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By Jennifer Viner 817-914-4401 | Agent in Fort Worth, TX
  • I want a house-but my credit score :(

    Posted Under: Home Buying, Home Selling, Financing  |  September 12, 2012 6:55 AM  |  155 views  |  No comments
    This is one of the largest factors in today's market- CREDIT SCORE. What do I do? Who do I speak with? Let me give some pointers:

    Credit score is the median score of all three credit agencies. When you have a issue with credit you are probably looking a credit repair - BE CAUTIOUS! "Credit repair" and credit restoration-two complete different animals, one by a company who may do thing to get it off your record,but not permanently and it is possible it comes up while in loan process.

    Credit restoration is by a lawyer, done legally so no ghost in closet. 

    Both cost money, about the same amount- but in my experience only one gets it done with no issues. You are thinking, whatever, so let me tell you a bedtime story of how this can hurt with your purchase of a home and ultimately your pocketbook.

    "Credit repair", got approved, found house, spent money on inspections and appraisal. On the contract we have the normal 30 days to close, closing got delayed and it will be 5-7 days. No worries, it happens, we are prepared. Closing can take up to 60 days depending on lender.

    The "credit repair", sent out letters asking for the three credit agencies to remove items, basically a cat and mouse game. They take it off while in data searching, thus your credit goes up and the window opens for approval. Again, you spent money, waiting on closing and the lender WILL and DO pull credit the day of closing-guess what those request from the "credit repair" reappear, are enforced and you just loss your loan, your money for appraisal, inspection and possibly the earnest money.

    NOTHING CAN BE DONE! YOU JUST LOST THE GAME!, Most likely you will still be paying for the "credit repair". 

    Credit restoration-this will not happen. I have had this happen and my clients changed to my recommendation and got into a house. 

    The Carter Law Firm, Dallas and Fort Worth locations. Call: 972-455-2000 or email sam@scarterlawfirm.com. Tell him Jennifer recommended and I will have you in a house in no time.

    I would not post if I did not see it for myself. Call with any questions, 817-914-4401. 
  • Home selling part two-five senses to selling.

    Posted Under: General Area, Home Selling, Property Q&A  |  August 20, 2012 7:17 PM  |  169 views  |  No comments
    Okay, so we have stop and smelled before we sale. We have look at sight so buyer do not have fright. The next home selling sense, hearing.

    We live in our home and what we hear from our guest are two different sounds. One of the biggest ones is dogs barking. Sellers, if at all posssible meet your neighbors, become neighbors and friends. Let your neighbors know you are moving, ask if they know anyone who wanted to be in the neighborhood. Please let them know that you are having a open house and could they first come by, second see if the dog can stay in. 

    If you do have a noise, such as a road or park near or right behind. It would be suggested to invest in good windows, second when showing soft music is okay. You may say windows, that cost money. Time vs. money, time on market vs selling faster.

    If you hear dripping, not a sound we want when showing. PS sellers, turn the message recorder to off, so that if someone calls and have personal information it is not broadcast to us. This has happened before, it was comfortable.

    So the sense of selling, thinking of selling? Give me a call for a sellers meeting, we will just meet and talk, get ready. 


  • Home selling part two-five senses to selling.

    Posted Under: Home Buying, Home Selling, Property Q&A  |  August 2, 2012 10:46 AM  |  193 views  |  No comments
    So you have stop and smelled to get ready to sell. Next, let's look at sight. This one is a dousey.

    Sight, the first impression. Go to the street and look at the curb appeal of your home. Although we all are proud of our bass boat, RV, jet ski's and other toys. Lets find them a home in a storage place until after the sale. 

    Mulch can go a long way and help your flower beds get fresh and clean. It is fairly cheap and just some sweat equity on your part.

    Walk up the way as a buyer would, be picky, pick up debris, replace dead flowers, trim limbs if needed.

    The front entry,clean and clutter free.  Clutter can hurt in selling your home. De-clutter if you used 10 boxes to de-clutter - grasp five more and you will fill them up. As I stated before, the hotel you call your home. Think hotel, simple, minimum for daily function. UGH, you say- you will have to pack these items anyway, just get them out of SIGHT.

    Look at everything from a buyers sight, they look at structure, space of cabinets, details of how their furniture will fit into this room. Key point: You should have 3ft of space around all furniture. Try and open up the space, use less furniture. 

    Give me a call, I will come out and walk you through staging, it is not hard, but it has a big payoff, the SIGHT of a sold sign!

    Give me a call to schedule a interview, 817-914-4401.
  • Home selling part two-five senses to selling.

    Posted Under: Home Buying, Home Selling, Property Q&A  |  July 27, 2012 2:43 PM  |  198 views  |  No comments
    GREAT, you want to sell your home, ready to live in the hotel you pay taxes on. You have the motivation, you know where you are going next and the expenses to cover the move(hint: Blog-home selling part one!)

    I have come out and we looked at numbers and time frame. So here is where you will be calling out my name in your sleep. Not in a loving way. We need to get your house show ready. I know you just rolled your eyes and are like, "Jennifer, I do not want to put in any money." I do realize this factor and most times what I need you to do is "sweat equity." 

