEO formula but simply by focusing on the story you are telling. The “words” in your title are one of the best clues for Search Engines to start the ranking process – they help Search Engines understand the topic of the page you are adding to your website. Please remember this is not sufficient but the more focused your title the easier it is for Search Engines to Index the page under a placement you desire. Let us say you are going to explain the process of getting financing for Condos in your town of Majestic Idaho – titling your page: “How to Finance your Condo in Majestic Idaho?” would be a good start. Of course the content must explain the ideas in the title and connect with it.

    Let the story dictate the Title – NOT your SEO Strategy… Those who chase placement fail miserably; those who offer Solutions climb organically.

    This is Part 1 on the Title Tag… Let see in the future parts how we can use this important idea and how Websites Vendors can help Realtors do this simply – Real Estate SEO and Internet Marketing is NOT for the Geeks it is for our Agents to help solve the problems of our customers.

    Happy Blogging :) – Key Yessaad

    It’s Christmas and so I will combine my love for Opera, Inspirational Videos, and Poetry and share a video and a poem…

    Paul Sings Nessun Dorma – Very Inspiring
    "Pull from within your spirit and push your passion towards Excellence!" - Key

    A Christmas Poem:

    May you have the gladness of Christmas which is hope;
    The spirit of Christmas which is peace;
    The heart of Christmas which is love.
    ~Ada V. Hendricks

    Merry Christmas to all my friends and family – I am thinking of you today… Smile Key Yessaad

    December 26th, 2010 12:42 PM

    Here is a short list of business ideas collected from various sources, mentors, and my own coaching trainings that can illuminate your progress into 2011… use them to start thinking about your business and the direction you seek for yourself.

    You must fall in love with yourself; no I don’t mean narcissism – I mean realize that you have no limits in ability and capacity. Your mind can handle the most complex tasks, your spirit is strong and giving, you can immerse yourself in any endeavor once you learn it (educate yourself); so what would you be capable of if you truly pursued your true dreams?; if there were no limits set on you by others what would you do? and will you discipline yourself to reach those dreams?

    You will be confronted with all kinds of Business Issues, some you have not prepared for – it is how you react that will set you aside; Some adversity will even make you stronger. One aspect of adversity are the lessons we learn and the decisions we make about ourselves; don’t be so quick to put yourself down – pick yourself up, trust in your imagination and skills, and tackle the adversity with resilience, humility, and a generous amount of learning. Don’t hesitate to call a colleague or a trusted mentor to help you along.

    The rosy scenario of your Business Plan is why you go to work and build a future; but, from time to time, review that Business Plan and look also at the Worst Case Scenario. You want to be prepared for the Best and Worst – this has nothing to do with thinking negatively; it has to do with thinking realistically. A Good Business Plan can handle these stresses, in fact the way to conquer fear is to be prepared.

    Who are you surrounded by? Are the Business Colleagues you work with people you respect? You see Success mirrors Success but unfortunately Failure thrives in the petri dish of Failure… Are you accepting of others’ failures so your minor successes resonate louder? Look around and do something about yourself and the people you associate with – you cannot fix them; let them be! Work on yourself and start bringing into your life people you admire and enjoy working with.

    To those who follow my Blogs: Many have asked why I write about such an array of topics that sometimes do not deal directly with the topic of Real Estate SEO and Internet Marketing.

    a Fair question!

    In fact I do; they are all connected.

    The prism through which I view the internet and Search Engine Optimization is that of serving the consumer. I don’t help Brokers get to page 1 of Search Engines for them to just make money; I work with Brokers who love Real Estate and enjoy working with the public to offer meaningful solutions; and the internet is one such vehicle. Many choose to get organically visible to manipulate or sell useless services, worse to plunder and cheat. I think we can do better…

    Happy Blogging :) – Key Yessaad

    Real Estate Websites Vendors are not in the business of SEO, in fact I claim they should not be… A good vendor focuses on providing the tools and ease of use so the brokers and Agents can tailor their SEO strategies to compete locally. It is quite important that these vendors understand the fundamentals of Search Engine Optimization or they won’t be able to offer the right tools; in fact it is my contention that except for a couple of vendors the field is mired in a sea of incompetence. I have reviewed many websites where every page has the same title – horrifying!

    The post today will focus on how vendors can open up their Content Management Systems to the simple lonely <Title Tag> – this is part 2 (see Part 1)

    If you remember the Title of a Web/Blog Page, also known as the Title Tag, is the text that is displayed in the top of your browser above the URL address bar. this is an important signal for Search Engines, it allows them to formulate a sense of your content and starts them on the journey of indexing and ranking you. For simplicity sake think of your Web or Blog Pages as stories and make sure you give each the proper title.

    Now let’s talk about how vendors can do a better job to offer control over this important Tag:

    1. Offer both a CMS and a Blog Platform. A CMS stands for Content Management System and is usually driven to add Web Pages that will either appear in Primary or Secondary Navigations. These are called the anchor pages of your website; many such pages are also called landing pages, or search-based pages. In addition, vendors should also offer a Blog Platform; these pages are for journaling purposes; story telling focused on specific topics. Blog Pages behave similarly to Web Pages and many advanced users do not see a difference between them but I contend there is an enormous difference for the user.

    Let me delve a little deeper on this distinction; a good CMS, or Web Page Manager, will offer the user the ability to produce content that is navigationally available and therefore forces them to think on multiple levels. It is rare when anchor web pages are created without a plan that cohesively brings them together; for example say you wish to create a section in your navigation for Foreclosures; well this page may need to spawn several pages that are focused on Search Results in the 10 neighborhoods the user works in. Bottom-line: a Good CMS allows dimensional and architectural management of Web Pages – not a daily task.

