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By Kevin Clancy #1 Voted Realtor | Agent in 12203
  • Customer Service Vs Client Service for an Albany NY Realtor and real estate agent

    Posted Under: Home Buying in Albany County  |  February 10, 2010 7:09 PM  |  1,787 views  |  No comments

    Those of you that know me or have worked with me probably know that I actually I stay awake at night thinking about how to create value for our clients.  A couple of events in the past week have made me think about his more then ever. In the course of a doing business I often hear agents with other firms refer to the buyers and sellers they are working with as customers not clients. These are two distinct terms and are not interchangeable. Webster's defines a client as "one that is in the protection of another"   a customer is defined as "one that purchases a commodity or service".  I think it is obvious while we always refer to the people we represent in our real estate transactions as clients!

     Last week I attended a chamber of commerce breakfast meeting where various business topics were addressed. Mark Grimm a local author, business owner,  and Guilderland town board member made a point that really stuck with me.   Just about every business has a list of platitudes like "customer service is number one", "we give 110%", "we put our customer's needs first",  on and on.   I have to admit in the past I have been somewhat guilty of this.  Mark's point was -What does this really mean? Show me what it means, don't just tell me how you treat clients! Hmmmm how do I show you what it means to be a Clancy Real Estate client? Let me give it a shot.

     The next day, Saturday  2/6/10, at about 6:00pm  I received a call from a neighbor on a home I have listed for sale in the City of Albany. The owners were out of town and the neighbor noticed unusual black smoke coming out of the chimney.  Concerned, I hopped in my car and drove the 30 minutes from my home to the house. Once inside I found a malfunctioning boiler. I was able to reach the owner and arrange for the boiler company to make repairs that finally wrapped up around midnight. The incident made me think further about Mark's comments on client services.  What does it really mean to be a Clancy Client?

     Albany NY Real Estate

    It means you will be treated like a life long friend. It means we care.  It means that if you are an out of state investor client  and your boiler breaks I will be there on New Year's day with my kerosene heater to save your pipes until we can get it repaired (done that).

     Colonie NY Real Estate

    It means that if your basement floods two days after closing in a freak storm I will be there with my submersible pump until we dry it out (Been there). 

     Albany NY Real Estate

    It means that if you are an elderly widow and I show up to list your house and realize the best deal for you is to keep the home I will tell you.  I will also stay for 2 hours and help you put your screens in! (got my suit dirty but stopped the bugs!) . 

     Albany NY Real Estate

    It means that if I represent you as a buyer and we do the walk through and find the driveway has not been plowed I will be late for the closing so I can shovel your driveway so you don't have to worry about it (My back was gone for a week!) Almost forgot on this sale I carried an old air conditioner from the third floor as the seller had not removed it and my buyer wanted it out. That is probably what did my back in not the shoveling!

     Albany NY Real Estate

    It means that if we are about to close and you want to show your mom the house  you bought we will gladly  show up on a Sunday to let you in! We will also share in your joy of showing off your new home!

     It means that we won't play the games people play and send you to a home inspector that will go easy on the home you are buying. We would rather lose the sale and keep a client,  then have you buy a home with problems!

    It means that if you aren't happy with anything we have done in a transaction let us know and we will make it right or you don't pay us!  It also means that if we don't become friends and feel like family, I think we have failed in our mission.  Put simply, it means that our relationship is about you not us.

    I hope I showed you what our client service is about! Call us anytime or stop by. We always have coffee on for you!

     Your Friend in the business,

    Kevin Clancy



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  • Albany NY short sales continue to increase

    Posted Under: Market Conditions in Albany County  |  February 15, 2009 7:57 PM  |  1,034 views  |  No comments

    It seem like almost everyday I get asked the same question- "Do you handle short sales?" or "What is a short sale" Short sales seem to be growing by leaps and bounds. In the past 2 weeks I have been involved with about a dozen short sales in one form or another and the volume of calls regarding this area is growing. Simply put, a short sale occurs when a home is sold for a price that doesn't leave enough money to pay off the mortgage. The deal is subject to "third party approval" which means basically the bank needs to agree to accept less for the home then they are owed by the seller. The bank takes a hair cut on the deal or is "shorted". The seller generally walks away with nothing but avoids foreclosure and hopefully a deficiency judgment. On the surface it sounds simple but in practice it is not. Each lender is different and most Realtors have never handled a short sale. It is critical to pick an agent that is familiar with banks practices and that knows how to negotiate a short sale. Surprisingly, banks are generally much more willing to take a short sale then they were just a year or two ago. For example, I have an investor client that was recently able to negotiate a purchase for 50% of the mortgage amount owed. This was a win win for everyone involved. If you need help with a short sale or are just looking for advice be sure to ask you agent how many short sales they have been involved in or visit me online at  http://www.albanynyshortsales.com

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