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By Joseph West | Agent in Los Angeles, CA

No more traditional net working !!!!

Non-Traditional Networking: How to Start Your Own Group and Get the Ideas Flowing

by Joseph West on March 1, 2011

I recently decided to start a new non-traditional networking group. The ones I been involved with in the past were very uninspired.

ConferenceRoom Non Traditional Networking: How to Start Your Own Group and Get the Ideas FlowingThese old groups were your typical breakfast gatherings, where attendees exchanged business cards and small talk for no more than 45 minutes once a month. I wanted something different. I wanted to bring a few people together who fell into different age brackets and who were at different levels in their careers. My goal was to create a forum for a group of talented people to exchange ideas and empower each other’s businesses to grow.

I held my first meeting a few days ago with a group of eight people.  The result truly exceeded my expectations as the conversation developed organically, each individual actively participated and ideas were bouncing from one end of the room to the other.  An hour later we had a structure, a plan and a goal that will benefit all of us.

Above all we wanted to know the big “Why” – why do we do what we do?  This is a question posed and discussed brilliantly by Simon Sinek in the video below.

For our group, we agreed on the non-traditional method of networking and we came up with a few major points.

Here are the ground rules:

  • We all show up, participate and adhere to our code of conduct.
  • We will meet for 10 sessions.
  • One member is featured each week and discusses areas he or she needs support in.

Home work assignments:

  1. Each member is to think of three main qualities that defines who they are.
  2. Everyone is to bring an item of value to share with the group. This can be an idea, a video, an article or anything that will add value to our conversations and inspire our members.

Suddenly a new way of networking was born and a new wave of ideas are about to enhance the lives of eight people on both a personal and professional level.

Have you ever considered starting your own networking group or brain-trust?  Would you like us to help you strategize on how you can start your own group? Please share your thoughts and comments below or feel free to contact me directly.

1 241x300 Non Traditional Networking: How to Start Your Own Group and Get the Ideas FlowingJoseph West is an Associate Partner at Partners Trust. He studied interior design at UCLA and has an extensive knowledge of the Los Angeles market. You can reach him via email at Joseph.West@thepartnerstrust.com.

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By Allan Erps,  Tue Mar 1 2011, 15:01
Good post and thanks for sharing!
By Jerry Cibulski,  Tue Mar 1 2011, 15:06
I think this is a very fresh approach. This is not about ego's or A type personalities trying to take the stage. That seems to be the old model. This approach helps each member to solve a problem. The other key I like about this approach is the equality. Each person gets a benefit and each person brings something to the table. You all learn from each other and get something out of the meetings.
Great Idea!

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