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By Jenny Durling | Broker in Los Angeles, CA
  • How long before I can buy Los Angeles home after a short sale, foreclosure or bankruptcy?

    Posted Under: Home Buying in Silver Lake, Foreclosure in Silver Lake, Credit Score in Silver Lake  |  September 16, 2013 7:00 PM  |  981 views  |  No comments

    Did you end up losing your Los Angeles home to a foreclosure, short sale or bankruptcy?  It’s hard enough for the ‘regular buyer’ to get into a home in the current market, but it’s not impossible for even those who lost their homes to buy another one.  For those would be L.A. home buyers, there is light at the end of the tunnel.

    Yes, you have to wait for a while

    OK, so you can’t short sell your house today and buy another home next week.  The good news is that there are prescribed waiting periods for qualifying for a new loan, depending on the circumstances of how you lost your last one.  Generally speaking, a foreclosure will keep you out of the market substantially longer than a short sale but extenuating circumstances can shorten the wait.  Take a look at this chart and you’ll be able to see which waiting period applies to you and when you will be able to buy a home again.

    waiting periods after distressed home sale in Los Angeles1 How long before I can buy Los Angeles home after a short sale, foreclosure or bankruptcy?

    Clean up that credit!

    Hopefully you’ve been keeping your nose clean and not doing any more damage to your credit.  Los Angeles Buyers must have a pretty clean, if not perfect credit history since their short sale, bankruptcy or foreclosure.  One little late payment could disqualify you for a loan even if you’ve already passed the prescribed waiting period, so make sure you are making all payments on time and not getting in over your head with credit card debt. Having stable employment can also be key to qualifying for a loan  but as long as you can explain gaps or changes in employment, there will be some banks willing to give you a mortgage.

     Consult a loan professional

    Can I help you find your next home?  Of course!  However, I am not a loan specialist and there are some pretty complex things involved in qualifying.  For that reason it’s best to get advice from a qualified loan officer or mortgage broker sooner rather than later.

    If you would like a recommendation for a terrific loan professional, give me a call at 213-215-4758 and I will put you in touch.  If you’ve already managed to qualify to buy a Los Angeles property, then let me help you find the perfect place.  Just give me a call or fill out the contact form and I’ll get in touch with you right away.

    Jenny Durling, beal estate Broker
    LA Property Solutions

  • Buying a Home in Silver Lake? Focus on the Big Picture

    Posted Under: Home Buying in Silver Lake  |  May 4, 2013 1:59 PM  |  911 views  |  1 comment

    Buying a Home in Silver Lake? Focus on the Big Picturel too often, people looking for a home in Silver Lake get hung up on small issues and let a home they would love slip away to some other buyer.Sometimes it’s lack of a fence for the dogs or a “foggy” window that makes a buyer reject an otherwise “perfect” house. These small issues are the things that can easily be changed – like carpet or paint colors, or even counter-tops or light fixtures.The market is tight right now and buyers are competing for homes. If you have managed to get into escrow, be glad your offer was chosen and do not lose focus on what you want. This is not the time to concern yourself with little things.  Even if a home needs electrical or plumbing work and the seller refuses to make repairs or credit you to make them yourself later, don’t lose sight of the big picture.

    If the house has a convenient location, the square footage you want, the room arrangement that will fit your lifestyle, and the atmosphere that makes you feel like this could be “home,” then think twice before rejecting it over things that can easily be altered.  No property is ever ‘perfect’ but if it has the right mix of ingredients you can get it pretty close yourself.

    When you want a home in Silver Lake, give me a call at 213-215-4758. I’ll help you keep your eye on the big picture.

    Jenny Durling Silver Lake Realtor11 Buying a Home in Silver Lake? Focus on the Big Picture

     Jenny Durlng, Broker
    L.A. Property Solutions

  • Live Work Lofts in Silver Lake

    Posted Under: Home Buying in Silver Lake, In My Neighborhood in Silver Lake  |  July 30, 2012 9:01 PM  |  1,268 views  |  1 comment

    There are several condominium complexes in the area but only a couple of live work lofts in Silver Lake. If you are truly looking to run a business out of your home, check out one of these two complexes.