    Now let’s look at a good Blog Platform; it allows agents to focus on one idea, link it to primary pages, and then post it – a simple task that does not require navigational expertise; nor should it. Think of a scenario where a Real Estate professional attends City Council Meetings and shares his or her views on zoning issues and how they affect their primary Real Estate Markets; a blog will be perfect for that. in addition a powerful blog platform like WordPress allows the users to categorize and tag their content, so a pseudo navigation is created without thinking dimensionally.

    2. Try to make the CMS and the Blog Platform behave similarly. this is easy; make sure the places in which the user inserts the title, the box where the content is typed, and the tools used for editing are exactly the same. As to the rest well they will behave differently depending on which one is used – I will not get into the other Page Tools in this post (see upcoming posts…)

    3. Make the URLs generate automatically from the title of the Blog Post or the CMS Page. There are many ways of doing this but a look at say WordPress will reveal that once a user types in a title a Permalink is generated and conforms with proper index-able URLs. So if your title is “Foreclosures Solutions in Lansing Michigan” you end up with a URL: www.yourdomain.com/foreclosures-solutions-in-lansing-michigan if it is a CMS Page or: www.yourdomain.com/2010/12/27/foreclosures-solutions-in-lansing-michigan if it is a blog post. Of course these are only examples – there are many permutations and solutions that a good website vendor understands.

    Very few vendors offer such controls over the Title Tag, and very few yet understand that a Good CMS alone is not enough; but a new crop of smart vendors are realizing that their job is to offer tools that are Real Estate SEO friendly. The new generation of Internet Marketers know how to use such tools and excel at their own Internet Visibility. Gone are the days when vendors ask you for a title when you are first building your website and spin all your pages with the same title with no controls.

    PS: WordPress is a Blogging Platform and some Real Estate Professionals have used it as a primary website; it must be noted that such a platform without the full integration of IDX will limit the agent ability to create internet scale and visibility in the Real Estate Field.

    Happy Blogging Smile – Key Yessaad

    Preparing for 2011 is an important endeavor towards your Business Success, and yes you have probably been handed a Goal Setting Sheet by our Broker or Manager. Do spend some time working on your plan; Goals that are written, carved into activities, and reviewed monthly tend to foster Success – and only 3% of all Real Estate Agents do so. (what a missed opportunity.)

    In this blog I want you to go even further – You MUST understand that “You are the business,” in fact, you are the most important ingredient of your Business Plan. The work you do on yourself is as important as all of the tools you have to build your business – so let’s look at a couple of ideas…

    1. Resolve yourself to Excellence: I want you to define Excellence for yourself and spice up your business Plan and Goals with it. Remember to divide your goals into activities, then into monthly tasks, down to your weekly agenda. The easier you can fit your activities into your calendar the more realistic your results. As you perform your tasks keep Excellence in front of you; when you do you won’t resent the time you have spent writing a blog, or the 15 calls you made to prospect– rather you will be performing them with gratitude. 2. Evaluate yourself thoughtfully: There are eight areas for Self-Assessment – these few questions should help you start to get in touch with your strengths.

    Ambition: Have you written down high and stretching goals and planned how you are going to achieve them?

    Vision: Have you formed a clear idea of where you want to be and what you want to be doing in five years' time?

    Confidence: Do you feel able to do anything that is needed now, do it well, and master new abilities and tasks as required?

    Competitiveness: Are you never satisfied until you have clearly won all the prizes against the best competition around?

    Risk Taking: Do you believe in your own ability to judge a risk as worth taking and to take your chances effectively?

    Energy and Drive: Can you bring full mental powers to bear on an issue, to decide on the right action, and see it through?

    Leadership: Can you mobilize others to achieve group ambitions, as well as develop other leaders and bring them forward?

    Self-Criticism: Are you a relentless perfectionist who constantly seeks to improve and to get others to do the same?

    Important: As you reveal your strengths you will also unveil your weaknesses; don’t be so quick to fix them - these maybe areas that you should turn over to an assistant or a paid colleague. I am not convinced that we must excel at everything but I have seen many who are willing to delegate to others and produce bigger results than on their own; Forge good alliances and partnerships.

    3. Accept Communication: This one may seem simple on the surface but the number one consumer complaint is their Real Estate Agents did not communicate with them enough. In order for Good News to find its way to you you must allow all the bad calls to come through as well. Do your best not to screen calls, and if a consumer is upset with you make a point of talking to them; avoiding them will only fester and make things worst.PS: Do not Resolve conflict using email or Social Media – you will only escalate anger and resentment.

    I want to finish by sharing a video posted by Craig Summerall on a series called “Monday Morning Choices”

    Share your thoughts and insights – I’d love to hear your take…

    Happy Blogging :) – Key Yessaad

    December 29th, 2010 6:56 PM

    One important metric in your Real Estate SEO growth is your domain name, more importantly its age… this often surprises a lot of newbie’s to SEO but if you think about it carefully it does make sense… Websites earn a reputation with age and Search Engines rely on that reputation in their index.


    How Old is your Website?

    How Old is your Website?

    Here are a few ideas you must keep in mind.

    1. Never give up ownership of your domain name!

    2. The age of your domain is only valuable if it has been hosted and has content in it that has been indexed; if you bought a domain 10 years ago and parked it a GoDaddy that does not count.

    3. Your domain must match your Marketing. Make sure you have a marketing plan and let the domain name reflect it.

    4. Try to avoid Trademark names. Yes at the beginning no one will know you domain is called augustamls.com but once your domain becomes visible you may end up losing this domain because it contains the word MLS; same goes for REALTOR or other national trademarked Name.

    5. Check with your Broker and National Brand Manager if you work at a franchise – they may have rules on what domain you can own. You do not want to buy a domain that’s named say: MyKellerWilliamsAgent.com and end up losing it because you infringed on your Brand Marketing Rules. (PS: you may have the right to keep the domain but the franchise can choose to let you go – and what good would that domain do you then?)

