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By Jon Widdifield | Broker in Charlotte, NC

Directv vs. Time Warner Cable win back program

I have been a DIRECTV customer for years. I have purchased my internet service through Time Warner Cable for years. Recently Time Warner Cable called me with a great deal. 89.99 a month for digital cable and internet locked in for two years. Pay no installations costs. The sales person on the phone also said that he would include HBO for the two year contract at no additional cost and give me two hundred dollars for ending my DIRECTV contract early. Great! How could I pass up that deal?

It was a lie, I felt like I joined the army and was being told my recruiter lied.

1. When they started the service I had no HBO. I called they said they had no record that I was supposed to have HBO. After about an hour they turned HBO on but said I would have to call back in three months to start the same argument again. They also said that their sales people lie and they are stuck to deal with angry customers.

2. I got my first bill no two-hundred dollar credit I was charged instillation costs. I called they said that it would eventually show up not to worry don’t pay my bill. Their processing service is running because of all the customers switching. Sounded kind of funny but I did not pay my bill.

3. I got my disconnect notice. My bill at this point was 336 dollars. I called; I was told at this point that the two hundred dollar credit that I was told about was spread out over the two year period. This is the first time that was mentioned to me. They eventually took off some of the charges got my bill down to 84 dollars. I paid it and canceled my service. I wanted to keep my internet service. Before signing up for the win back program I was paying 35.99 a month, now my internet bill is going to be 53.99 a month. I eventually got them to come down to 41.99 a month.

4. In summary Time Warner Cable is a nightmare to deal with. Their sales people lie to get deals closed. Their TV service is inferior to DIRECTV; the only thing I liked better was that the Time Warner Cable Remote lit up. Every time I called they gave me a different answer. If you are thinking of switching don't.

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