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By kathrinekreger | Home Owner in Pleasant Grove, UT

Enduring Value: Tips to Help Your Home Stay Nice for Longer

Buying a home is one of the most significant purchases a person can make, but keeping that investment in tip-top shape is an act of patience and practice. Here are some helpful and easy tips that can keep your home looking as good as new for as long as you own it.

Maintain It

The expression "an ounce of prevention" isn't just for our physical health-- it applies to home care too. Maintaining your home and all of the systems in it is the first and most essential step to keeping your home looking and functioning great. Power wash the exterior to keep creeping discoloration at bay. Treat hardwoods with products specially formulated to protect them. The possibilities are endless-- and important!

Update It

Some design elements in your home will become dated over time no matter how hard you try to keep them looking perfect. Carpet is one aspect that benefits from updating after several years of wear and tear. The grout between tiles will sometimes need to be replaced to get rid of pesky mildew or staining. One professional who offers roof leak repair in San Rafael has suggested that upgrading protective elements like your piping or roofing materials can help your home to maintain value for longer by avoiding the need for repairs to plumbing and ceilings. Take a look around to see what simple updates can be made to make your home look new again.

Test It

Don't be afraid to bring in the experts when it comes to keeping your home healthy and fresh. Get your hot water heater and furnace serviced regularly to make sure they are operating as well as they can-- and to ensure they're not on the verge of causing damage to your home. Have your air tested to make sure it's healthy too, as unseen elements can really wreak havoc on a home. Get your fireplace checked out, and don't forget to consider a pest control evaluation to keep the bugs away.

Enjoy It

Regardless of how many rooms your have (or don't have), enjoying your home is an essential part of your life as a homeowner. Use every room you have-- even the formal living room with its pristine sofas and custom paint job. An unused space gathers dust and can lead to fading wallpaper or paint. But beyond that, it can lead to excessive wear in other rooms in your home. Don't be afraid to spread out and take advantage of the space your have. This way you'll always be aware of your home's needs from stud to stud.

With these simple tips, your home can always stay as good as new!

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