    6. Pick a domain name you can live with for the next 25 years of your Real Estate Career – once you do keep building it up with content and solutions. (again make sure you own your domain; I know of hundreds of horror stories; see How dare they own “my” domain?)

    7. Don’t despair if you have never owned a domain before – starting today with the right website is still the right thing to do. Yes you will experience a Sandbox effect in which hardly anything will seem to move your website; but if you are diligent and continue to add deliberate content with the right link strategy your website will start moving towards your goals.

    In the world of Real Estate SEO many ingredients must come together to create organic visibility – don’t let the perfect be the enemy of the good… the best thing you can do is to get going wherever you are right now…

    Happy Blogging :) – Key Yessaad

    "Drive your Real Estate Excellence – Don’t let SEO be the source of your confusion!" - Key Yessaad

    Real Estate Internet and SEO Trainings - Extreme Niche Marketing

    Real Estate Internet Marketing, Real Estate SEO, Google Marketing Trainings, Real Estate Websites, Real Estate Trainings, Real Estate Websites

    Key Yessaad - Real Estate Web Trainer and Internet StrategistKey Yessaad – Real Estate Trainings and Internet Strategies. My drive is to illuminate, empower, then turn over the process to my participants through Plans of Action that produce Results – Internet Marketing, when successful, transcends Websites and goes to the core habits of all Real Estate Professionals – You can no longer afford to ignore the place SEO, Social Media, and Internet Marketing play in your Day to Day business growth. Key Yessaad and SEO Blogs at (910) 367-5391 or (910) 538-6610.

  • Real Estate SEO Wrap up as of December 19th 2010

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    The main theme of the past 10 days of my Real Estate Blogs is "Understanding." Real Estate Professionals and Web Vendors must find a way to connect authentically and based on mutual respect for intellect - not on marketing trickeries. The number of websites that are ill equipped to help consumers is very high and Realtors must learn to ask the right questions about SEO.

    Search Engines try to provide Searchers with relevant responses to their inquiries – and, probably, every person reading this is saying – “Duh!!!”

    Yet time and again as I interact with participants in my Workshops they would interject something like: “My competitor appears on Page 1 and I don’t – why?”

    Then I ask: “What Search Phrase are you not coming up for?”

    Inadvertently they will say something like: “Anytown USA Real Estate.”

    “Well, let’s look at your Website Content!” I interject, and 99 times out of 100 the primary information in their website is their name and the Brand they are licensed at. What they fail to understand is that their primary content is driven by the marketing of themselves and their Brand; which is ok – but they fail to focus on is localized content; and I don’t mean the selling of Real Estate in the whole State.

    Search Relevance is the first step in your SEO Journey

    What is unfortunate is many agents believe that Search Engines understand their business and can decipher relevance, as though through Magic…

    Here is the Bad News: “The fact that you are licensed in North Carolina and you say so in your website does not make your information Relevant to Searchers on the internet seeking solutions in Murphy North Carolina. Worse, the fact that you mention in your home page that you work in say Fayetteville NC does not make you the most Relevant content for those seeking Listings Solutions in Fayetteville.”

    Relevance means focused Rich Content on your primary market.

    Relevance means deep content not only about you and your Brand, Relevance means rich content about the Real Estate Market you specialize in – this is an essential step; without this content you will fail Step One of SEO, which is “Content Relevant to Searchers,” and it ain’t always about you.

    December 11th, 2010 11:47 AM

    Yesterday, a very dynamic broker called me and wanted to discuss whether I build websites, and of course I told her no and then I inquired why she asked. She told me that she had 2 websites, one built by her “cousin Vinnie” – you know that guy who took a community course on HTML and now builds websites; nothing wrong with that except for “Strategy;” and the other, the subject of this blog, built by a major expensive vendor.

    As we delved into the Broker Website Needs something emerged and it was the fact that she did not own her domain; she has had it for over 5 years at a monthly fee of $2,500 – that’s over $150,000 paid to this vendor and she does not even own her domain. In her mind we just get another domain and start over… so why is this a problem?

    1. The SEO Geeks already know the answer – let’s try to put in other ingredients into this mix.
    2. Domains that have been active for a number of years build Domain Authority and are easier to Optimize and rank organically than brand new domains. Yes her current ranking is dismal, even after 5 years, but this domain has an index, a weak one at that, but still a faint pulse that can be made stronger with the proper container.
    3. With this model the Broker is held hostage towards working with that Web Vendor – highly unethical. A domain is akin to a company name and ought to be owned by its rightful owner. This practice must stop immediately and domain ownership must be returned to their rightful owner – the web vendor should be in the business offering great service and web tools that help the Brokers work seamlessly with their agents and internet customers.
    4. Think about all the marketing, signs, blogs, emails, and links that you have been shared over the years using this domain… all will be gone once the broker desires to switch to another Vendor – worse the vendor will sell the service to your competition and they will have a leg up on you instantly. You cannot afford to rebrand your brokerage with a new website every few years – that is madness.
    5. In fact: One of the most important venues of marketing is the Internet and therefore your domain name is part of your identity.PS: The monthly cost has nothing to do with what is right and wrong in domain ownership – if you are a Web Vendor and you charge $50 a month for your services this applies to you as well.PPS: This Broker is not looking to leave this vendor but the practice is still wrong.

    What can Brokers do if they find themselves in this situation?