    Sunset Silver Lake Lofts

    The Sunset Silver Lake Lofts complex at 4111 Sunset Blvd. was built in 2007 and sits right in Silver Lake’s Sunset Junction with it’s coffee houses, boutique shops and restaurants. How nice to be able to cross the street for a cup of coffee at Inteligencia or to grab some wine and cheese at The Cheese Store of Silver Lake. The complex was developed by KOR and consists of 43 units in four freestanding buildings. All of the units have high ceilings and walls of glass plus commercially inspired kitchens.

    kitchens in the sunset silver lake lofts have stainless steel appliances

    Sunset Silver Lake Lofts are truly designed as live work lofts. You can use either the upstairs or the downstairs for work space – the floorplans are quite flexible and units range from 1-3 ‘bedrooms’. Their proximity to Silver Lake hotspots makes them that much more valuable for those who want to work near the center of action. The lofts can be accessed through the main entrance directly from Sunset Blvd., up the public staircase on Manzanita through the community garden or from Myra where owners and guests can access the gated subterranean parking. Though most lofts come with tandem parking, there are actually four units facing Myra that have attached 2-car garages, also accessed via the Myra gated entrance.

    Sunset Silver Lake Lofts architectural design and walls of glass

    There is a distinctly modern feel to the complex with its stark lines and glass walls. Fountains, Benches and outdoor beds in the common areas invite residents and their guests to mix in mingle outdoors. Most of these live work units also have at least one balcony with views of the Silver Lake or Hollywood Hills and some have their own ground floor patios as well. Units are available with concrete floors, others have wood but all units include recessed lighting, central air and tiled baths with large soaking tubs.

    Originally listed from $590,000 to $945,000 these 1, 2, and 3 bedroom lofts are now coming available in a much more comfortable price range for most Silver Lake home buyers.

    Mix Lofts

    Looking for different Live Work Lofts in Silver Lake? On the other end side of town near the north east end of the Silver Lake reservoir, you’ll find the Mix Lofts. These townhouse style lofts are across the street from the Silver lake Library and a short hop to Silver Lake Wine – one of my favorite places for wine tasting in Silver Lake.

    Mix Lofts are located at the corner of Silver Lake Blvd and Glendale Blvd in Silver Lake

    The Mix Lofts are built to truly be live work spaces. Someone simply looking for a loft or condo in Silver Lake for living and not working may find the layout a bit off putting. Each unit has an attached 2 car garage. The first level above the garage is a large open living space and a powder room. This area was designed to be a work space. Residents can divide the area into cubicles, offices or leave it open and clients never have a need to pass through the living space.

    Mix lofts live work lofts in Silver Lake have the kitchen and full bath on the second floorThe top floor is also open but has a full bath and kitchen along the wall. My first thought when I saw this configuration is, why is there a full bath next to the kitchen but only a powder room downstairs. Well, if you are truly using the downstairs as a work space why would you need a shower?

    Different owners have come up with their own ways to use the space. It’s common for the front have of the lower lever to be work space and the some sort of room divider is in place allowing to rear section to serve as a bedroom. In Some units walls have been installed to make ‘true’ bedrooms or the kitchen has been moved downstairs so that the upstairs becomes a large master suite. It’s also a pretty much ‘bring your own closet’ affair.

    Silver lake Live Work lofts by the silver lake reservoirThis complex of 26 live work loft units was completed in 2005 and consists of 3 rows of townhouse style units. Lofts facing Glendale blvd have a bonus room below ground level and an entrance right onto the street making this front row highly desirable. They also have views of the hills rather than views of other units. Similar to the Sunset Silver Lake Lofts, the Mix Lofts are of modern design with high ceilings and plenty of windows. To top that off, they are also within the boundaries of Silver Lake’s coveted Ivanhoe Elementary School. The Mix lofts range from 1400-1500sf with technically zero bedrooms and 1 1/5 baths. Originally selling in the mid to high 6’s , these units have lately been going in the high 3’s – low 4’s which is a veritable steal for Silver Lake living!

