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By Joseph King | Both Buyer and Seller in Beaverton, OR

Finding a Suitable Neighborhood For You

In every home buying situation, the quality of the neighborhood that you will move into will account for much of the value of the house. This is why many people find it sensible to invest on modest homes in good neighborhoods rather than flashy homes in risky neighborhoods. For example, if you want to look through Beaverton Homes for Sale, you should understand that the value of the Beaverton Real Estate property you will buy can be greatly affected by whether you moved into a desirable part of the town or not. If you are already viewing homes, you might find not just houses but also homes with land for sale. Even if the property seems desirable for you, it is important that you not easily decide on acquiring it immediately. Check the neighborhood first! Here are a few things that you can use as simple guidelines when picking a neighborhood to move into:

The overall look and feel of the neighborhood

There are neighborhoods that look better than others. Drive through the streets of the neighborhood and check if there are a lot of vandalized properties, empty houses, litter on the streets, or if the houses look poorly-maintained. In the context of wanting to buy a house with the best possible chance of having a good resale value short term, this is something you wouldn't want to overlook.


The quality of schools in the neighborhood

There are websites on the internet where you can check the quality of schools in a particular area and compare this with other schools in nearby areas or from other cities. Even if you currently have no children, picking a house which is in the vicinity of good schools will definitely do a lot in terms of raising its value. If you do have children, then it benefits you in a very obvious way. It may even be a good idea to take your children with you to visit the schools near the area and ask them about their first impression about the schools. It's surprising what children notice which adults sometimes don't.

The crime rate in the area

 You can check this by visiting the local police station. Everybody wants to be secure in their own homes, this is a great way to make sure that you're moving into a quiet and relatively peaceful and orderly neighborhood.


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