    1. Check to see if you own your domain – go to: whois.GoDaddy.com.
    2. Some of you will admit that you were told that you will not own your domain and even signed a contract that says so – it does not matter. They did not divulge to you the consequences of NOT owning your domain; this is a deceptive practice that some Web Vendors engage in; they reduce their payments on Pay per Clicks and make more marketing dollars from you. These Web Vendors know better and should be shamed into giving up this horrible practice. (There is more to this Marketing Trickery but it goes beyond the scope of this blog…)
    3. First things first: Call your Web Vendor nicely and let them know they made a mistake – they ought to transfer your domain to your name. (Of course you and I know they did not make a mistake – but it is always best to start nice. They will brush you off, so be prepared for that. Don’t threaten to close your account; it’s not effective – you want to have an account in good standing…)
    4. Escalate – keep asking for supervisors, and supervisors to supervisors – do not buy their story that these are their rules and everyone must abide by them. They are not; I know many who got their domain ownership back by being tenacious.
    5. Escalate some more to your local Broker Colleagues, Regional Franchisees, National Brand, and all organizations you belong to. Yes they may not be able to help you but it is your job to let everyone know what happened to you and in the process shine a spotlight on this abhorrent practice. Remember: Your National Brand cares more about your Brokerage than the Web Vendor.
    6. Write a blog and post it everywhere as well as share it on all your Social Media channels. Remember: They did not disclose to you the reason why they must own your domain – you made a decision based on trickery. Note: if you know a vendor who practices this Do ask them to defend it – I would love to hear why they feel they are the rightful owner of the domain.
    7. Let the Web Vendor know that you will dispute the rightfulness of domain ownership with ICANN – http://www.icann.org/en/dispute-resolution/ ; this is a powerful organization.
    8. Let them know you will submit complaints to the BBB, the FTC, and your State Attorney General. Remember: even if the practice is legal it is wrong – and if no one complaints it will continue to be legal.
    9. All of these steps will shame the Web Vendor to hopefully stop this practice; you must remember these Vendors need access to big national Brands and if their members start demanding this practice to stop they will have to acquiesce.

    I know that this article will catch me a lot of flack and many have asked me to not be so controversial, but the more I advance in my career to more I realize that I must speak up on certain issues. I love working with Web Vendors, in fact most of them do the right thing, and a handful of them are truly awesome – full of integrity and a desire to help Brokers have the best platform for their customers; you know who you are and I applaud you!!!

    December 12th, 2010 3:42 PM

    Many involved in Search Engine Optimization (SEO) follow Ranking Factors or the components of Ranking Algorithms; but did you know that Google prefers calling them Signals – and when you think about it that is a better term.

    Signals are markers that other can use to follow the direction of the signaler (think of driving the National Highways – you encounter all kind of Signals and Markers that help you get to your destination,) – in other words if my website focuses on Real Sales in Franklin Tennessee I must make sure that I have Markers that Signal Google and Bing to know that.

    Yes, Yes… this may seem like a simple idea but I spend 2 hours today talking to someone who has been trying to implement an Organic Strategy for nearly two years and in one fell swoop realized that his website was about him and the brand and Not the Signals that Search Engines must see to give him visibility in his local market.

    So what now?

    Visit your website with new eyes and ask yourself – What Signals is my Website sending? Do I have Markers that focus on my local Market? If you have the courage to unravel your content through this prism you will be well on your way towards a Real Estate SEO Strategy that produces results.

    PS: This is for the advanced users who have studied SEO and are experts in the field – please note that I do not write for you, I would be insulting your intelligence if I did; I write for a select group of Real Estate Professionals who are hungry for this information and who are tired of spending thousands of dollars in failed strategies – they truly want to understand these ideas in order to become true Real Estate Marketers. – Key Yessaad.


    December 13th, 2010 10:44 AM

    Vendors must understand that they work for us…

    An illusion surfaced ever since the advent of computers and here it is: “Programmers will solve the problems of consumers” – and yep the best programming minds keep trying… Think how the Fifties and Sixties were driven by the giant IBM… unfortunately many of them keep trying to build solutions without input from their users, in fact Programmers pretend they know better than their users – after all they are the smart ones.

    Programmers are awesome at building Tools, NOT Solutions…

    I have had an ongoing battle with programmers, Web Designers, Web Developers, and the like on these fundamentals… You, the Wed Developer, get to build tools – You, the Real Estate Professional, will utilize these tools to build your business. But the tools need to be humanized based on the input of the ultimate users – not the Robotic approach of programmers…

    “Don’t Robo Me Bro” – just give me the tool, I am smart enough to use it…

    Case in Point: Blogs

    I have had many conversations with Real Estate Web Developers who refuse to offer Blogging Platforms with their products, so what happens – the Real Estate Agents go and find a platform like WordPress or Blogger, to fill this niche. They desire to blog in their own platform (website) so they can tell their story, but now they have to learn another way of working that forces them to manage 2 ore more incompatible platforms.

    In fact a developer told me agents are too lazy and too dumb to write good Blogs – I told him that even if one concedes the point there a strong number of smart agile Agents who will excel with such tools; and that it was not his job to worry about the level of intellect but whether there is a need and to heed it.

    When are Developers going to listen? Real Estate SEO and Internet Marketing are the territory of Brokers and Agents, and the illusion that Programmers, and Developers know better is false and arrogant…

    Give us our tools, humanize them, and listen to us…

    PS: The Vendors that pay attention to the needs of the Real Estate Agents will continue to matter – those who don’t will be left asking the wrong programming queries.

    PPS: The solutions are not technical, lots of platforms are readily available for free, it is a question of will, planning, and integration.

    Happy Blogging – Key Yessaad

    I know many who struggle with the concept “Marketing,” and so they should – it is an important concept to understand if you are going to build a Real Estate Business that has longevity and success.

    What if we could simplify Marketing to its Essence – What does the Gecko do for Geico? I say he tells a story, and he tells it in a consistent manner… yes he has an Australian accent, and the big eyes make you fall for him (PS: did you know it is the Big Eyes that make you connect with the Gecko Personality.) but the Gecko works because it is a vehicle to tell a story…

    I advance that stories are composed of words…

    I further advance that the words you use in your Blogs, Listings, Bio, and Websites, help Search Engines discern what to do with your content…

    With all the advances that Google and Bing use to offer relevant content it all starts with the words, phrases, and paragraphs you use in your website and blogs – so:

    1. Are you telling your story?
    2. Is the story you are sharing driven by your ego or your market?
    3. Have you asked yourself – what stories should I share?
    4. Do you know that a story is a collection of words that help your consumers make decisions about solutions they seek?