    If you are looking for a live work loft in Silver Lake or a house, condo or income property in the area, give me a call at 213-215-4758.

    Jenny Durling Silver Lake Realtor Live Work Lofts in Silver Lake

    Jenny Durling
    L.A. Property Solutions
    Copyright © 2012 By Jenny Durling * LIVE Work Lofts in Silver Lake*

  • Los Angeles Short Sales – Can I sell my Silver Lake home as a short sale?

    Posted Under: Home Selling in Silver Lake  |  June 25, 2012 8:07 AM  |  1,001 views  |  No comments

    By now, the term “short sale” is part of the common vocabulary, but if you’re not sure exactly what that means, please read the post: What buyers and sellers should know about Los Angeles short sales. If you have been asking ‘Can I sell my Silver Lake home as a short sale”, read on!

    If you’re upside down, you’re not alone…

    Most homeowners who purchased in Silver Lake during the height of the market now owe more on their mortgage than the house will bring in today’s market. In many cases, the difference is dramatic. But simply owing more than your Silver Lake home is worth today doesn’t qualify you for a short sale.Each lender has its own standards for determining whether or not they’ll approve you for a short sale. Primarily, you must prove some kind of hardship. If you have the means to continue making your mortgage payments, your lender will expect you to do so.House Exterior 300x219 Los Angeles Short Sales – Can I sell my Silver Lake home as a short sale?

    So what constitutes a verifiable hardship?

    First, something must have changed in the time since you purchased the house. In general, any of the following situations will probably qualify you for a short sale:

    • You’ve had a job transfer to another city and must sell the house in order to move out of Los Angeles.
    • Your co-purchaser has passed away and you cannot make the payments on your income alone.
    • You’ve experienced an accident or an illness that prevents you from working.
    • You’ve lost your job and have been unable to find another.
    • You purchased with an adjustable rate mortgage and your interest rate has reset. The payments are now so high that you could not re-qualify for the loan and you simply cannot make ends meet.

    All of the above situations which could qualify you to short sell your Los Angeles home are due to circumstances beyond your control.

    Falling values alone will not gain you short sale approval…

    True, you were not responsible for the crash and the sudden decrease in Los Angeles home values. That situation was definitely beyond your control. But the banks still won’t take that as a reason to approve your short sale unless you can show that continuing to make payments constitutes a hardship.

    Cruise Ship Los Angeles Short Sales – Can I sell my Silver Lake home as a short sale?Your lender is also likely to reject your short sale application if you:

    • Took all the equity out of your home to buy a car, take a trip, etc.
    • Purchased your Silver Lake home with a stated-income or no-doc loan and were not honest about your income and assets.
    • Have enough income and assets to continue making your mortgage payments.

    Prior to the passage of Senate Bills 931 and 458 the bank(s) might have allowed a short sale under those circumstances, but required you to bring money to the closing table. Now that this is disallowed by law, negotiations are more difficult.

    Why, since foreclosures do cost the banks money?

    Because SB 458, which disallows deficiency judgments on second mortgages under a short sale, does not extend to foreclosures. Under California law, the bank cannot come after you for deficiency on the first mortgage – but your second lien holder can demand payment if you allow your house to be foreclosed upon.

    If you’re having trouble keeping up with payments on your home in Silver Lake or surrounding areas, and aren’t sure if you’ll qualify for a Los Angeles short sale, call me directly at 213-215-4758. I’ll be happy to go over the specifics of your situation and make recommendations based on my experience.
    Jenny Durling Silver Lake Realtor Los Angeles Short Sales – Can I sell my Silver Lake home as a short sale?

