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By Jude Berquin | Broker in Brooklyn, NY
  • Corporate Real Estate Broker / NYS Mortgage Broker

    Posted Under: Home Buying in Brooklyn  |  September 13, 2011 11:48 AM  |  87 views  |  2 comments

    As a corporate real estate broker / registered NYS Mortgage broker, I can assist you with all your real estate and mortgage transactions. 

    I have over 12 years of experience in the real estate and mortgage field, property manager, e-file tax preparer, approved Hud Broker, Notary public, license process server.

    In these tough economic times even though we all hear it's a buyer's market, unless your credit score is in the 700's or higher and you're putting 20% down or higher towards a mortgage, it will be extremely difficult to get a loan today.

    My suggestion for seller's today with a 2 unit or more that are not experiencing any hardship and looking to sell your house in this market.
    I would suggest you to rent while continue praying and hoping that this economy gets better if you want to succeed in selling your home whether by yourself or through a broker.

    It's more a rental market in today's bad economy than a buyer's market because more people are in a better position to rent an apartment verses buying a home today.

    Purchasing a home today is much more difficult even though it's a buyer's market because the lending institutions are not lending any money or giving any mortgages out to any potential buyer that are considered a risk with a low credit score and low income and are not in a position to put 20% or more down towards a mortgage.

    With that being said most people that wanted to take advantgage of this so called buyer's market and own a piece of the "American Dream" are finding out the hardway, it's only a "DREAM" in today's economy to own a piece of the "American Dream".

    Sadly, when they are awaken, they're still inside their one (1) bedroom apartment and realized it was just one big "DREAM"!!!

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