    When you strip Marketing of its fancy music, pictures, cameras, and makeup, you are left with words that help tell a story, even behind a video Camera – marketing is Storytelling; embrace it and you will always be ahead in your Real Estate SEO and Marketing. – Key Yessaad

    So what are the driving forces and ingredients of Internet Marketing Success in Real Estate – many of the habits and ways of approaching your business success will resonate with all of you; and after working for many years with many who have truly succeeded on the Internet I can share these important characteristics:

    1. Be Tenacious: Stop dabbling and start focusing on your Market and Expertise. (You know you want to so go for it.)

    2. Be Driven and focused on your Market Happenings; use your local MLS Statistics, Local Newspapers, and Websites to educate yourself daily – you must know more about your Niche Market than most.

    3. You have a to have a Plan that you trust and work daily – Stop being a bumper car reacting to everything; some of your day should be yours.

    4. Committed to tell your story, not once, but ongoingly. Remember your story is attached to your listings, Testimonials, Videos, Accomplishments, Pictures, Blogs, Events, Colleagues…

    5. Connected: You are in the business of people – get to know everyone… and then connect with them on the Internet; Keep enlarging your Sphere…

    These few points may not illuminate Real Estate SEO or Internet Marketing – but if you are not focused on these fundamental ingredients then managing your website will be difficult.

    Happy Blogging! – Key Yessaad

    I just found out that John Becker has been nominated “REALTOR of the Year” by his Real Estate Colleagues at the Franklin Board of REALTORS.

    John Becker honored as REALTOR of the Year by his REALTOR Colleagues in Franklin NC

    John Becker honored as REALTOR of the Year by his Real Estate Colleagues in Franklin NC

    We are very proud of your accomplishments John and the way you work with your agency to help your colleagues with their Real Estate Business.

    I mention John in this Blog because I have seen him take his rudimentary knowledge on Internet Marketing and combine it with some of my trainings on Real Estate SEO to grow his business and influence in his community; Way to go John and keep being the positive person that you are!!!

    As an internet strategist I understand the day to day Needs of the Brokers and agents I coach vary depending on their production and plan of action… many will grasp at any straw in the wind, others will be methodical and focused but then there are those who see two to five years down the road and chart their course… and they are rare…

    The art of The Real Estate Deal is truly a skill few agents ever develop – the daily distractions and demands of their business command the majority of their time and they are left with very little time to plan and see into the future and so they forget about their website and how the public interacts with it…

    Let me share some verbiage that a Real Estate Broker has placed on his website as a means to attract users; he forgot that Web clients are mostly visuals, so long tedious text is mostly for SEO and for those who like to hear themselves talk – here is the snippet:

    “…Just to let you know, we’ve taken special training on how to use the complex search capabilities of our MLS system… These classes are free; however, some real estate agents don’t take the time to get this training. The classes frequently have only 5 or 6 people. Any agent can find homes in the MLS, but the training that we’ve received helps us to find the best homes for sale for you.”

    Really? Is this the text you want posted on your Home Page? I mean I can stretch my mind and think of this as a possible topic for a blog; but this text in the primary front page of your website – Really???

    1. This post is not about revealing who did this but to ask those who are working on their Real Estate SEO Strategy to focus on their content. Consumers love to perform their own Searches – they don’t need you to show them how to Search; in fact the Internet is about Search… offer them true Search Capability – not the pseudo “Register Here” and we will do it for you!

    2. Remember that Consumers are visual – you must intersperse within your text and content tools, maps, pictures, videos, etc…

    3. Do you review your primary content from time to time? This is important; your business and ranking is growing and what was appropriate 2 years ago may not fit the business conditions of today.

    4. Is your Home Page about Solutions? Remember Buyers and Sellers care about Search and Marketing.

    5. Have you embedded a video in your Primary Page that shares the values and focus of your website? Your would-be clients want to meet you before they (physically) meet you.

    So remember being on Page 1 of Google with a website that is pathetic is similar to being nowhere on the internet; SEO is about organic placement but nothing beats good strategic content.

    PS: This is a conversation that started with my colleague Steve Manley; you are awesome – Thank you for sharing it with me.

    Happy Blogging – Key Yessaad.

    This is an important topic for the Real Estate Professionals who desire to build Internet Marketing Solutions for their clients using their websites. The topic of Framed Websites confuses many and in fact is done on purpose by many vendors.

    But before I go on let’s ask the simple question: “What does it mean to frame a Web Page within another one?” When you create a Frame within your Website you can import content from another website to it. The Content that is Framed is really in another website but you are using it to show it within your website; it is a trick many use so they don’t have to go through the technical process of building their website the right way.

    You probably want to see an example of a Framed Website – I picked the absolute worst website in the world: (http://www.angelfire.com/super/badwebs/)

    Many vendors use this trick to quickly offer Search Solutions when they don’t have the technical know-how to build websites correctly.

