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By John and Becky Durham, MS, MS | Agent in Woodbury, MN

City of Oakdale, MN Property Owner FAQs

Q: Can I park an RV, boat, trailer, etc. outside on my property?

A: Each property owner may store one recreational vehicle (boat, camper, snowmobile, or trailer) on your property at any time throughout the year. Such vehicles need to be located at least 5’ from the side and rear property lines. Additional recreational vehicles need to be parked in a garage or stored off site. (Exception: boats, campers, trailers, and RVs may be parked on driveways from May 1 to November 1. Snowmobiles may be parked on driveways from November 1 to April 30. Such vehicles need to be parked a minimum of 15’ behind the curb.)

(Sec. 25-161 a 5 d)

Q: Can trash containers be kept on the driveway during the week?

A: Except for your scheduled rubbish collection day, all containers must be stored in the garage or in the side or rear yard area of the property. In unique circumstances, containers may be allowed to be stored in the front yard area if they are totally screened from view and the screening has been approved by the building official. (Sec. 6-16 d)

Q: I would like to expand my driveway; are there any ordinances affecting this?

A: All driveways to be utilized for parking in front of the front setback must have a surface of bituminous, concrete, or brick. Additional off-street parking areas behind the front setback must be surfaced with bituminous, concrete, brick, Class V, or other material approved by the City. Driveway extensions must be 5’ from any side property line in a R-2 through R-5 district and 10’ from the side property line in a R-1 district. Permits are required for driveway installations. Please call 651-739-5150 with additional driveway questions. (Sec. 25-161 11)

Q: Can commercial vehicles/equipment be parked in residential areas?

A: One commercial usage vehicle may be parked in a residential district per dwelling unit, provided that it is parked in a garage or other lawfully constructed building. (Sec. 25-161 a 5 b )

Q: What can be done about properties that have old tires, boxes, wood, furniture, and/or other miscellaneous junk in their yard?

A: All garbage, refuse, and waste materials must be stored out of sight of neighbors and not visible from the street. (Sec. 6-15 a)

Q: Is it permissible to park vehicles on the lawn? What about junk vehicles?

A: Vehicles must be parked on the driveway or in the garage, not on the grass or landscape.

(Sec. 25-161 a 4 ) You are allowed to park currently licensed and operable vehicles at your residence, provided they are parked on a driveway. Parking of unlicensed or inoperable vehicles outside is not permitted. (Sec. 25-161).

If you have any questions about property maintenance or to report a code violation in your neighborhood, please call the City of Oakdale's Code Enforcement Officer at 651-501-5305.

 Information provided at: http://oakdale.govoffice2.com/vertical/Sites/%7B9D2ABE6F-4847-480E-9780-B9885C59543F%7D/uploads/%7B07BE241A-AEE9-44BC-9284-268D6A863C7A%7D.PDF

John and Becky Durham are real estate agents with Durham Executive Group in the RE/MAX Results office in Woodbury, MN. They are licensed in MN and WI, and serve the entire Twin Cities Metro area and Western Wisconsin.

John Durham: 651-231-2191 or John.Durham@results.net
Becky Durham: 651-231-2192 or Becky.Durham@results.net

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