    Jenny Durling, Broker

    Copywrite Jenny Durling 2012 *Los Angeles Short Sales – Can I sell my Silver Lake home as a short sale?*

    DISCLAIMER: This article is intended for informational purposes only. None of the information contained in this article should be taken as legal advice. Readers are advised to seek legal and or tax counsel regarding any information provided herein as they relate to specific personal situations a reader may face. Further the information herein pertains to California only. Deficiency laws will differ in each state.

  • The 2012 Silver Lake Jubilee Music Festival is on NOW!

    Posted Under: Entertainment & Nightlife in Silver Lake  |  May 26, 2012 12:46 PM  |  1,155 views  |  No comments

    The 2012 Silver Lake Jubilee Kick’s of its 3rdyear today.

    2012 Silver Lake Jubilee banner The 2012 Silver Lake Jubilee Music Festival is on NOW!

    Until and unless we get the Sunset Junction Street Festival back, The Silver Lake Jubilee is it, when it comes to Silver Lake music street fairs. Festivities start at noon at the intersection of Sunset and Santa Monica Boulevards and go till 11pm. The fun continues on Sunday from noon until 10pm. You can buy tickets for individual days or pick up a weekend pass if you plan to immerse yourself in this Silver Lake music event.

    Radio station KCRW brings us the Silver Lake Jubilee which includes tons of live music, food trucks, comedians, craft vendors and more. Proceeds from the event support Los Angeles Arts & Athletics Alliance. The festival is working to be as green as possible by offering free parking areas, free water for those who supply their own reusable bottles and waste bins for recycling and compost.

    If cycling is not an option, parking is provided at 4400 W Sunset Blvd for $10 and free shuttles will take festival goers to and from the entrance at Santa Monica and Commonwealth from noon to midnight daily. If you are parking elsewhere or have someone dropping you off, you can also enter at 4000 Santa Monica Blvd. or 4212 Sunset Blvd .

    Sunset Silver Lake Festival 300x200 The 2012 Silver Lake Jubilee Music Festival is on NOW! Here is the full line up of entertainment by stage. Performance times are listed latest to earliest:



    KINKY | 10:00-11:00PM
    LA SANTA CECILIA | 8:35-9:20PM
    LAS CAFETERAS | 7:30-8:10PM
    FIDLAR | 6:35-7:05PM
    ALLAH-LAS | 5:40-6:10PM
    MOSES CAMPBELL | 4:45-5:15PM
    CATWALK | 3:50-4:20PM
    ROBERT DELONG | 2:55-3:25PM
    WILDCAT! WILDCAT! | 2:00-2:30PM
    LACER | 12:05-1:05PM


    AUTOLUX | 9:30-10:30PM
    MATTHEWDAVID | 7:00-7:40PM
    VIRTUAL BOY | 6:05-6:35PM
    JJAMZ | 5:10-5:40PM
    XBXRX | 4:15-4:45PM
    DUNES | 3:20-3:55PM
    PUBLIC SCHOOL ROCKS | 12:00-2:00PM


    THE BLACK WATCH | 12:10-1:00AM
    M. GEDDES GENGRAS | 11:25PM-11:50PM
    PURE GROUND | 10:40-11:05PM
    TOM HALL | 9:55-10:20PM
    OEDIPA MAAS | 9:10-9:35PM
    ILIZA SHLESINGER | 7:00-9:00PM
    MATT BRAUNGER | 7:00-9:00PM
    JODI MILLER | 7:00-9:00PM
    BEN GLEIB | 7:00-9:00PM
    JONAH RAY | 7:00-9:00PM
    KUMAIL NANJIANI | 7:00-9:00PM
    BRYAN CALLEN | 7:00-9:00PM
    BRODY STEVENS | 7:00-9:00PM
    IAN EDWARDS | 7:00-9:00PM
    JOE SIB | 7:00-9:00PM
    LA VAMPIRES | 5:15-5:45PM
    SOFT METALS | 4:15-4:45PM
    LEECH | 3:15-3:45PM