    You can tell your Content is framed if the performing of actions within the Search does not change the URL (the http address) or you see a bunch of scrolling bars moving independently of the content – here is an example of a Framed Real Estate Website: http://www.allfamilyrealestate.com/Nav.aspx/Page=%2fIDX%2fDefault.aspx%2fMID%3d16400%26LinkID%3d1387

    In a Real Estate Website the ability to Search for Properties in a specific MLS is very important – in fact why should consumers go to your website? If you ponder that question long and hard you will understand that the ability to Search is it. I can hear some of you say: “Key I only work on Listings, so I don’t really need the ability to offer IDX Search; Right?” – “Wrong!!!” Sellers care that you can attract Buyers, and if they can see that your website is organized around this important concept they would want you to enhance their Listings – but that is another topic for another post…

    When you Frame your MLS Board Search you commit these No-Nos:

    1. You assume the consumer searches similarly to the Real Estate Agent. Absolutely wrong; Do you know that some boards divide their MLS coverage map by Areas, and in order to search you are required to select the Area First. “Area 7” may mean something to you but for the consumer it is the City that matters; whether you divide Boise Idaho into 6 Areas or None is of little help to the consumer.

    2. The number of Choices and boxes that need to be checked to get a result is staggering – look at the Search within your MLS. I guarantee you that your board offers classes on how to Search the MLS to find the right type of properties; Your consumers seek simplicity not classes on how to Search.

    3. Some MLS Searches require you to select the county before you can select the City – are you kidding me? Yes the Realtor is supposed to be familiar with his area and will know that Boise Idaho is in Ada County; but to expect that of the consumer is silly… (and I can go on…)

    4. Ahhhh… but you say… Tell the consumer if it is so hard why not call us and we will perform the Searches for them? Again – think about it. Consumers want to have the satisfaction to performing their own Searches – they don’t yet care about you… and No… they are not ready to sign an Exclusive Buyer Agency.

    5. Using your MLS Search to frame a solution leaves you without the ability to Delay Registration for maximum interaction with Clients, and will not allow you to enhance your Listings with Branded Videos, additional Pictures, or special offers.

    6. But since this is a Blog about Real Estate SEO – Framing your content is similar to having no content at all. Search Engines know where the content resides and distinguish your pages from those belonging elsewhere.

    Finally remember that if you don’t offer the public the Right Real Estate Search they will go somewhere else. As you talk to Web Vendors make sure you ask them whether they frame the IDX Search within their website s– if so move on and look for another vendor. There are some awesome ones out there.

    Happy Blogging :) – Key Yessaad.

    "Drive your Real Estate Excellence – Don’t let SEO be the source of your confusion!" - Key Yessaad

    Real Estate Internet and SEO Trainings - Extreme Niche Marketing

    Real Estate Internet Marketing, Real Estate SEO, Google Marketing Trainings, Real Estate Websites, Real Estate Trainings

    Key Yessaad - Real Estate Web Trainer and Internet StrategistKey Yessaad – Real Estate Trainings and Internet Strategies. My drive is to illuminate, empower, then turn over the process to my participants through Plans of Action that produce Results – Internet Marketing, when successful, transcends Websites and goes to the core habits of all Real Estate Professionals – You can no longer afford to ignore the place SEO, Social Media, and Internet Marketing play in your Day to Day business growth. Key Yessaad and SEO Blogs at (910) 367-5391 or (910) 538-6610.

  • Real Estate SEO Wrap up as of December 9th 2010

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    The Blogs below focus on the idea that without a fundamental understanding of how Search Engines work and crawl the internet it is very difficult for Real Estate Professionals to become Internet Marketers.

    December 9th, 2010 3:59 PM

    What if you started thinking of the Internet as our national Airline system; regardless of what Airline you use you will have to have an Airport to take off from as well as land on; So in effect the national and international System of Airlines, Planes, Pilots, etc… an be reduced to Airports or Hubs that airplanes must rely on. Those Nodes or Hubs are connected to other Hubs through flights or “Links” – on the Internet they are called “Hyperlinks.” Many of these Hubs are regional and receive 1 or 2 landings and take-offs a day, others like Atlanta Georgia will get thousands of such as well as many more competitors vying for the highest visibility.

    How to Understand Internet Crawling: Airports are Web Pages - Flights are Hyperlinks

    How to Understand Internet Crawling: Airports are Web Pages - Flights are Hyperlinks

    The Internet is an amalgamation of hubs (Web Pages, etc…) connected by Links (Hyperlinks) to guide you from this location to the next – You must understand that crawling and Indexing is driven by Hyperlinks.

    The way Search Engines guide their crawlers to map out the whole Internet is by hopping on flights and marking each Hub (Hyperlink) and following the planes that leave that location to other destinations (other Web pages that have Links…)

    As you proceed to build your Internet Visibility think of yourself as a Stop, a small Airport in your local town – you need to find planes that fly to your Airport or no one will ever hear of you – Links or Hyperlinks are the glue on the internet; from other Stops to your stop – the More connections from Big Airports and Big Airlines to your Location the more visitors.

    Resolve yourself to share your Story and find ways to link it on other hubs – the bigger the hub the more notice you will get; that is the essence of SEO.

    The Chart below reveals that those who pursue a dual track strategy between Paid Search and Organic Visibility get rewarded almost twice as much as those who pursue only Pay Per Clicks. The Chart below is from a research report done in 2007 by iCrossing and reveals a strong Synergy between Natural and Paid placement. (Many experts in fact believe that these numbers have increased radically.)

    A company that managed to have both Paid placement on Page 1 as well as a page 1 position organically generated twice as much clicks as those with just PPC Advertising; in fact they increased their visibility, as in Orders, Page Views, Visitors, and Time on Site by nearly 50%. Recent numbers I have collected from Real Estate Brokers with this Strategy reveals a 4 to 1 ratio – namely two clients with similar Real Estate markets and Advertising Budgets, one pursuing only a Paid Strategy generates on average 150 Leads a month; the other using a dual track Paid and Natural generates 800+ Leads.

    2007 iCrossing Chart - Online Performance Percentage Change When Integrating Natural Search and Paid Search

    Think of this way… the ability to Search by using Google and Bing is helping the Consumer move from being an Amateur to being "Professional Consumer" – the ease to research products and services in the comfort of one's anonymity is very empowering. This is called SEO and a new breed of Real Estate Marketers are embracing in force.

