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By Kenan Jue | Real Estate Pro in San Francisco, CA

14 New Year Resolutions to Close More Deals in 2014

If you joined in on our Power Agent Business Planning webinar (get the plan and watch the recording here!)  last week, you already know how critically important it is to set goals around the things you want to change, whether you’re trying to fix something that’s not working or just move to the next level of success.

Your ability to level-up your business and your life is limitless, but it’s easy to get worked up and excited into setting goals so big and so nebulous that they provide no direction for how to get started or, more importantly, how to get finished. As a result, many agents set wildly ambitious resolutions, flail about doing scattershot efforts for a few weeks that seem kind of sorts of line with those goals, and then spend the rest of the year continuing to do what they have always done. And as a result, their businesses continue to run just the way they always have: up when the market is up, down when it’s down.


At Trulia, we define Power Agents as those who have thriving, sustainable businesses that are not 100%-dependent on market dynamics. We believe that you can get out of that feast-and-famine cycle in your mentality and in your income, but that it requires setting resolutions by whatever name you call them—goals, objectives, targets—that are well-calculated to drive smart strategy, targeted tactics and a year full of fruitful actions.

Before embarking upon the exercise of setting more granular resolutions, set some high-level objectives for your business. Use our Power Agent Business Plan to set OKRs (Objectives and Key Results) and high-level business targets—three or four for the year is plenty. Then, use something like the This That Rule Tool to make sure you have a clear vision for what you do and don’t want in your life in 2014. This will help you make sure you’re not setting aggressive business targets to the detriment of your personal life.

Then you’ll be ready to set some more granular “resolutions” like those below. As you read this list for inspiration, remember that the following list is meant to be a menu of sorts, and you should only pick and commit to maybe three of them, max. Success takes focus, so make sure you don’t try to set them all!

1. Increase success rate of listing appointments to X.

2. Respond to incoming online leads within 20 minutes or less, on average.

3. Increase marketing spend to 10% of desired gross commissions.

4. Host at least two in-person events for past clients and frequent referral sources in 2014.

5. Work no more than X hours per week.

6. Take a digital Sabbath at least one day per week – no exceptions.

7. Take at least four weeks off per year.

8. Read one book (or take one webinar, seminar, workshop, etc.) per month.

9. Increase average transaction price point to X.

10. Set three primary business-building priorities every night for the next day, and complete them every workday before checking email or social media.

11.  Refresh your marketing materials (including logo, photos, website, online profiles, ads and social media pages) with updated, cohesive branding and messaging by January 31st.

12.  Visit every home listed in X zip code(s) or neighborhood(s) this year.

13.  Start a Trulia Voices blog, write one post/month and answer four local buyer/seller questions on Trulia Voices/month.

14.  Take on a defined skill-building endeavor in an area wildly different from real estate, ideally with an in-person (not online) component: take a French class, complete a 6-week beekeeping workshop, take a woodworking course, or join up to keep your local parks or beaches clean.

Chime In! What are your 2014 Business Resolutions? Tell us in the comments!

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