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By Jessica Gaines Jarboe | Broker in Louisville, KY

Find a Louisville Home Near a Quality School

When you move to a new community, the quality of the schools are a big consideration. If you have kids, you want the best for them. Even if you don't, you know that the future sales price will be affected by schools too.

Schools in Jefferson County offer choices. The Greater Louisville Area includes award-winning schools, including public, religious, private, and private institutions with plenty of opportunities for parents to play active roles in their children’s education. Beyond high school, the Greater Louisville area offers community colleges, technical schools, and universities with award-winning programs and excellent sports teams.


The Jefferson County Public School System is versatile as it strives to meet the diverse needs of Louisville area children. With many optional and magnet programs available, children do not have to attend the school nearest to them - although that is always an option.

Most elementary and secondary schools operate from August through May or early June. You can select the best fit for your children, based on their talents, interests, transportation needs, and schedule.


If your child has a special talent or shows an interest in a particular career, JCPS magnet schools and magnet programs focus on a specific subject (such as environmental studies, computers, visual or performing arts, ), offer training in a specific career (such as engineering or medical ), or provide a specialized learning environment (such as a Montessori school setting).


Kids accepted into a magnet school attend that school for all classes . Some schools accept any in the district, while others go by address. What makes it helpful for parent is that the school system offers transpiration to all magnet school students.

Magnet schools have three different types of curriculum:

  • A traditional school is a type of magnet school that focuses on teaching and learning at grade level in a traditionally structured classroom environment. Traditional schools require uniforms, daily homework, and parent involvement. A traditional program operates in the same way as a traditional school, but it’s a program within a school.
  • A magnet career academy (MCA) is a type of high school that lets students focus on training for a specific career-in addition to providing the basic courses that all students are required to complete.
  • A Montessori school uses the Montessori approach to learning, which encourages critical thinking, exploration, and self-directed education

Jefferson County schools also have optional programs, which are is a small, specialized program within a traditional school. For both the magnet and optional programs, applications must be in by early January.

For information on specific public schools in the district, click on the list of public school information for Jefferson County, where you will find, school descriptions, maps, and driving directions.


If you are interested in private school education in Jefferson County, you have many choices as well. Just click on the list ofprivate school alternatives for Jefferson County for a full list with ratings, mission statements, and class size.


If you are interested in knowing more about how schools influence neighborhood housing prices, call me, Jessica Gaines, of Louisville Gaines Real Estate . I can help you buy or sell a home in the area.


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