    THE RECORD COMPANY | 7:30-8:00PM
    THE MO-ODDS | 6:35-7:05PM
    BLACK BOOTS | 5:40-6:10PM
    THREEWAY | 4:45-5:15PM
    BEST OF STRONG WORDS | 3:50-4:20PM


    AMELIA GRAY | 5:00-5:30PM
    MATHEW TIMMONS | 4:30-5:00PM
    BEN EHRENREICH | 4:00-4:30PM
    MOLOSSUS | 3:00-4:00PM
    TONGUE & GROOVE | 2:00-3:00PM
    PEN IN THE CLASSROOM | 1:00-2:00PM
    LES FIGUES PRESS | 12:00-1:00PM


    RUTHANN FRIEDMAN | 7:15-7:45PM
    ANDRES RENTERIA | 6:30-7:00PM
    FEATHERBEARD | 5:30-6:00PM
    SWEAT SPOT | 5:00-5:30PM
    SWEAT SPOT | 2:00-2:30PM
    LACER | 1:30-2:00PM
    SWEAT SPOT | 1:00-1:30PM
    PEN IN THE CLASSROOM | 12:00-12:45PM



    ALOE BLACC | 8:15-9:15PM
    MAYA JUPITER | 7:30-8:00PM
    LA SERA | 6:30-7:10PM
    FAMILY OF THE YEAR | 5:35-6:05PM
    INCAN ABRAHAM | 3:45-4:15PM
    SUMMER TWINS | 2:50-3:20PM
    NO | 1:00-1:30PM
    AV CLUB | 12:05-12:35PM


    THE SOFT PACK | 8:30-9:25PM
    ABE VIGODA | 7:05-7:50PM
    TEARIST | 6:00-6:40PM
    LAKE | 5:05-5:35PM
    PRINCETON | 4:10-4:40PM
    CHASING KINGS | 3:15-3:45PM
    TREMELLOW | 12:35-12:55PM

    EL CID STAGE (21+) | SUNDAY, MAY 27

    BLUE JUNGLE | 12:00-12:30AM
    TOUCHÉ | 11:00-11:30PM
    GOTHIC TROPIC | 10:00-10:30PM
    ILIZA SHLESINGER | 7:00-9:00PM
    NATASHA LEGGERO | 7:00-9:00PM
    STEVE SIMEONE | 7:00-9:00PM
    BRENT WEINBACH | 7:00-9:00PM
    TJ MILLER | 7:00-9:00PM
    MOSHE KASHER | 7:00-9:00PM
    GANGI | 5:15-5:45PM
    HEATWAVE | 4:15-4:45PM


    LITTLE GUY | 7:30-8:00PM
    BRIGHT BEAST | 6:30-7:00PM
    THE MORMONS | 5:35-6:05PM
    THE DHARMA BUMS | 4:40-5:10PM
    THE GAY GAYS | 3:45-4:15PM


    JILLIAN LAUREN | 5:30-6:00PM
    BEN LOORY | 4:30-5:00PM
    RICHARD LANGE | 4:00-4:30PM
    2012 EMERGING VOICES | 3:00-4:00PM
    DIRTY LAUNDRY LIT | 2:00-3:00PM
    826LA | 1:00-2:00PM


    THE DOWNTOWN TRAIN | 6:15-6:45PM
    APPLE BRAINS | 1:15-1:45PM
    826LA | 12:00-12:45PM

    If you haven’t yet bough your tickets for the Silver Lake Jubilee you can get them online , pick them up at Amoeba, Barkeeper, Origami, Vacation and WACKO or simply buy them at the gate. . It looks like we’ve got some great weather this weekend so get out there and enjoy the 2012 Silver Lake Jubilee!

    Jenny Durling Silver Lake Realtor2 The 2012 Silver Lake Jubilee Music Festival is on NOW!