    When Real Estate Professionals fail to pursue their own Internet Marketing Placement they open the door to Internet Scrappers who armed with a license start selling you Internet Leads;

    How do they do it you ask…?

    Simple, they use your listings, your IDX feed, your MLS, to aggregate giant websites with the proper SEO Rules, move up organically and turn back and sell you leads that are looking at your listings.

    Oh yeah – they then come up with names such as the Real Estate Referral Network or some convoluted big name to impress you.

    It is your job to claim the internet and you must not fear this process… Your Marketing on the Internet is your Job; this not about the commission you earn – this is about your local business reputation – so:

    • Focus on your Neighborhoods,
    • Focus on your Listings,
    • Focus on your Sellers,
    • Learn the fundamentals of Internet Marketing,
    • Roll up Your Sleeves and start Marketing (Blogging.)

    SEO is used to confuse you – you can no longer afford to be in the dark.

    I write articles on SEO and Internet Marketing for the Real Estate Industry as my way of paying forward the good fortune of intellect and partners I have in my life; those articles and solutions are picked up from time to time and published and various platforms by readers who find them helpful or informative…

    But here and there I always confront a savvy SEO Marketer who tells me that the information in not profound enough – and they are right… if you understand Internet Marketing and SEO than an article of me showing how to make a hyperlink is silly; unfortunately if you don’t understand how hyperlinks are made (Psst: Ctrl-K) SEO is gibberish to you…

    PS: SEO stands for “Search Engine Optimization” – or Organic Placement on Search Engines.

    Today an advanced Internet user chose to take me to task about an article I wrote about the various form of Searches performed by users – his beef was “tell me something I don’t know…” Right!!! If you already know this stuff than my Article was not for you in the first place… most Real Estate Agents are stuck at Square “1? because the whole SEO Industry is driven by Geeks for the benefit of Geeks… So sorry some agents want to understand the behavior of Searchers and Real Estate.

    So What should you do to conquer your place on the Internet?

    • Take charge of your story and try to relate humanly with your Customers.
    • Stop Selling Real Estate Everywhere and focus in your “Neck of the wood.” Remember Real Estate in Las Vegas is very different than Real Estate in Charleston South Carolina – Hummm…
    • Write Blogs that educate your customers on your area and be happy with being the expert in your localized Neighborhoods…

    These simple ideas go a lot further towards your success on the Internet than the illusion of understanding SEO – Ask yourself “What do my Sellers and Buyers want in my area?” – you will always succeed if you struggle to answer this basic question.

    December 1st, 2010 6:16 PM

    A student of mine who attended one of my trainings a month ago called and said: “I am over 65 years old, I know I need to blog, and I know I need to use links – but I don’t think I can do it!”

    I knew what she really wanted to ask – “Am I doomed to fail if I don’t embrace the internet?”

    It is an anxiety filled experience to feel like you have been left behind; but what she did not realize is that she was talking in the abstract about all this technical stuff but what was important was richer than the terms “Blog,” “Links,”. “HTML,” etc…

    Her fear of being doomed was in fact misplaced… I asked her to think of these so-called “new” platforms as familiar ideas masquerading under new nomenclature.

    1. A Blog is simply a story that describes a product, experience, or solution you wish to share with everyone.
    2. A Link or Hyperlink helps you guide your story from one location to the next.

    Simple right…

    YES!!! it is that Simple…

    We spent 20 minutes on the phone, she wrote her first blog, and she told me that she made it more complex in her mind than it really was.

    Are you making Internet Marketing and SEO more complex to prevent yourself from doing what you know you ought to be doing?

    Embrace your place on the Internet and tame to your will…

    Understanding your Internet Marketing must include understand the way your customers search on the internet… Expect days of incubation; in fact the example below shows how buying shoes on the internet is driven by persistent switching between websites and even between brands…

    Search Decisions and Incubation

    Searching Decision Activity – “Which Shoes to Buy?”

    Shoes, Homes, iPods, Cars, – they may all seem different to the professional Salesperson – but consumers are clamoring for the process to be the same… easy, thoughtful, informational, and void of gimmickry.

    In the above Search Sequence the user spent nearly an hour switching between websites to find the perfect shoes – it 1s always about the shoes and the experience on the site; the user has a desire and she needs to quench it…

    How is the Search Experience in your website? have you pretended to be a consumer and searched on your website – how was the experience? have you overly focused on SEO and forgotten the fundamentals? How about your Sellers – do they like what you do for them online? Do you still think that Shoes and Homes are different for the would be Internet Visitor – you will soon be very surprised; Yes the incubation experience is longer in Real Estate but a good Zappos Website always wins at the end.

    There are 3 categories of Search Queries and all are driven by your would be customers’ Intentions – in this blog I introduce a new term that engenders a better grasping point as to the work of the Real Estate Marketer and her Internet Strategy.

    The three types of Searches are:

    1. Navigational Searches – example: “The Broker in Charge of ABC Realty in Brevard North Carolina.” These are very straightforward searches about specific pieces of information. 10% of all the queries on the internet are Navigational. For the Real Estate Professional it is the equivalent of having a very informed Business Card on the Internet. Nice at best…
    2. Transactional Searches – example: “Greek Restaurant in Wilmington NC” is a transactional type of Search. It is focused and will probably lead to a transaction of some sort; some think that this type of search resembles Navigational Queries but here the transaction is imminent within a focused intention. About 10% of all Internet searches are Transactional. The Real Estate Professional is not really involved in this category – the business of Real Estate is driven by incubation – those who desire to become “Transactional” fail again to understand the concept of “Customer Intent.”
    3. Informational Searches – example: “Foreclosures in Columbia SC” is a type of Query that fits within this Category. 80% of all Searches fit this Category. Real Estate on the Internet is purely Informational – Yes if implemented properly it will lead to Leads and Customers; but those names are for those who wish to build relationship. Your Real Estate Website must be driven by localized information so you can be rewarded with a Registration. The failure of many Brokers and Agents is to think of Real Estate as Transactional – I wish to coin the term Transcubational.

