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By Sheri Curci | Agent in Philadelphia, PA
  • A firm + Gradual Rebound of Housing Market Increase

    Posted Under: General Area in Philadelphia, Home Buying in Philadelphia, Home Selling in Philadelphia  |  October 22, 2012 7:44 PM  |  592 views  |  2 comments

    Hi All,


    Housing Market is coming back Positive on the books.


    I firmly believe that even after the Elections and there is No Major National ( or international ) catastrophe that occurs… God forbid..  the housing market is finally rebounding.


    We have a lot of our past ( and New ) investors + Primary family home owners calling us for the Housing Market.


     Please keep in mind that it will be a gradual and REALISTIC increase.


    see link below from today’s CNN




    All the best, John + Sheri Curci RE/MAX Properties 1-866-473-6290 -Direct
  • The Best Of Bucks County for 2012-

    Posted Under: General Area in Bucks County, Home Buying in Bucks County, Home Selling in Bucks County  |  September 22, 2012 8:27 PM  |  581 views  |  No comments
    Seliing Homes One Yard at a Time for 18+ Years.... Lets Get You Clear to Close!


    All the Best John + Sheri Curci RE/MAX Properties Ltd
    Serving Philly + Bucks County 215-757-2889
  • 2012 August Housing Report.... Awesome!

    Posted Under: General Area in Philadelphia, Home Buying in Philadelphia, Home Selling in Philadelphia  |  September 21, 2012 8:18 PM  |  431 views  |  No comments

    Now looks like a Great Time to get the Interest Rate and your Home at the bottom of the Market.

     I feel that if the Job Market stays on the upside..... the Housing Market will stay on pace too!


  • NAR Speaks....... SO HOW IS THE MARKET?

    Posted Under: Home Buying in Langhorne, Home Selling in Langhorne, Investment Properties in Langhorne  |  July 23, 2012 8:07 PM  |  518 views  |  No comments

    One of Many Articles revealing the current market conditions....

    On July 18, 2012, in Housing Market News, Ron Phipps, Uncategorized, by NAR


    All the Best, John + Sheri Curci RE/MAX Properties 215-757-2889


  • NAR Speaks....... SO HOW IS THE MARKET?

    Posted Under: General Area in Philadelphia, Home Buying in Philadelphia, Home Selling in Philadelphia  |  July 23, 2012 7:59 PM  |  436 views  |  No comments

    One of Many Articles revealing the current market conditions....

    On July 18, 2012, in Housing Market News, Ron Phipps, Uncategorized, by NAR


    All the Best, John + Sheri Curci RE/MAX Properties

  • Bank of America Needs an Intervention- Saga of many Short Sales

    Posted Under: Home Buying in Philadelphia, Home Selling in Philadelphia, Agent2Agent in Philadelphia  |  May 25, 2012 8:18 AM  |  940 views  |  6 comments

    I truly believe Bank of America (BOA) can use an intervention. With hardly a  person to speak to throughout the whole process of the short sale and a computer called (Equator) dictating your tasks, how is a seller able to make it to settlement before the foreclosure process takes over?  Let me take you through a typical short sale with BOA and what Sheri, John and her team of short sale experienced specialists need to get to the settlement table.  The following is a short sale in progress and we just left the address out for the sake of privacy to our seller.  Here we go....
    List the property on January 20, 2011 (This is 2012 right?)
    Bank of America's computer shortsale package requires a hardship letter from seller; 2009 & 2010 tax returns; most recent paystubs, 4506T IRS form; BOA short sale addendum and agent certification form; listing contract, consumer notice, etc.
    5 agreements later and nothing pending settlement because we could not come to terms with the lender we now need to update the appraisal again; oh and by the way we can use 2 months bank statements; and 2 months mortgage statements (Would you not know the status of my loan since it is with your bank?).
    Now 5 months have gone by, I sorry equator what's that you say "Hardship letter too old. Have him cross out date & intimal & date.  thanks
    So we update the Hardship letter and resubmit to equator. Next task:

    BOA has a new authorization form, please have him sign this one. I just got it back today from the attorney.

    Finally after almost One year and 3 months we have an executed agreement of sale signed and accepted by the seller and submitted to BOA
    Now what BOA we get a call from a contractor wanting to winterize the home in the middle of the spring, but sir we have an agreement of sale and only if BOA will accept this, there is no need to winterize a home when obviously the pipes will not freeze.  After several phone calls with the third party vendor we have the seller sign off agreeing that they do not want the house winterized. Problem solved...NEXT
    April 10, 2012 we receive this from the negotiator through the equator system:
    Rec'd email that BPO has been ordered, we should be receiving a call any day for access.
    The negotiator has requested the missing items:    

    ***09-or 11 Federal Tax Return, OR Extension request for missing taxes
    ***Most recent 30 day paystubs
    ***Hardship letter
    Financial Statement..

    I thought we sent you this already.  Okay we do it again and wait and wait.
    Just received a call from the BPO (Broker's price opinion agent):

    She is going to view inside of property on 4/12/12

    She knows what the sale price is on the offer.