    Jenny Durling
    Broker Associate
    LA Property Solutions

    Copyright © 2012 By Jenny Durling * The 2012 Silver Lake Jubilee Music Festival is on NOW! *

  • Curb Appeal- Make That First Impression Count

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    You Know What They Say About First Impressions-  It’s The Same Thing When It Comes To Your Home’s Curb Appeal

    Most of us are so used to the way our homes look that we don’t give it much thought, but if you are planning to sell, great curb appeal can make the sale faster, easier and many times, more lucrative as well.  Take a minute to walk across the street and give your house a good look.  If what you see is less than stellar, don’t worry, there are inexpensive ways to dress your place for success!

    Potted plants at the front door add a boost your home's curb appealNow That You Have Seen Your House From a Buyer’s Perspective, Make a Plan

    Rather than run out to the nearest garden center and buy a flat of flowers, take some time to determine what will make the most sense and still keep you within budget. What plants do you already have?  Perhaps you simply need to prune trees, shape bushes, pull weeds and get that lawn back to green! As unfair as it may sound, an unkempt yard can lead a prospective buyer to believe that the house may have deferred issues as well.
    If you feel your garden is a little bare and could use an extra punch, make sure that the plants you choose will thrive in the areas you intend to plant them. If you are planting in a shady spot, stick with shade plants. It may sound obvious but unless a plant is labeled ‘full sun’ many plants simply can’t take the heat and your work and dollars will go down the tubes in a heartbeat! Do a little online research or even stop by a local garden center and ask for advice.  If you live in a condo or have little or no space for a garden, you can add a couple of big pots with colorful plants on either side of your door. They will brighten your doorway and create a welcoming entrance for visitors.

    How Does the Walkway Look?

    flowers along the front path add interest to a homeReplace missing and broken pavers. If you have space, you can all a row of bricks along the edge or plant bright season blooms along the edge to create interest and draw the eye towards the front door. Speaking of doors, a fresh coat of paint on just the front door can make a huge difference in the way your home appears. I have clients who have already told me the first thing they are going to do when they buy a house is paint the front door red! Red may not be your thing, but a bright or contrasting color will definitely add interest and is an inexpensive ‘fix’. Add a nice, new welccome mat and you are good to go.

    What About the Backyard?

    meyer lemon trees are a Los Angeles stapleAgreed, the backyard has nothing to do with curb appeal, but as long as your are working the garden you might as well put some energy in the backyard as well. In Southern California, most people think of the backyards as an extension of their living space. If you have the space and don’t already have one, plant a citrus tree. The Meyer Lemon is a favorite and they grow pretty quickly. I can’t imagine living in L.A. without a lemon tree- it’s almost a requirement!  A small tree will grow pretty quickly and won’t cost a whole lot. It will definitely be worth the investment.

    For more ideas on what to do to get your house ready for market, simply give me a call at 213-215-4758.  I can stop by and give you my objective opinion on what small changes you can make to the outside of your home to get that first impression you are hoping for!

    Jenny Durling- Silver Lake Realtor





    Jenny Durling
    Broker Associate
    L.A. Property Solutions


    Copyright © 2011 By Jenny Durling * Curb Appeal- Make That First Impression Count*


    Buying or Selling Los Angeles Real Estate

    Buying a Los Angeles home is no simple process.  Los Angeles is a huge city!  If you are new to the area or planning a move to the area, working with an agent who specializes in the neighborhoods that interest you such as  Silver Lake,Los Feliz, Hollywood Hills, Echo Park, and Eagle Rock can be of critical importance.  If you have or plan to have children, you’ll want a Los angles real estate agent who can direct you to the best area schools.  Where will you be working?  An experienced local Los Angeles Realtor can help you narrow down the neighborhoods that will make the most sense for your commute to the office.  I am your local resident expert and can be your guide in finding the right Los Angeles properties for sale to choose from that will fit your budget and lifestyle!

