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Tips For Building An Energy Efficient House


Tips For Building An Energy Efficient House

Probably, one of the biggest decisions you can make in life is that of building a perfect house that suits your needs. It is a venture that may seem impossible at first because of the necessities involved that include an impeccable house plan, materials, cost, time and labor. However, there is no need to worry because there are many financial alternatives for you to choose including that of securing a home loan from a reliable financial institution. Also, you must hunt for the best home builders because they impact on the quality of the house and even if the resources and materials are scanty the best ones will build you the best house. Nonetheless, energy efficiency should be your goal because everyone loves paying less monthly energy bills. Here are tips for you when building a house.

Energy efficient windows

It is important to ensure that windows installed in your house are energy efficient and have protective coatings and better frame assemblies for keeping heat in and out during winter and summer respectively. Such windows should also thwart ultraviolet rays from damaging your furnishings and carpets. Certainly, you should consider buying double-glazed and tinted glazed windows as opposed to single glazed clear windows. Also, make sure that the windows are properly calked and sealed to prevent warm air from escaping.

Lighting, motion sensors and home appliances

Additionally, it is essential to ensure that when building a house proper energy efficient lighting fittings and fluorescent bulbs are installed. The house should also be installed with a programmable light switch or motion sensors to help you turn on and off lights as this will save you a lot when it comes to energy costs. Home appliances such as mixers, dish washers, washing machines and refrigerators should be also energy efficient to help you reduce utility bills. Therefore, the most common energy efficient home appliances models are the Energy Star models and you should consider obtaining them for installation and usage.

Air conditioning

Notably, it is a good idea to install plenty of ceilings fans when building a new house and especially in the dining room, living room and bedroom. This is because they are cheaper to run as compared to air conditioners which consume considerably higher energy.

Home insulation

Your house should be well insulated in order to help you reduce energy bills, make it warmer and more comfortable while at the same time reducing impact on the environment. Some of the home parts that you should insulate include: the roof, walls, floor, windows and doors. There are many options for house insulation that you can exploit and they include: batt insulation, blown-in insulation, sprayed or injected foam products and rigid insulation among others. Essentially, insulating your home parts implies that the amount of heat that will enter the house will be highly reduced during hot times and that warmth will be trapped inside when the conditions become cold. Also, if you are concerned about the environment choose glass fiber batts because they are made from almost 80% recycled materials hence less harmful.

House exposure to sunlight

In order to build an energy efficient house, it is important to ensure that it is fitted with external shading devices such as pergolas, eaves and retractable blinds because they are quite effective in minimizing heat intrusion especially during the summer. Clever landscaping is also an essential component in reducing house exposure to sunlight.

Essentially, the cost of buying a house and paying huge sum of money as energy bills calls for the necessity of building an energy efficient house and paying less utility bills today. Building a house also helps you consider environmental friendly options. Additionally, as compared to renovating an old house building a new one can benefit you a lot in the sense that you will avoid unexpected happenings; you can choose a location of your choice, choose a house design that suits your needs and save yourself from higher energy bills.

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