    But more on that during our interview. I look at over 30 a week and do Broker Price opinions for lenders and for foreclosed homes. I write reports with a five sense breakdown. Sight, smell, touch, taste and hearing. We will look at smell.

    You want to sell, look around and smell. If you have a dog and per city obedience and being a good citizen you pick up your loving dogs loving deposits. Here is a suggestion, do not put loving deposits by front door(I have seen this, piles of them, not good first impression for potential buyer, just fyi). If you have a cat, you will need to have a new habit of cleaning litter everyday. One tip, use the reed infuser in homes not heavy scented candles or heavy room spray. Please remember the "hotel" you pay taxes on and that a potential buyer needs to picture themselves in the house. Neutral smells!

    Smell it is one of the five senses to selling. Have you called to set up a selling interview? 817-914-4401.
  • Home buying-WE FOUND OUR HOME!

    Posted Under: Home Buying, Home Selling, Property Q&A  |  July 23, 2012 12:41 PM  |  168 views  |  No comments
    YES, we found the home. We have looked at it and want to make a offer. PANIC WILL SET IN along with it's best friend BUYERS REMORSE.

    You have to communicate your fears with me. You will not be the first one with this fear at this time. Like I stated we will look at the top three factors(hint: Blog on home buying step five points one - three), we will look at comparable of sold properties around this one. I will walk you through the contract giving my advise and opinion on key points.

    One of the main key points, termination period. Most agents call is a option period. Once the sales price and concessions and any other factors have been negotiated, this includes the termination period. The buyer(YOU) is giving a fee to the seller to place the house in 'active option" on the status bar. You have a executed contract and this period of time is so you can do a inspection on the property. It is my advice that you have this with every contract, it is a option, so choose this option.

    I do not have a story here in relation to inspections. Oh wait, I do- one of the inspectors fell off the roof one time. He was fine, luckily it had rained and ground was soft. Never a good sound to hear, AHHHH, thud. 

    Inspectors are for you to choose, you can choose any inspector you wish. We do have a list of inspectors we have used and will gladly give you this information.

    So have you done step two? If so why haven't you called to set a buyers meeting?
  • Home buying step five point three

    Posted Under: General Area, Home Buying, Home Selling  |  July 19, 2012 5:36 AM  |  175 views  |  No comments
    So we are at the fun part and looking at homes. Last story: It is always a joy to schedule to show homes and the homeowners have left dogs out. My favorite part of my job is chasing them down the street in heels. I look professional yelling and screaming at the dog while on the phone with the showing service trying to get the name of  said dog. You may chuckle at this, it happens frequently. Luckily no dogs have been injured in the showing of property. Note to seller: leave me a treat, it may help and prevent said dog from biting.

    Foundation, HVAC, hot water heater and one last point "ROOF". Roof are a fun little tricky item of importance. Like stated before with stupid expansive soils, that drought and hail. Just had a thought, mother nature, can't live with her or with out her. 

    Roofs in Texas, average replacement time depends on weather. Roofs typically last 10-40 years. I have seen "30 year roofs" needing replacement prior to the "30" year mark. Pricing varies this depends on several factors. Most times roofs are in functioning shape but need minor repairs. This is typical. I will point out factors, but I am not a roofer. If we have concerns let call in someone and get a options.

    So we have touched on the three main point structurally, I look at, next factor "time".

    Have you scheduled a buyers meeting? Do step two, then call 817-914-4401.
  • So here it is...Home selling part one.

    Posted Under: General Area, Home Selling, Property Q&A  |  July 16, 2012 6:33 AM  |  191 views  |  1 comment
    I have heard from lots of individuals..you have a great how to buy Blog, can you write how to sell Blog?  Motivating, thanks for reading, yes I would love to. So here we are at step one.

    Step one, my first question is, What is motivating you to sell? Job relocation, downsizing, up sizing, tired of cleaning so you just are going to move(p.s. you thought you did not like cleaning before you put your house on the market), do not like your grown kids and decided to move and not tell them?  The only items of this list I need answers to is, yes- I am motivated to move, and yes- I have a plan, and yes-I have a time frame. 

    You are most likely wondering, I know the market is down and I am not going to give my house away, and will it sell? The answer is we are up two percent, or more in some areas of North Texas, from last year in sold homes and in price points. Great news for sellers, we do have qualified buyers. These buyers do want to buy and you want to sell. So lets get to the questions:

    Ask these questions:

    Why am I moving what is my motivation?
    Do I have a realistic number and do I have funds to close?
    Am I going to be repurchasing and have I spoke to a lender?
    Am I prepared to live in the hotel I call my home?
    Am I ready to call my home a house?
    Have I called to schedule a sellers review appointment?

    As stated in other blogs, I do real estate everyday. Why not call, get advice and opinion and evaluate. 

    Cleaning tip for those of you who will be living in a hotel you pay taxes on. Use the dryer for quick storage, no one looks in the dryer. 

     Ask yourself these questions, give me a call at 817-914-4401 to schedule a sellers review appointment.
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