    It is also important for Los Angeles Home Sellers , to work with a local expert. When I list and sell a Los Angeles home for a client, I help them understand the local market and the minds of local agents and buyers alike. My priority is to sell your Los Angeles home for the most money possible in the least amount of time.  When you hire me to list your Los Angeles property, you hire me to market it fully to fellow agents, their buyers and the public both online and in person. Many agents will represent both the buyer AND the seller in a single transaction.  That is not how I operate. I believe that it is my duty to represent only YOUR interests and feel it would be a conflict of interest to represent a buyer for your Los Angeles property for salesimultaneously.

    When I list and sell Los Angeles homes for my clients, I make the process as smooth and pleasant as possible. You will never have to question where my loyalties lie. You can trust me to take care of the details and keep you informed every step of the way. Please let me know how I can best serve your real estate needs by filling out the online contact form , or better still, give me call today at 213-215-4758.

  • The Jenkyns House at 1973 Redesdale Ave in Silver Lake

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    1973 Redesdale Ave Silver Lake -The Jenkyns House

    The Jenkyns House, at 1973 Redesdale Avenue in Silver Lake was conceived by Josef Van der Kar in 1960.  Currently on its third owners, the The Jenkyns House is a prime example of modernist architecture and carries many of the traits made famous by the architect.  Punctuated by walls of glass, open living spaces and a brick wall fireplace, it is easily recognizable as one of Van der Kar’s works.

    1973 REDESDALE has a brick fireplace and walls of glass

     Josef Van der Kar was a second-generation modernist known both for his political activism as well as his architecture. In the early 40’s, “Van” as he was known to friends, collaborated with fellow architect Gregory Ain (some of whose creations can also be found in Silver Lake) on a postwar housing project.  The ‘Community Homes” project was to exemplify utopian ideas but when the FHA imposed covenants to ban sales of the homes to minorities, Ain and Van der Kar refused to comply and project never came to fruition.

    Van’s creations are flat roofed, post and beam homes with sliding glass walls that bring the outdoors inside. Interior doors swing or slide away, allowing the occupant to change room configurations for their own purposes- Similar to the Avenel Housing Project in Silver Lake, designed by Gregory Ain in 1947.  1973 Redesdale Avenue in Silver Lake is infused with many of these design elements.

    1973 Redesdale - The Jenkyns House post and beam Silver Lake

    The Jenkyns House at 1973 Redesdale Ave in Silver Lake if as lovely post and beam home, set up off the street with walls of glass providing great views of the Silver Lake Reservoir.  The front half of the house is built over the two-car carport and there is an enclosed garden patio off to side. The outdoor area includes a brick firplace for outdoor entertaining and relaxing.

    1973 REDESDALE bedroom with wall of glass and beamed ceiling

    The home has 3 bedrooms and 2 baths in 1,840 square feet of living space.  On the first level there are two bedrooms with a shared bath room. On this level you ’ll also find the main living areas of living, dining room and kichen. . Exposed beams and floor to ceiling glass are a signature of mid century modern homes of this period.

    1973 REDESDALE in Silver Lake has open kitchen and floating staircases

    The second story houses the master bedroom and bath and a loft space that works great for an office. The floating staircases add interest to the home’s style and give it a distinctive modernist flair. Currently listed with Deasy Penner & Partners for $1,070,000, the house is sure to draw attention.  Give me a call at 213-215-4758 if you’d like to check out The Jenkyns House at 1973 Redesdale Ave in Silver Lake.

    For more information on local architecture and buying or selling property in Silver Lake, Echo Park, Los Feliz,and surrounding areas, contact me directly at 213-215-4758 or check outLApropertySolutions.com

    Jenny Durling- Silver Lake Realtor

    Jenny Durling
    Broker Associate
    Keller Williams Realty, Los Feliz

    Copyright © 2011 by Jenny Durling * The Jenkyns House at 1973 Redesdale Ave in Silver Lake*

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