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By Jeff Hutchison nlms#97046 | Mortgage Broker
or Lender in Chicago, IL

FHA streamline refinance rates 0 points 0 fees - compare fha rates from banks, credit unions, lenders, brokers

fha rates - fha lenders - fha loans
FHA streamline refinance mortgage rates update 03/31/2014:  FHA mortgage rates drop at Allied First Bank.  Our  FHA mortgage rates are among the lowest in the country.  We are FHA loan experts.  Get a current  fha streamline refinance mortgage rate quote at:   

Update 08/23/2013: FHA streamline refinance rates stabilize after recent upward trends. FHA rates still near historical lows with no appraisal on fha streamline refinance loans. Click link above for fha streamline rates from banks, lenders, credit unions, and fha mortgage brokers.

Update 02/26/2013: FHA rates improve on the fha streamline refinance. Have you streamlined your existing fha loan yet? Get quotes from fha lenders and banks and lock in your fha streamline rate.

fha rates - fha streamline rates - fha lenders - fha loans


Update 01/29/2013: 30 year FHA streamline refinance rates with 0 costs, skip a mortgage payment, and additional wholesale lender credits towards your new escrow account for property taxes and home owners insurance.

Update 11/08/2012: Obama re-election bad news for the stock market, good news for the mortgage bond market. Check FHA rates from lenders and banks.

Update 10/17/2012: 30 year FHA streamline refinance rates with 0 costs, skip a mortgage payment, and additional wholesale lender credits towards your new escrow account for property taxes and home owners insurance. 


Update 04/10/2012: FHA mortgage closing costs decrease. FHA mortgage insurance increases. FHA streamlines on current FHA loans originated prior to June 1st 2009 will have a mortgage insurance decrease.

Update 11/14/2011:  FHA 30 year fixed streamline refinance rates back down to 3.75% with 0 points and 0 lenders fees!  Compare FHA streamline refinance rates from FHA approved Lenders and Banks at http://fha-rates-today.com/mortgage-rates/fha-mortgage-rates/fha-streamline-refinance-rates/

Update 10/26/2010:  FHA 30 year fixed streamline refinance rates drop to 4.0% with 0 points and 0 lenders fees!

Update 10/06/2010:  MIP has changed from .55 to .90 for fha streamline refinance loans.  FHA Up front mip has been reduced to 1.0% from 2.25%.  Loan fees reduced for 3.875% 30 year fixed fha streamline refinance.  30 year fixed 4.25% with 0 closing costs. 

Update 09/20/2010:  FHA MIP is increasing from the current monthly factor of .55 - .90 effective October 1st, 2010.  The new upfront mortgage insurance premium will be reduced from 2.25% to 1.0%.

UPDATE 08/14/2010:  FHA streamline refinance rates drop to 4.0% 30 year fixed.

UPDATE 07/31/210: FHA streamline refinance rates 4.0% 0 points, 0 lender fees.

UPDATE 07/18/2010:  FHA streamline refinance rates remain at 4.25% 0 points, 0 lenders fee, lender credit towards 3rd party fees.

UPDATE 07/05/2010:  FHA streamline refinance rates 4.25% 0 points, 0 origination.

UPDATE 06/23/2010:  FHA streamline refinance rates drop again to 4.25% 0 points. 
UPDATE 06/16/2010:  FHA streamline refinance rates fall to all time lows.


FHA 30 year fixed Streamline Refinance Rates are at ALL TIME low 30 fixed FHA rates at 4.00%.  Now is an excellent time to capture FHA Streamline rates under 5.0% with out an appraisal - while rates are still low. 

****UPDATE 02/16/2010 -  HUD is increasing the amount of mortgage insurance charged on FHA loans both upfront, and monthly.  The FHA Up Front Mortgage Insurance Premium is currently 1.5% on FHA Streamline Refinance Loans and is increasing to 2.25% with all case numbers assigned on or after April 1, 2010.  The monthly FHA PMI will be increasing to a factor of .75 from current factor of .55   If you are thinking about an FHA streamline visit our site for more info. 

****UPDATE 12/29/2009 - FHA Streamline Refinance Guideline and Program change from FHA - Maximum loan amount calculation has changed for FHA streamline Refinance Loans.  New maximum loan amount is the principal balance on existing loan less any FHA refund of paid up front mortgage insurance premium on current loan, plus the new FHA up front mortgage insurance premium on the new loan.  

****UPDATE 12/24/2009 - FHA Streamline Refinance Guideline and Program change from FHA - Any cash required at closing must be sourced from customers own funds and seasoned for 60 days in customers own account.

****UPDATE 11/26/2009 - FHA Streamline Refinance Guideline and Program change -There has been a change and the minimum credit score for the FHA streamline refinance loan is 640. 
FHA streamline refinance rates for a 640 credit score are extremely low now and the FHA streamline refinance loan enables many borrowers to refinance to a lower rate with no appraisal or appraisasl fees. 

Mortgage payments over the last 6 months must have 0 payments that have gone over 30 days late.  The 6 months prior to that can have 1x30 day late payment max in order to be able to refinance under the FHA Streamline Refinance program.

Current FHA Streamline Refinance Rates.
640 minimum credit score required on all FHA streamline refinances

30 year fixed FHA Streamline Refinance Rate -  3.75%
5/1 Arm FHA Streamline Refinance Rate - 2.75%

30 year fixed JUMBO FHA Streamline Refinance Rate 4.25% 0 closing costs 720+ score.  

*****Click on Rates above for quick quote by state and county
 - No Social Security Number or personal information required for quick quote on an FHA Streamine Refinance Loan. 

FHA Streamline Refina
FHA does not place any limitations or restrictions on the amount of times you can refinance under the FHA Streamline Refinance Program as long as it makes sense and benefits you. 

Since there is very little paperwork and NO credit qualifying, NO debt to income ratios, and NO appraisal it is very simple and easy.  This makes any savings worth while on a new lower 30 year fixed FHA Streamline Refinance Rate.

FHA limits the new loan amount on the FHA Streamline refinance to the balance of the loan being refinanced + the new up front mortgage insurance premium - any refund of the old up front mortgage insurance premium.  The maximum loan amount on the new FHA streamline refinance is easily determined by the professionals at www.mychartermtg.com/fha-streamline-rates.html




With home values plummeting over the last 3 years the FHA Streamline Refinance is an excellent option for many home owners with current FHA loans.  Taking the appraisal out of the equation eliminates not
only time and money ($400 - $450) for an FHA appraisal, but also valuation issues that arise due to lack of comparable sales or even an overabundance of foreclosure sales in the immediate area.


This is an excellent time to lock in your savings on the FHA Streamline Refinance while FHA Streamline Refinance Rates are at an ALL TIME LOW. 

Apply online today or get a quick quote with no social required.  It's fast, easy and FREE.


By Wes Black,  Mon Nov 14 2011, 08:31
A great refinancing deal from FHA. Money back in your pocket where it belongs.
By Jeff Hutchison nlms#97046,  Mon Nov 14 2011, 11:40
HI Wes, thanks for the comment. Every one could use some extra money and help stimulate the economy. FHA streamline refinance loans are helping underwater borrowers, and those with little/no equity, more than ever. http://fha-rates-today.com/mortgage-rates/fha-mortgage-rates/fha-streamline-refinance-rates/

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