    Yes, Yes, the term “Transcubational” does not exists – I made it up to mean the intersection of a long Incubation that Leads to a Transaction. A lead will be become a transaction if it is allowed to incubate over weeks and months…

    Details on Academic Paper with the above statistics: “Determining the informational, navigational, and transactional intent of Web queries“

    November 28th, 2010 3:55 PM

    Good Marketers transcend the geek-speak of SEO by having simple meaningful ideas - they replace concepts such as Keywords and Search Phrases with "Customer Intent."

    It may sound simple on the surface but an idea like "Customer Intent" allows the Real Estate Internet Marketer to focus on becoming a Specialist - as in: if your customers are looking for condos in Lexington South Carolina they will probably type something like "Condos for Sale in Lexington SC," or "Lexington SC Condos for Sale," etc...

    So set aside the geek-speak of SEO and focus on the needs and desires of your audience; Search Engines are just tools to help with the intent of Searchers - your job is to be there offering solutions for their intention.

    November 27th, 2010 1:53 PM

    One simple way to understand the Internet Conversation between your website and Internet Marketing Plan and the response and initiations of your Customers is to remember that it is driven by “Search.”

    Customer Service becomes “Search Solutions;” or as some have come to call it SEO – Search Engine Optimization.

    "Drive your Real Estate Excellence – Don’t let SEO be the source of your confusion!" - Key Yessaad

    Real Estate Internet and SEO Trainings - Extreme Niche Marketing

    Real Estate Internet Marketing, Real Estate SEO, Google Marketing Trainings, Real Estate Websites, Real Estate Trainings

    Key Yessaad - Real Estate Web Trainer and Internet StrategistKey Yessaad – Real Estate Trainings and Internet Strategies. My drive is to illuminate, empower, then turn over the process to my participants through Plans of Action that produce Results – Internet Marketing, when successful, transcends Websites and goes to the core habits of all Real Estate Professionals – You can no longer afford to ignore the place SEO, Social Media, and Internet Marketing play in your Day to Day business growth. Key Yessaad and SEO Blogs at (910) 367-5391 or (910) 538-6610

  • Nomination: Key Yessaad for 2010 People's Choice: Real Estate's Most Influential

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    Key Yessaad nominated for "People's Choice: Real Estate's Most Influential" by Readers of Inman News

    Key Yessaad Training in Virgina Beach - Internet Marketing and your WebsiteToday I found out that I have been nominated by Inman Readers for “People's Choice: Real Estate's Most Influential” – the list include 100 names and Readers of Inman News get to Vote for one… I am very excited at being chosen and I hope my colleagues and Real Estate Professionals who have attended my trainings will chose to vote for me.

    Inman News says the following about the list: “The list recognizes those whose voices and actions have the power to change the industry. Among them are individuals who embody strength, common sense, innovation, ingenuity, perseverance and progress. They include the industry's brain trust and dealmakers, and those outside the industry who impact the business of buying and selling homes.”

    “Inman News wants you to pick one individual who you think has made an impact on the real estate industry. Please scroll through the alphabetical list of reader nominees below and make one selection. Vote only once. Please make your People's Choice selection by Monday, Nov. 15, 2010”

    Who am I – my name is Key Yessaad and I am an Internet Strategist with a focus on training Real Estate Professionals understand their Internet Marketing Strategy, and how to get into the psychology of Google and Search. Today’s Real Estate Marketing requires a good solid foundation with Internet Marketing and SEO, concepts that are often not quite well understood or poorly implemented. I have designed a series of affordable trainings that get to the heart of the matter, and are coordinated with Plans of Actions that produce results.

    If you wish to vote for me you will have to scroll almost to the bottom of the list,
    it is listed alphabetically, so I am near the bottom of the page!!!

    vote for Key Yessaad for People's Choice: Real Estate's Most Influential

    Real Estate Internet and SEO Trainings - Extreme Niche Marketing

    Web Link: Key Yessaad nominated for 2010 People's Choice: Real Estate's Most Influential
    Key SEO Blog: Key Yessaad nominated for People’s Choice: Real Estate’s Most Influential
    with EXIT Post: Key Yessaad nominated 2010 People's Choice: Real Estate's Most Influential
    Exit MD Blog: Key Yessaad nominated 2010 People's Choice - Real Estate's Most Influential
    Hub REC Blog: Key Yessaad nominated People's Choice - 2010 Real Estate's Most Influential
    Realtown Entry: Key Yessaad nominated People's Choice - 2010 Real Estate's Most Influential
    a Greater Town: Key Yessaad nominated for People's Choice - 2010 Real Estate's Most Influential
    Realtor Talk: Key Yessaad selected People’s Choice - 2010 Real Estate’s Most Influential
    Broker Social: Key Yessaad selected for 2010 People's Choice: Real Estate's Most Influential

    Real Estate's Most Influential, Readers Nominations for Inman 100, Real Estate Internet Marketing, Real Estate SEO, Google Marketing Trainings, Real Estate Websites, Real Estate Training

    Key Yessaad - Real Estate Web Trainer and Internet StrategistKey Yessaad – Real Estate Trainings and Internet Strategies. My drive is to illuminate, empower, then turn over the process to my participants through Plans of Action that produce Results – Internet Marketing, when successful, transcends Websites and goes to the core habits of all Real Estate Professionals – You can no longer afford to ignore the place SEO, Social Media, and Internet Marketing play in your Day to Day business growth. Key Yessaad and SEO Blogs at (910) 367-5391 or (910) 538-6610.

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