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By Jorge D Acuna, Realtor | Agent in South Gate, CA

And They say there isnt any buyers....Good signs in South Gate, CA

Despite what naysayers are saying about Real Estate, yesterday I experienced a feeling of economic uprising. I showed two lovely families about 10 different properties in South Gate. Around Noon I showed the First family a home on Stanford ave. Its a 3 bedroom 1 bathroom home totally remodeled with a huge yard. This property has been on the market for 2 days and I could feel the buzz around this home. . My clients were very excited about this home. I love to see their expressions and hear their comments  "This could be your room"  she told her son. As we were planning where to put Grandmas' Chile and Manzanilla garden, and whose room is whose, a fellow agent walked in with his clients. This usually sparks excitement within buyers. We decided to leave after taking a final look over our shoulders at someones soon to be home. We decided to put an asterisk next to our "list of homes to see". It was more of a check mark / Star with a sprinkle of scribble, instead of an asterisk. Anyhow, As I was getting into my car and i was scrolling through my ipod for the "eye of the tiger" song, a gentlemen put up next to my car and said " are you this properties realtor? I said "no, no I'm not but I am a REALTOR though. Then he said " I want to see this property I am really interested in it, and I dont have a REALTOR" Out of respect for my wonderful clients I couldnt have them wait for me to show this home so I gave him my card and told him to call me. However the other agent was still in there showing the property so I'm sure he got the guys info. Its okay though, we have to follow the GOLDEN RULE and treat others as we would want to get treated. I wouldnt like it if my agent was trying to get this guy into the same property I wanted. So I drove off into the wind. As I was driving off I saw a car pull up to the property with another agent and family. Within 30 minutes I saw 4 different families interested in this property. There are buyers out there and lots of them which is great new for our economy. To end this story, I went with the second family to see the home at around 4:37 pm and the key wasnt in the lockbox. I sure would hope an agent just forgot to put it back, and not that their client wanted the property so they took the key to keep others from seeing it. Good thing I showed up at early (noon is early to some of us) to see the property.    REAL ESTATE IS ALIVE.. This is the time to make a move. Thanks, good day 

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