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By Kate Ladwig | Agent in Enid, OK

Home Staging: Bathrooms

The first part of my Home Staging Series, take note of a few of these staging tips that are sure to make your house stand out!
Your bathroom area is probably the second most important space to potential buyers.  For one, because they can be costly to renovate.  Secondly, because we spend a great deal of time in there.  Lastly, because the cleanliness of a bathroom often reflects how well the owner cares for the rest of their house.  Buyers want to see a clean, orderly, and well functioning space.  Most sellers don’t want to invest a lot of money into repairs and renovations when they are about to move, so the next best thing is to freshen up where you can and clean, clean, clean.  Now you don’t have to learn the art of towel animals or lay out monogrammed paper goods, but just a few key steps can go a long way.


Doing the prep-work: Cleaning, clearing, & repairing.  In addition to your regular cleaning schedule, make sure you take note of these areas as well.  For a great in depth cleaning schedule, be sure to scroll to the bottom of the page.

  1. Freshen up your grout lines.  Two of my favorite sites with recipes, tips, and methods are: TipNut & Ask Anna.
  2. If you have glass shower doors, scrub away that scum.  I don’t have a glass shower door, so I can’t vouch for these methods but they are worth a shot.  The first from Real Simple is to use your basic dryer sheet. The second comes from blogger Kissed by a Frog.  She swears by her lemon recipe and her photos sure do speak for themselves.  If you have a fabric shower curtain, wash & dry as usual.
  3. Remove exhaust fans & light fixture covers for cleaning.  Replace.
  4. If you have wallpaper that has seen better days, you’re better off taking it down & re-painting.  Here’s one step by step guide and also 5 great tips & tricks on the best ways to strip it down.  I know, probably not the best news you want to hear but no buyer wants to step back a decade (or two… you know who you are).  Of course, this is just for those with dated or ripped/sagging papers.  Wallpaper itself isn’t the enemy.  =)
  5. Fix, unclog, repair any and all plumbing problems.  Before you go calling a plumber, Martha is to the rescue.  Take a look at some of her basic plumbing solutions.
  6. Optional, but sometimes necessary… changing out the cabinet hardware.  It’s quick, easy and affordable.  Sometimes this is just the solution to giving your cabinets that face lift they so desperately need.  Any local hardware store will have basic hardware options that will do the job.
  7. Lighting is key.  Make sure you are using the correct wattage for your fixtures and don’t have any burned out bulbs.
  8. Remove prescriptions from the bathroom.  Not only is it free access to personal information, but theft is something to think about as well.  Store them in an alternate, but safe location.
  9. Clean up the surfaces and clean out the cabinets.  Surfaces should be clear of clutter (lotions, toothbrushes, shampoo, etc).  Cabinets should be void of everything but immediate necessity (blow dryers, clippers, towels, etc).  Store items like your shampoos, toothbrushes, lotions away in your newly cleaned out cabinets.  Out of sight, out of mind.  Baskets are a great way to store your daily necessities under cabinets.  That way you can grab them and leave them out on the counter for day to day, but quickly stow away for a showing.

Your Shopping List:  Optional of course, but every bit helps.  Plus, all of these items can be taken to your new home.  Win, win!
  1. Towels, rugs, wash clothes (white or off-white is usually the best way to go to give a fresh look).
  2. Fragrant candles (various sizes).
  3. Green plants (real or fake, however you prefer).
  4. Glass containers to showcase cotton balls, q-tips, etc.  Save on Crafts has great prices online.
  5. Wooden or bamboo tray.
  6. Woven baskets (small enough for storage in cabinets).

Staging Your Bathroom:  The day before or morning of a showing, make sure you take these key steps.

  1. Layer your fresh towels on your racks.  Largest on bottom, with the smaller layered on top.  Add a scented dryer sheet between the layers to add a touch of soft fragrance.
  2. If you bought fresh rugs, place those down.  If you didn’t want to buy new, but only have your old ragged ones, it’s better to throw those out/stow away and have nothing.
  3. Create a display with your candles & jars on a nice tray either on your counter or near the bathtub (if you have the space there).
  4. Place a small potted plant (such as a single orchid) near a sink or corner of a tub.
  5. Make sure your counters are still clear and void of any personal cleaning products.  If you choose to display your products in glass containers, leave those out for display (such as hand soap).
  6. Lift blinds, shades to allow natural light in.
  7. Light candles.

Extra tip:  Curbly has some great cleaning checklists for every room in your house.  From daily duties to the deep clean, be sure to visit their page and follow instructions on how to download your own copies.  It’s a great checklist to review before each showing as well as on a day to day basis.


 If you’re local to NW Oklahoma (Selling a house in the Enid Metro), I have some great news for you!  As a Designer/Realtor, I offer home staging included with all of my listings.  So you’re welcome to read through all of this handy information, but we’ll work together to get your house prepped, staged, and sold in no time.  Be sure to look through my Sellers Information & my Home Staging page for a little more about the process and how we’ll work!

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