    Homeowner also got letter from foreclosure attorney with preservation charges.
     Excuse me attornies from BOA, do you know we have an offer on the table and can get this closed out if only someone would pay attention to us.

    So on we go and the next item that happens is on 4/20/10
    Emailed negotiator again to check status on values. She should have them back by now.
    Asked her when she can send to investor

    4/24/12: Heard from negotiator, "Yes, the BPO has been completed and we are in the process of reviewing the offer, to enter the actual negotiation phase". Please be patient, once it goes into offer analysis, it can take 3-9 days. thank you

    We have all waited almost one year and 3 months whats another 3-9 days.
    4/30/12:Left voice-message for negotiator. Asked her to call me ASAP, told her my life is at stake, need to know when this will get approved. I guess the negotiator did not care that our short sale representative's life was in danger; unfortunately there was no rescue attempt

    5/1/12 Called BOA & complained again about process of file.
    The rep went into equator & saw the number of times we have tried to move file along.
    She has sent an escalation to upper management called LAFA (loan administration follow-up application

    Emailed negotiator & upper management telling them New changes to BOA-Equator  seem to be delaying the shortsale process.
    5/8/12 BOA responds:We have pushed the file forward and are currently working to get the next task generated for you to review".  Thanks

    The seller responds with a good old quote:

    As Bill Cosby once said during the birth of one of his children is PUSH!, PUSH!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    5/10/12:  Rec'd email from negotiator  "We are working with Equator to complete the remaining tasks to help push the file forward. I will follow-up in the next 72 hours and provide another update". Thank you.

    Emailed her back to call me, we are totally frustrated & want to know where we are in process.

    5/15/12 Emailed upper management again for an update.  It is now 5/17/12 and still no answer from BOA.  Buyer's agent also always kept in the loop and curious about how much longer this process will take.  I don't know how long.  BOA how much longer???

    Okay we get a response:

    I have submitted this file to my management so that we can have it escalated so that the file can move forward.

    5/17/12 Your last upgrade in software has moved you back 2 years in progress. I am disappointed in the lack of information as to the problem with this file not moving forward. This file has been stuck almost a month. I have been calling with no answers. It seems somewhere around 4/13 I rec'd the auto email that valuation is complete & that was it. I have tried to reach & now i'm at a loss. This is my last attempt. Please advise.

    Our frustration comes out and our short sale department emails back:

    “””I understand and I have escalated to our management staff as well. I will update you as soon as possible. Thank you””””

     Our seller equally as frustrated emails us:

    In what lifetime John  Paul??? Update right.... I'll sing when I see the white smoke:)

    5/22/12: Seller asks: Any update to the progress of the sale?

    5/22/12 Our short sale department responds:

    I am at a loss here. 

    I can never get any one the phone. I leave messages.

    I sent another email today & again copied all upper management
    Subject: Does anybody really care at BOA?

    I’ve  got to tell you from the agent side, that BOA/Equator really dropped the ball. It's been almost a month that we are in document collection stage. I call & email & get the same "standard response" We understand we are escalating file, but nothing ever happens. It has not moved from that time forward since 4/13/12

    I would like someone to actually look into the file & stop escalating into "nowhere land" since we've done that numerous times without a response, I would like someone to take the initiative and actually make a phone call or look into the file. Thank you 

    What finally a call from senior management?  Their response: they said they are having problems with the last software update.

    I think the best thing to do is close out file & restart in equator.

    It is software driven so it should push it along.  Otherwise it will be put in queue with all the other problem files.

    Did they say close the final and start again???

    Our short sale department says lets refill out the paperwork. ...

    Fill out these forms & I will try restarting in equator. I think because we started before the upgrade it is stuck in the system.

     Right now we are in a catch 22. Let’s try this

    Ok we will have the seller, buyer, and agents sign off and we will have the seller redo the 4506TIRS form.  Okay done on May 22, 2012

    5/23/12: Restarted the file again. Uploaded authorization, SS addendum, AOS, T4506,&  HUD.
    File goes in Transferred status, takes 2-3 days to accept authorization & other doc's.

    Next action: waiting on next task to upload remaining doc's & assign new negotiator.
    What a new negotiator? 2 to 3 days


    FYI- got it started again, keep fingers crossed!!

    It is more than fingers crossed and toes crossed and more than hardship letters and documentation from sellers and buyers. 


    Please repost if you agree

    We also can settle in 2013!!!!


  • SHORT SALE SOLD in 64 DAYS.... Banks are wising Up...

    Posted Under: Home Buying in Bucks County, Home Selling in Bucks County, Property Q&A in Bucks County  |  May 23, 2012 4:19 PM  |  508 views  |  No comments

    S O L D .... 414 HAMPTON COURT Town Home Sold as a Short Sale in 64 Days......

    That’s a surprise... considering the Banks love to drag themselves through this timely process....



    If your Home is Upside down.... Dont Frown.... Clear your debt + start Clean!

    Why Not... the Banks did it with our taxes....

    For a Private consultation.... Give us a call 215-757-2889

    John + Sheri Curci RE/MAX Properties Ltd

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