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By Kevin Olson & Jessica Laude | Agent in Colorado Springs, CO

How to Sell My Home Fast

How to Sell My Home Fast

There are several books and articles out there with all sorts of answers, but I'm going to touch on a few things that I believe are more important than others.

Price. This one is common sense, but in reality it is not considered far too often. The best way to put this into reality is that most homes sold today involve a buyer who is using financing. Even if the buyer loves your home and makes a full priced offer, it still has to appraise for financing to go through. Remember that if your home is on or at the high end of comparable homes, regardless of your reasoning or feelings about it, an appraiser's valuation is something that doesn't consider your reasoning or feelings. What is happening is real, and we need to be realistic about it.

Condition/Appearance. Some realtors say well organized occupied homes sell faster. Some realtors say vacant homes sell faster because a buyer can "visualize" easier. I say that a home priced right in this market sells faster no matter what the condition/appearance is. We all live in a world where finding the time to keep the house neat all of the time is next to impossible, especially with children or pets. Thinking you can price your home higher because you will keep it clean is a nice thought, but then why are there so many sparkling homes that have been on the market for nearly a year? Price matters more.

Realtor. This does matter, quite a bit. Many Realtors in our area are only part time, and some have no idea of how to market a home. Others are borderline genius and know exactly what to do without hesitation. Realtors can BS, and it is up to you as the homeowner to do your research to find out what you will be paying for. Finding a good Realtor is critical in selling your home fast. The best Realtors will not take listings if they are overpriced.

Past clients of mine came up with this idea, and it really makes sense. Before listing their home I thought they were crazy when I originally turned them down:

Interview Realtors and state that you want to list your home at a high price after listening to their pitch. Don't sign with anyone until you find the Realtor who says "I'm sorry, I cannot help you sell your home, the pricepoint is too high." This is often the experienced Realtor, not desperate for business, not wasting your time or theirs. There are very few Realtors who will turn you down, thinking it can be a chance to pick up buyers.... this doesn't benefit the seller at all, and is misleading.

For assistance in selling your home fast, please contact me. We provide free home warranties which on average net a 4% higher sales price and reduce the number of days on market... both large benefits to you. These warranties can also reduce last second hassles that can occur before closing. You can cancel anytime, there is no retainer fee.


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