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By Jessica Gaines Jarboe | Broker in Louisville, KY

Jessica’s Festive Holiday Common Sense Tips

reindeer, lights, christmasHoliday time is one of the greatest times of the year to be a Louisville homeowner. You have your own personal space for entertaining, plus you can decorate to reflect your personality. Whether you make it look like an extravaganza worthy of Chevy Chase or Tim Allen or more a tasteful expression with lights in the trees and eaves, your home can be a welcoming place for the holidays. At this joyous time, however, there are some important holiday common sense tips to keep in mind to keep your home safe and energy efficient.

Lighting tips

Lighting your home for the holidays is beautiful, but can be costly. To prevent surprises when you open your electric company bill in January, make a switch to LED lights. These lights use 86% less electricity than other types and present no fire hazard. Other pluses? They are shatterproof and cool to the touch, which makes them safe around kids and pets - assuming that neither one yanks the cord and pulls down the tree.

At the holidays, many people use more lighting than usual, from both electric lights and candles. Unfortunately, almost every holiday is marred with stories of homes destroyed and people killed from electrical and candle fires. This is true even for people who don't use Christmas trees. There are plenty of reports of fatalities and accidents from out-of-control Menorahs, too. However you celebrate your holiday, make sure you do not overload outlets or leave candles burning without supervision. Unattended candles and pets equal disaster. If your dog has a bushy tail that can clear off an end table, that is not the place to put candles.

More cash saving tips

Still have to do some shopping? Being a part of the hustle and bustle of shoppers may be part of your holiday thrill, but if your main goal is to complete your gift buying, consider online shopping. Many stores have free shipping specials that have extended far beyond Cyber Monday. Even if you have to pay some shipping, you can still save gas and stress by ordering online.

In view of the extra lighting you may use in your home, you may be able to dial back you thermostat a few degrees. You will still be warm enough and according to experts, may save 3% of your energy costs in every degree.

Selling your home this year?

If your home is on the market, be moderate with your decorating, as over-personalizing your home can turn off some potential buyers. Too much décor can make it hard for potential buyers to walk through, and can block parts of the home they want to see. Once the holiday is over, pack your decorations carefully so to prevent casualties when you move the boxes.

Not a homeowner? If the holidays leave you wishing you owned a home, a good Realtor® can be your Santa Claus. There may be fewer homes on the market at this time of year, but motivated sellers know that there are determined buyers all year round. The inventory of homes is low right now in some price ranges in Louisville, but your agent may be able to find just the right home for you at a time when the season discourages some buyers.

If you buy a house, it will be too big to fit under the tree, but will make for many wonderful future holidays. Contact me, Jessica Gaines, at Louisville Gaines Real Estate, if I can help. I want to be your personal shopper.


By Jessica Gaines Jarboe,  Mon Dec 17 2012, 20:05
Thanks, Torang. Same to you!

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