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Justin Zimmerman's Blog

By Justin Zimmerman | Agent in 33433

Beat Analysis Paralysis and it's meaner cousin Debilitating Fear

Hey eveyone,

This is my 1st blog post here on Trulia and if you don't know me from
other places on the Real Estate web, I'm in the business of discovering
and interviewing top agents and coaches.

It's my job to REVEAL their little secrets to help you learn what separates
the big earners ($500,000+ a year) from everyone else.
Creating that type of wealth, especially in this market is a *bright spot* in
real estate which no "serious" agent should ignore.
In fact at this point into the down market if you're still in the game or just
jumped into the business, you know there's money to be made...
But the question is how much do you want and how badly do you want it?

I was shooting pool the other night with my Realtor buddy Rhett (Coldwell
Banker, Boca Raton) who's been right on the brink of going big or going
But like my buddy, I'm sure -FEAR- has stopped you at some point from
pressing the "Big GREEN GO Money Cash Machine Button", even though
it's right under your nose.
So fully engaged in the conversation, Rhett asked me for help and I gave him
very simple advice.

You got to stop doing so much thinking about what you'd like to do and
JUST DO IT (from my personal experience and from best selling business
authors Seth Godin and Chet Holmes).

After he knocked the 8-ball in the corner pocket, I couldsee a light bulb go off
above his head when he asked me this next question.
"I'm ready to press the GO button, but how do I chose  the right plan first?"

I gave him an even simpler answer...

Period-Point Blank --> "Modeling!"

Find the "successful" person/persons doing what you want to do and implement
their systems and techniques! Don't try to reinvent the wheel and don't model
someone who's NOT making it happen.

In all the interviews I've with big coaches and agents, they have all attributed
there success to finding someone who is better than them and sticking to
them like -white on rice- !!!

So at the end, or preferably at the beginning of your day today, STOP,
look around and think, who do you want to be like, and then find that
person and figure out a way to work with them.

It' really about stopping to think and then even more importantly, taking

It's a new year, a new chance to grow new things, and I'm looking
forward to help you and other discover, "what more is" for you!


Justin Zimmerman


By Mott Kornicki,  Wed Jan 14 2009, 11:27

Nice headline, keep on posting; Trulia® is a great place to find new possibilities.
By Justin Zimmerman,  Wed Jan 14 2009, 12:09
Thanks Mott! How long have you been using Trulia? Are you an agent?
By Emily Erekuff,  Wed Jan 14 2009, 15:03
Hey Justin. So glad you finally got your post up and very happy to have you as part of the Trulia Voices Community. This is a great post and we're all looking forward to more.
By Justin Zimmerman,  Thu Jan 15 2009, 12:31
Thanks Emily, I love writing and sharing!

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