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By Kerrick | Renter in Sacramento, CA

10 Steps for taking out your carpet!

Tools Needed:
    Box cutter/Cutting Tool
    Mini Crowbar

Here's how the layers from the ground to the carpet top are set up.

Carpet-1rst (TOP)
Foam Padding-2nd
Tacking board along the perimeter of walls-3rd

Start with the carpet. 
I like to cut the carpet in straight sections about 2 feet wide. 

1.)Find a place you want to store it once you've removed it.

2.) Press that box cutter or cutting tool's blade firmly into the carpet, deep enough to cut through it and the Foam padding underneath it. 

3.) Drag your blade in a line from one wall straight across to the opposite wall.

4.) Grab a hold of the carpet where the cut is made and pull it up and off of the tackboard underneath.

5.) Once you've seperated the carpet and foam padding from the tackboard, you can roll it up like a sleeping bag.  It will be easy to carry off when you do this. 

6.) Repeat steps 1-5 for the rest of all the areas of your home. 

 Now onto the removal of all your tacking board. This is where the gloves come in.  The tacks are very sharp and could be rusty.

7.) Take your mini crowbar and wedge it between the wood of the tackboard and the ground.

8.) Hammer the mini crowbar in further and you should be able to apply force on the other side and push the tacking board strips upward and remove them.

9.) Now just pile the tacking strips up as you go and throw them in the trash.

10.) Throw out your old carpet if you're not using it for anything else.

That's it!

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By David & Samuel Rifkin,  Fri Feb 8 2013, 12:51
Thank you very much for this great information.


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